Gemini Season is Upon Us

Dear Spencer, 

Just wanted to say Hi and post a little something today.  It’s literally been on my mind everyday.  Yet, life has been rather dynamic the past few weeks. I’m soon finishing the equine therapy training, went on small road trip to Louisiana for my Godchild’s graduation last weekend and arrived back in Austin on Wednesday.  Funny but I literally felt myself arriving today! 

I’ve been housesitting at the place where I am training and spent the morning cleaning the house, and organizing my things as they have been such a mess! I’ve been living out of my car, sleeping at a new place almost every week! On top of all this I’m transforming at such deep levels spiritually. It’s been true work to keep up with myself! Haha  

Everything has felt stronger due to the fact that I am planning my move to Brazil.  Feeling the preciousness of the time with my close friends and family in both Texas and Louisiana.  Making the most of the moments as I prepare for my move to a different country. Also ensuring I am fully present for the Equine course. 

Through it all I’ve received so much affirmation that this path with the horses is exactly where I am meant to be.  For they are my rock, my mirror, my guiding compass.  It is through the time that I spend with them that keeps me sane, accelerates my healing process and helps me to be present with those I love most. 

We’ve recently entered into Gemini Season.  (I have a moon in Gemini so this is particularly potent for me.)  Spencer and whomever is reading this,  I recommend that you look at your birth chart and see if you have any planets in Gemini, for these areas will be highlighted during this time. 

Gemini is an air sign. It is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication.  Gemini represents duality, seeing both sides of the story.  Can definitely help when needing to be open minded to a situation but can also be hard to make decisions at times. Gemini’s are adaptable, outgoing and intelligent, yet they can also be indecisive and impulsive. 

The upcoming new moon on June 3rd (the day I fly back to Miami!) is in Gemini. So this new moon will have extra emphasis on our communications, thoughts and the words that we speak. Yet it will be opposing Jupiter and square Neptune.  So let’s remember to put extra caution in how we are communicating and maintain a high focus on the details in our lives. 

I’ve also been reading through various outlets that the month of June is going to bring some strong, not so easy astrological aspects. And over the past few days we have already begun to experience some of them. 

Yet, this isn’t anything we haven’t experienced before.  Lets continue studying astrology, giving the best of ourselves, paying attention and living with an open, intelligent, humble heart. For she can help navigate us through the high seas, no matter how rough or smooth they may be! 

Well Spencer, that’s all I have for now. I’m thankful for your surprise visit to Austin. I’ll be seeing you in just a little bit! Look forward to catching up my friend.


Angelique Marie 

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