The Transit of Generation X – Neptune in opposition to Natal Pluto

Dear Angelique,

I hope you really got to enjoy the beautiful full moon the other night. I sat out on the balcony with Stephanie to admire her (and the Moon) both on the 18th and the 19th. We saw a bright star just under the Moon, and guess what! Our study of Astrology informed me that Jupiter in Sagitarius would be just below the Full Moon in Scorpio, and so it was. I pulled out the spotting scope, and Stephanie and I got to gaze upon our lovely Moon and the lovely Moons of Jupiter, which seemed to make little rainbow diamond tiny points surprisingly removed from Jupiter itself. So cool right? This study of Astrology really is bringing me so much enjoyment.

I am becoming more and more interested in this transit of Neptune with my Natal Pluto, and the Natal Pluto of my entire generation. As I mentioned in the last post, Neptune and Pluto move very slowly, so they stay in the same sign for more than a decade, and thus affect entire generations. For those of us born in Generation X, we will be experiencing the transit of Neptune across our Natal Pluto over the next several years. For those of us born in 1967, this process just started in May of 2019, and so we have a great seat to learn about this transit and then observe the impact it has in our lives.

My first instinct Angelique was to do some research on the Planet Neptune. I found that it’s located about 2.8 billion miles from Sun and it takes light 248 minutes to reach Neptune. Neptune is also the windiest planet in the Solar System. It is the second most massive planet, yet is so far away that we cannot see it without the aid of a telescope.

Neptune is the ruler of the unseen. Neptune is the king of the deep ocean and governs the deep oceans within us. I was doing some research on this beautiful divine being and was particularly drawn to the comments of Susan Miller in describing Neptune. Here is an excerpt of what she says:

Neptune is the planet of inspiration. The higher octave of Venus, Neptune brings beauty to a higher, more spiritual level. It also holds sway over dreams, the subconscious, illusions, fantasies and all things magical and enchanting.

Neptune intensifies intuition and teaches us to be deeply compassionate. Neptune often asks us to sacrifice for the greater good or for love of another.

Neptune refines, purifies, and cleanses. Any planet visiting Neptune will come away purer. This planet cannot bear coarseness. Highly sensitive Neptune gets us more in tune with subtlety, and therefore increases the artistic side of one’s personality. 

Susan Miller,

What I read about Pluto shows that it is both a disruptor/destroyer and a revealer. I was drawn to research what Vedic Astrology has to say about Pluto, and before I even clicked the search button it came to me that they did not even know Pluto existed when Vedic Astrology was developed. There was a lot written to justify ignoring these planets altogether, but it seems to me that if 8th Century Indian Astrologers had known about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, they would have certainly included them.

I have for several years felt a particular affinity for Ganesh, the remover of obstacles in Hindu theology. I am very fond of Ganesh, and also of Uranus, which is a disruptive and freeing force in Astrology. I was thinking that Uranus reminds me of Ganesh, the gentle, or not so gentle, revolutionary. And then, in Hindu theology we have Shiva, the destroyer who makes way for rebirth. Ganesh for those stubborn stains.

I was feeling strongly that Pluto is Shiva, the God of Destruction, who like the fire of the Phoenix destroys so the new can be born. This force lives within us at the point indicated in our Natal Chart. Now, Neptune is crossing on the exact opposite side of our chart and as Neptune transits our Natal Pluto, it activates this powerful destructive force. To me it feels like a penetrating beam of energy. And it is Neptune that guides this energy beam to our highest good.

Neptune, the God of the Sea and all that is deep and unknown within us. Neptune is the ruler of magic, enchantment and compassion. Where Venus, exalted in Virgo, loves material beauty and design and art, Neptune seeks the highest spiritual vibration deep within our soul. Neptune is divine guidance within us. Neptune is our connection to our higher self. And this divine wisdom is wielding the power of Pluto’s destructive force to free that what lies deepest within us.

This transit is a time when these two powerful forces are in opposition to each other, and the energy of this opposition goes right through the heart, into our deepest soul. Neptune is like a masterful surgeon using a deep scanning tool to go through the deepest parts of our souls, even parts unknown, to free us from structures that no longer serve us. This is a time to bring the Sword of Shiva into our deepest realms, and with kindness, compassion, and divine guidance, free ourselves.

There is a particularly beautiful aspect of this generational transit. Each of us will have these planets in a different house depending on when we were born. For me and everyone else born within a few years of me, Natal Pluto is in Virgo. For those of my generation with Libra Rising, Pluto is in our Second House.

When I read about the second house, I see a lot written that says the second house pertains to wealth, or the lack thereof. Lord knows I had a lot of ups and downs, and certainly spent a substantial portion of my life living beyond my means and trying to keep up with the Jones. I remember putting vacations on credit cards and being afraid that the card would bounce at check out and that I would not be able to pay. And so I have definitely enjoyed a lot of lessons from Pluto in this house. But the second house has something else, something hidden, which Neptune is revealing.

The second house controls wealth and material possessions, yes it does. But it also controls something much deeper. What we truly value lives in the second house too. And Neptune is not looking for the superficial. Neptune is not in opposition to disrupt the car I drive. Neptune is looking deeper. Neptune is looking to use the destructive power of Pluto to go deep inside to the things I value most, and free them from these bonds, so that true abundance can flourish. Why not Angelique?

We all get to choose our spiritual path, and a very wise person told me “to let what resonates as true for me be my guide.” It resonates as true for me Angelique that I am receiving an opportunity to use divine guidance and the forces of the Universe to free myself from beliefs, structures, relationships, and belief patterns that limit my power to manifest with divine abundance all of the things I value the most. I feel I have the opportunity to use a divinely guided energetic force to destroy that which is no longer serving.

For those of us who are not tuned into this frequency, I am afraid the entire event could go by without inspiring more than a slight feeling of indigestion. We have to ask in order to receive this divine help, and we have to do the spiritual work required to bear fruit. This is a very good time to start a meditation practice or to drink Ayahuasca for the first time. This is a good time to wake up, take stock, and change something deep. This is a time to find God within you and to burn away everything that is not that. I am so grateful that I have been awakened to this opportunity instead of learning after it passed. If you are born after 1967 and want to calculate your Neptune transit of Natal Pluto, well give me a shout.

This feels very important to me Angelique. I feel that I really have an opportunity to use Angelic forces and my guides to really make some deep spiritual progress through this series of Conjunctions. I can’t wait to learn and write more about this.


Peace Love Forgiveness

6 thoughts on “The Transit of Generation X – Neptune in opposition to Natal Pluto

  1. Thank you so much for all of the information. I learned so much and truly hit home to all of the deep work that I have been doing lately.

    When I arrive back in Texas on Wednesday, I’m going to look into where Neptune is in my chart and how it is currently affecting my generation.

    Thank you so so much.


  2. Hi there—there is a mistake in this…if you have Libra rising and Pluto in Virgo, natal Pluto is in your twelfth house not the second. The second would be ruled Scorpio and natal Neptune would be in this house most likely. Just to clarify—with natal Libra rising, Pluto in the twelfth would oppose transit Neptune in the sixth. Beautiful writing otherwise.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You are right! Someone looking at the sky to the east as Libra rises above the horizon, Virgo would be the sign above the horizon, which would be the 12th sign. Scorpio would rise next, and therefore be the second house. Sometimes I get turned around as I try to imagine all of these complex motions! Thanks.


  4. I loved this article. I too have recently started learning astrology and it really does something to the soul once we open up to all it can offer. I believe Venus is exalted in Pisces and is in fall in Virgo. I hate to nitpick (very Virgo ha ha). But just wanted to mention it. Hope you’re transformation has been gentle. It’s always for the best , regardless. Take care.


  5. A beautifully written and informative article, thank you.
    My Pluto is in the eighth house in Virgo and I’m looking forward to the transformation this transit brings.


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