Neptune Opposition to Natal Pluto – Time warp for the Generations

Dear Angelique,

I’m so happy to hear about all of your good learning in your equestrian therapy course. What a great experience you are having. I am so happy you will bring all this new knowledge with you down to Bahia. You know I have been thinking a lot about Neptune recently. I think I want to do a really deep study of it. The key driver to this is that Neptune is coming into opposition with my Natal Pluto. According to the Time Passages App that I like so much, this will occur three times between now and the end of 2022, and this will be a once and only event of my lifetime.

I am really excited about this because this aspect first came within 2 degrees on May 5, 2019, and the dance will continue until February 21, 2022. I have almost three full years to complete this study. It will be in exact opposition three times with a retrograde cycle in 2020, on April 27, 2020, then again on August 20, 2020 in retrograde motion, and then back again into exact alignment in direct motion on February 25, 2021. Then in late 2021 transiting Neptune will dip back within 2 degrees of my Natal Pluto before moving on for good.

Angelique, this is a Generational Rhythm. Pluto and Neptune have very very slow sidereal periods. Remember the “sidereal period” is the number of earth days or years a planet takes to return to the same position relative to Sun. Neptune’s orbit takes 164.8 earth years, so that means in the course of an 82 year life span, Neptune goes around half way. That means everyone who lives 82 years will either have a Neptune opposition to their Natal Pluto, or a Neptune Conjunction with their Natal Pluto. And people of the same Generation will experience this in a kind of slow motion time warp.

You see Angelique, I was born in 1967 with Pluto in my 12th House at 20 degrees of Virgo. Pluto takes 248 years to orbit Sun, so that means Pluto advances along the Zodiac at about 1.45 degrees every year. Someone with my same birthday in 1968, for instance, would have Pluto at about 21.45 degrees of Virgo. I realize Stephanie is going to tell me that this seems like another Math class, but that’s just what kind of nerd I am I guess. But please stick with me, because there might be a pay off at the end. As always, I’m doing the research live as I write this, and I kind of feel like we are heading somewhere cool with this.

So someone who is born one year after me will have Pluto 1.45 degrees farther along the zodiac than I do. Neptune covers 2.18 degrees every year, so it takes Neptune almost exactly wo thirds of a year (.66514 years) to catch up to Pluto’s movement over a year. That means someone born one year later than I will experience an opposition of Transiting Neptune with their Natal Pluto 8 months after I experience it. Stephanie was born almost exactly five years after me, so she will have this experience 3 and 1/3 years after I have it.

That means everyone born after 1967 will be experiencing this aspect of Neptune in opposition to Natal Pluto. People born in 1979 will experience it in 2027-29. People born in 1988 will experience it in 8 years, and people born in 2000 will experience it in 16 years. My youngest son was born in 2000. He is 19 now, and so he will have this transit at 35 years old. But then it will take another 82 years for him to experience it again. He’s have to live to be 117.

I think I’m about to hit pay dirt Angelique. Imagine the little baby we had in our meditation session on the 15th. She was about a year old and just as cute as a button. Pluto has skipped along quite a bit in the 52 years since I was born, so she won’t actually have her opposition until she is 34 years old. She would have to live to 116 years of age to experience a conjunction. This will wind down at about the rate of one year every twenty years. So someone born in 2040 will have to live to 115 years of age to experience both. This astonishingly slow progress reflects the 493 year synodic period of Neptune and Pluto. Basically no one alive today has, or will ever, meet anyone who has or will experience both a conjunction and an opposition of Transiting Neptune with their Natal Pluto. Then when Transiting Neptune is in opposition to Transiting Pluto, this will flip on its head, and people born after that is complete will have to wait 82 years to experience the conjunction. This cycle flips every 246 or so years, which is almost exactly the orbital period of Pluto. So this process only shifts 5 or so degrees every 493 years, so it takes 32,269 years for the entire pattern to repeat. And isn’t this the same as the phase of the Mayan Calendar that everyone was so excited about back in 2012?

I was born on February 5th, 1967. The next time someone is born with exactly the same orientation of Neptune and Pluto will be in the year 34,236. The last person to experience that were people painting saber tooth tigers and wooly mammoths on cave walls with paint made from ashes and clay. This rhythm ties us to ancient ancestors and very deep forces.

So if you were born 1967 or after, you have this coming sometime in your life. If you were born 1965 or before, it’s already past, and will never happen again. And Angelique, this is the real kicker. That is the cut off between Generation X and the Baby Boom. That is also the same time that Pluto and Uranus were last in conjunction.

I think that means that no human being in the history of Earth has ever had both a Neptune Pluto Conjunction AND a Neptune Pluto Opposition in their life. It also means everyone who lives at least 82 years will have one or the other. This seems similar to the Uranus Return that happens at 84 years of age.

But Angelique, I think I’m wrong about something. If I were born at the moment that Pluto and Neptune were in Conjunction, the location of my Natal Pluto would be fixed so then I would have the opposition after 82 years, and would then have to live only 83 years to experience both. That’s where the funky math is. I am going to pray for the Angels to send someone smarter than me to read this and then maybe they will sort it out.

I am so grateful that I get to study this fascinating aspect while it is occurring. I get a taste of it until August 8th, and then a break until March 1, 2020 when it comes back into aspect.

I now have a better understanding about how significant this transit is. It literally defines my generation. So I think the next step is for me to start to study the meaning of Neptune in Astrology. Also, I have Natal Pluto in my 12th house, which will put Neptune in opposition in my 6th House. which for me is Pisces with four planets that Neptune will be transiting over the next decade or so.

It looks like I’m about to become a Neptune specialist Angelique. I feel very strongly guided in this study. Next writing I’m going to do a card reading about Neptune’s role in my experience.

Much love and can’t wait to see you next weekend in Austin! Also, I’m feeling very much what you said about writing raw. I kind of like the feel of it, even if the product is not so polished. It’s like a rough and natural crystal.


Peace Love Forgiveness

2 thoughts on “Neptune Opposition to Natal Pluto – Time warp for the Generations

  1. Thanks Spencer! Yes, this did go a little over my head but I love it. I was able to understand the jist of what you were saying and think that you’re onto something here! I have a request! Whenever you write a post on Neptune can you possibly explain the lessons, messages or insights it’s bringing to us in this generation??
    Thank you so much! And yes, I’m loving this free, raw form of writing. We’re new to this study and I really feel it’s good for us to be able to write what we’re learning purely, openly without filter. I just have a hunch this is going to help us learn and grow within astrology even more organically and rapidly!

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