Messages from the Heart

Dear Spencer, 

I’m preparing to head to Equine Therapy Training this afternoon.  I’m simply blown away by the insights I’m receiving in this time here.  The training is very spiritual in nature and one thing I’ve learned already is the importance of slowing down, of listening, connecting to my guides and doing deep inner work so that I may be present with the horses. 

For that is truly all that they ask of us. To be in the present moment with them.. authentic, whole and vulnerable. 

The woman I am studying with, Kate Mays, is a very sensitive psychic who tunes into exactly what I am feeling.  I have a beautiful mirror before me and she very gently points out where I can internally shift to be more whole within myself.  We begin each session with tuning in and meditating together.  Last time she asked me to lead us in a prayer before beginning. She is sweetly empowering me to realize that I am a leader in my own way and a light is being shown on the gifts I innately embody.  This training is teaching me how to step into a new level within myself and to be able to hold a greater space for others to go through their own healing process. 

Last week before our second session, I arrived 30 minutes early to meditate, ground and fully arrive before beginning our lesson. (A requirement in the course.)  And as I did so, Spirit inspired me to write from my heart.  Two small paragraphs arose.  The first was in quotations, and Kate later shared with me that this represented the, Shakti, feminine side.  The second, was not in quotations and Kate shared this was the Shiva, masculine side.  The words that came through touched Kate’s heart.  She suggested I save them in a special notebook and that one day these would be in a book that I write.  I thought to share them with you here: 

‘Look for the meaning of everything in life. Pay attention to its whispers, signals and signs.. for they show up, are always present. Beckoning us to come forth, awaken to the very moment.. Present. Presence. Perseverance.’ 

I feel the wind. The coolness of the day. The drops of rain here and there. Amen.   I calm my mind and come to this place of zero thought. Of the action within inaction. My body, my soul, my mind, my eyes feel more nourished now then I have in quite some time.

Thank you for reading Spence.  These moments are deeply touching my heart, there is so much more I could share but for now I’ll leave it at that. 

And now onto the astrology:

Today Mercury enters Taurus.  We’re currently in Taurus Season, the second sign of the zodiac.  And I’m realizing I really like the Taurean energy.  I appreciate it’s grounded stability, the desire to see things to fruition and it’s love for abundance, taking care of self.  

With Mercury in Taurus our communications and commitments are the topic on hand today.  Taurus wants to see us manifest our dreams into reality with solid foundations. And Mercury encourages our thoughts and words, giving us a detailed way of seeing things come to fruition one detailed, thought out, slow step at a time.  For there is no reason to rush, whatever is meant to be will manifest.  And it is up to us to see what’s before us, soak in the information, receive new insights, communicate with those involved and see what arises from this pure space.  With Taurus being in Mercury, the planet of communication, it’s a favorable time to share and talk about our plans, ideas and that which is arising regarding the commitments we have in our lives.   

I am  now heading over to Barton Springs to commune with the water and allow its calming vibrations to wash over me.  To contemplate the projects I am involved with, the life that is unfolding before me and that which is arising to be addressed. 

I’m feeling in my heart that you are truly in an awesome space.  I imagine you have had a simply wonderful time in Hawaii with some truly special people.  I thank you for the person you are and the humble heart in which you walk this Earth with. 

All the best my friend, 

Angelique Marie 

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