May 4th New Moon + Tarot Musings

Dear Spencer, 

You are in Hawaii and I can only imagine the experiences you are having there! Look forward to hearing all about it. 

Today marks the 3rd day of my Equine Therapy Training and I am already blown away by what I am learning.  For it’s way more than the horses, yet this is a lot of magic in and of itself!  I am learning presence. True Presence. How important it is to be present in everything we do.  And if we can master true presence, then we are naturally in tune with the horses and the space for healing expands from this place. 

Through this process I am seeing my life unfold before me, where I am being guided and how I will be able to impact the lives of those who are drawn to my work. Many of my sisters, my friends are choosing to focus on the feminine and to empower us to rise to our true, authentic divine power.  I am so thankful for this, for I have learned much about myself through their guidance and the collective healing that is going on throughout the world. 

Yet, as I meditate, practice yoga, study astrology, deepen my knowledge in basic horsemanship, etc I am given clarity in my mission for this lifetime.  What I am intuiting is that my work, is to yes connect with the feminine, with my sisters, to rise together. (As I am co-leading a woman’s retreat at the Yawanawá Village of Mutum this July.)  And just as importantly it is to honor the masculine.  To learn to work together as a team.  To help heal the wounds that men have suffered over the millenniums. To find the balance with the masculine and the feminine. To grow strong in my self-confidence where I learn how to speak my truth and to share this with men.  To have patience. And to truly grow together as a team. For when we work together in union, our natural skills play out in ways we simply can not go at it alone. And it’s truly a lot of fun! 

So Spencer, thank you for helping me to do this work. For it was you who had the idea to begin this blog and who used your masculine energy to create this platform.  Through this you have gently encouraged me to write, to express, to find my voice. Together we are learning astrology and what it means to us in our own unique ways.  

With that being said, tomorrow we will be experiencing a New Moon in the sign of Taurus. 

The New Moon is a time when we are planting seeds for what we would like to grow in our lives. As the light of the New Moon slowly grows for 2 weeks until it reaches maximum capacity at the Full Moon. 

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. Is an astrological sign that is grounded, loyal, calm, deliberate, patient, persistent, cautious, and abundant.  It represents the ability to create, to manifest and to see things to fruition. It likes structure, order and routine so that we can have a plan of how to get things done and live the life we dream. 

With the combined energy of the New Moon and that which Taurus brings to the table we are being asked to ensure we are taking care of ourselves.  For the next two weeks, to focus on our self-care, on our pleasure, on our true enjoyment.  This could range anywhere from eating decadent food, free dancing in your living room, spending time in nature, watching a movie, reading a non-spiritual book!… something/anything that breaks you out of your normal routine, helps you to feel expansive and opens yours heart. To help you truly enjoy this precious life of yours!  

It’s all about creating healthy routines and ensuring you are taking care of yourself.  Finding a balance between work and play.  For as our work gives us our structure, sense of purpose, focus, puts food on the table.  Play, breaks us out of our ruts, carries inspiration on its wings and fills our heart with pure joy.  Both are need, both are necessary, both play off of the other. 

This morning I chose a card for this New Moon from the Mother Peace Tarot Deck by Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble.  The card that arose is the Major Arcana, High Priestess

Vicki Noble states, ‘The High Priestess represents the Moon and the element of water. She is the inner knowing of the heart.  The transformations of the High Priestess are interior. 

When the High Priestess comes up in a reading for you, it means your intuition is functioning more strongly than your intellect.  A wisdom is activated in you that is older and deeper than your ordinary mode of thinking. Stay open to your body and your emotions in order to come into contact with what you already know. 

If you are in the process of trying to answer an important question about your life, the High Priestess invites you to relax and listen to your intuition. Take a deep breath, and imagine an open space in the center of your chest where all wisdom resides, and let the answer come to you.’  

As we will be experiencing a New Moon tomorrow, lets connect to her feminine force.  Trusting that everything we need to know lies within our heart, the very center of our being.  Paying attention to the emotions, the sensations, the insights and the innate desires which rise to the surface.  Follow the intuitions that your body is calling you towards.  Move from a place of healthy guidance, relaxation and self-love.  Give yourself the space to be and to do you.  For this is how divine guidance will whisper it’s messages to you.  

Here is my message for today Spence.  My heart is vibrating with calm and I realize that my soul truly wants me to write, to speak, to connect.  For when I do so, the small pain, uncomfort, slight weight in my chest that has become my norm over the years simply lifts. I feel expanded, I feel attuned, I feel alive and excited. 

Thank You, 

Angelique Marie 

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