Thank God for Saturn Retrograde

Dear Spencer, 

As soon as I finish this post, I will be loading up my car and driving out to Austin, TX.  Tomorrow I will begin my 3-week Equine Therapy Training. I’m feeling the immensity of the course, butterflies in my stomach and a slight anticipation for what is to come. 

My Momma & Me!

I’ve spent the past 3 days with my family in South Louisiana and the days have been full spending time with my different family members. These moments are deeper than ever.  As I am preparing for my move to Bahia, I am truly working on being more present and soaking in each moment as best I can.  The preciousness of life is truly hitting home for me.

Just yesterday Saturn turned Retrograde, where it will remain until September 18th of this year. I’m so very thankful for this transit, as I am feeling the necessity of its lessons in my life at this moment. 

Saturn is the planet of karma, discipline, hard work, wisdom, responsibility, practicality, ambition, etc. It pushes our limits, even squeezes us at times with a lil’ tough love, all to ensure we are living up to our word, clear on our actions, and ultimately preparing us to move forward in the best ways possible.  

Saturn is the last visible planet that can be seen from Earth with the human eye.  So, with this, it is teaching us our limits, where to define our boundaries and the ability to see what is in front of us.  It’s restrictive energy pushes us beyond our comfort zones so that we may authentically recognize our truths. 

With Saturn Retrograde we are asked to slow down and to review what has happened in our lives since September 6, 2018 (when Saturn was last Rx).  For this will help us to understand what lessons we have been building and growing upon since then. From last September until this present moment, we have been guided to step up in our own unique ways in order to achieve the results we desire.  Now is a time of repayment for all that we received and the work we did to get here. 

Spencer, looking back at my life during September 2018 I had just left my job and was preparing for my 3 month trip to Brazil.  At that time, the horse project was just an idea. You and I had also just begun this blog.  From that time frame until this present moment, more has ensued in my life than I could have EVER fathomed. My literal dreams are coming true. 

  • I’m in the process of receiving my residency visa and moving to Bahia, Brasil.  
  • Tomorrow I am beginning an Equine Trauma Therapy Training so that I can implement this on our farm in Bahia.  
  • The study of astrology has only deepened and our PenPalsAcrosstheUniverse continues to organically grow at its own rate.  Yet, for me I’m thankful for it maintains our friendship no matter the miles, holds us accountable for our astrological studies and helps us to develop our writing, expression, voices.
  • I’ve learned how to speak up for myself and express my needs. 
  • I am co-leading a woman’s retreat at the Yawanawá Village of Mutum in the Heart of the Amazon Rainforest this July. 17 women have signed up (my mom being one of them! 
  • I could honestly list many more.. 

I look at this list and I feel immense gratitude.  I feel comfort in seeing the efforts opening before me.  And I also see perfection in the timing of Saturn Retrograde.  For I need an internal slowing down in a focused + guided way.  Through all of the beauty opening around me, I’ve felt immense stress, fears, freak outs, etc!  I’m learning how to focus my energies, how to accept the need for self-discipline.  For I know that I can truly live my dreams (as it’s already happening) YET it’s important to be really real, to work hard and to utilize my gifts. 

According to, Saturn Retrograde: will challenge us and throw us out of sync- we’ll be pushed to look beyond the visible and take notice of what we’ve previously turned a blind eye to, or not believed in, simply because we have chosen not to ‘see.’  We begin to see things for what they are rather than we we wanted them to be.

This is where our intuition is called in- reaching a stage in our lives where we know there is more behind every interaction but haven’t had faith to trust in ourselves. 

Yesterday, I felt the strength of Saturn Retrograde.  I felt thrown off my course, witnessed my mind racing at times, felt fear, difficulty in focus, was an energetic sponge picking up on things along the way.  Yet, there was a grace in it all.  My day ended with a horse back ride (my dad being bucked off by the ‘horse in training’- manyyy lessons here) + an amazing evening with my mom that brought everything together.  I, then remembered, that though Saturn Rx will be more subtle and less intense than Mercury, the day of the actual retrograde itself is the most intense.  

So, yayhoo, Spencer we made it through the most intense day. Let’s continue riding the waves of our lives and responding to what is present before us.  Thank you for your support, friendship, the Saturn energy of discipline that you bring to me, loyalty, sincerity, humility, authenticity + so much more. 

I wish you the most amazing adventure in Hawaii with our dear friends from Brasil.  Soak up your time there and be as present as possible.  I hope you eat an açaí bowl or two, that you find time to visit the beach OR really do whatever brings you the most innate joy.  You deserve it!  (Below is a picture with our Brazilian friends that you will be with in Hawaii, this pic was taken 5 years to the exact date today.. How synchronistic!)


I’m off to prepping my car.. Will be in touch here soon, for theres a New Moon in Taurus this coming Saturday, May 4th!  By that time I’ll be 4 days deep into the horse training. 🙂 

Much Love, 


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