Late Spring time to recharge and get ready for the next adventure

Dear Angelique,

It seems like it was only a few days ago that you were coming back to Miami after being in Brazil for a couple months, and now you are on your way to Austin for your equestrian therapy class, and I am on another plane on the way to Hawaii. It happened so fast, but then it always does, right?

I feel happy and in good spirits as I write this, and I checked the Time Passages App to see what is happening now in my chart. I see a few favorable aspects that I think are opening the door for this writing session. One is that transiting Moon had a strong Trine with my Natal Mars as I sat to write this post. This opens the door to the expression of true feelings, with the warning to reflect before speaking out. This is great, because I’m on a seven hour flight with no internet, so I have plenty of time to reflect before posting this!

I also have the transiting Sun in strong trine with my natal Moon. So that means the Sun in the sky today is in a favorable aspect to where the Moon was when I was born. The advice from the app that I glean from this is “the energy of your conscious mind illuminates your emotional awareness over these few days.”

Finally the transiting Moon is in strong conjunction with my Natal Mercury, so any form of communication, including my thought process, is important to me today. This aspect was perfect onboard this flight too. So Angelique, it looks like the short term aspects are favorable for writing a blog post on a long flight.

As I sit here I feel called to write first about the period between now and St. John. I feel in the stars that the time from now until June 10th is a time for receiving and replenishing. To me it feels like we, collectively, are a ship that has returned to its home port after a long voyage. We are here to unload our cargo, to make needed repairs, enjoy shore leave, and then to take on provisions for our next voyage.

In my intuition, this process started when Uranus transited into Taurus early in March. This was like the moment our returning ship first made sight of land (it’s returning to London in my imagination) as it returns to its home port. Then, on April 20th we had the Full Moon and the Sun entered Taurus, and the ship entered the mouth of the River Thames. Finally, the Sun reached conjunction with Uranus on April 22nd, our ship reached the dock. And so now we are here with some time to integrate and recover from a long journey.

The first part of this process, between now and June 10th, is all about rest and recovery and reintegration. It’s not time yet to worry about the next journey. Until June 10th is the time to focus on what is right in front of us. This is a time for rest, for visiting loved ones, and for getting ready for what comes next, because what is coming next is going to be a big one. So let’s enjoy the people we are with, and engage in doing do the things we are doing. This feels like a great time for you to take your equestrian class.

Once June 10th gets here, we shift gears to preparation for the next journey. We will have two weeks to prepare to leave port. This will be a time for getting our affairs in order and preparing for what is coming up for us. Stephanie and I will be taking an important trip to Israel during this interval, and this feels to me like a point of preparation for the next section of our lives. On June 22nd we will start our new voyage and receive our orders for our next mission. Angelique we have made several physical journeys into the jungle. This will be an energetic version of that.

The next cycle will start on the summer solstice and continue for 18 months through the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on the winter solstice of 2020. There will be major events in the sky that will affect everyone during this journey. Saturn and Pluto will have a conjunction next January, and this will mark the middle of this next period.

There will also be the shorter term events during this period. We will have several Mercury Retrogrades, we will have retrogrades of Venus and Mars, and we will have countless aspects of all the planets. And each of these events in the sky will have unique impacts on each of us.

This blog post feels to me to be the start of a study that will take place over the next 18 months to two years. I want to start this study with a question. Have you ever contemplated how it always seems there is some major astrological event being talked about that has not happened in a long time and will probably never happen again? It strikes me that epic astrological events are all over the headlines. This is not a new phenomenon. How is it that it always seems like something special is happening in the sky?

I have started to see that life, like history, does not unfold in a smooth flow. Instead it is marked by important events where changes are condensed in short times. You go to college for four years and graduate in a day. We experience periods of intense activity, growth and change, and then there are long times for integration, healing and recovery.

These cycles happen in various areas of our lives independently. We might be entering a period of intense change in relationships while we are having a period of calm in our career. Maybe we move from one city to another while our job stays the same. Sometimes it might seem like everything changes at once, and sometimes things may all hold steady for quite some time. Some of these unfold quickly—a whirlwind romance, and some develop over years and years, like an education.

The cycles occur in the sky as well. We have these very long cycles, like our 29 year Saturn return cycle, and we have very short cycles, like those of the moon, or even shorter, like the dawn of each day. All these cycles layer on top of each other in our lives and in the sky. This creates a complex energetic environment, and into this complex environment we place billions of unique individuals who each respond differently to all of these energies.

I feel I am entering a new phase of my writing about Astrology where it is time for me to stop apologizing and find my authentic voice. The time has come for me to adopt a voice that simply accepts and articulates what resonates as true for me. I feel that I waste a lot of energy in apologizing for astrology, as if I were constantly trying to convince imaginary skeptics of the validity of what I am writing about. Something inside me feels like an astronomer interested in the search for extra terrestrial intelligence—like Astrology is a guilty pleasure. Maybe this is like I have to apologize for believing in it. Like I feel I have to apologize for dying my hair blue.

And so I think I have to start articulating my personal theory of understanding of Astrology. I think this is the essence of this post, and the starting point for the next 18 months of writing. And so here it goes—what resonates as true for me:

It resonates as true for me that I live in a world where the energetic fields of the planets, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars influence and guide my life. The planets are divine benevolent sentient beings that inhabit the solar system, and I have communion with them through energies that our science cannot recognize or measure. They are here to guide us and help our evolution. The Earth is our mother and our home, but more than that, the Earth, or Gaia, is US. When we are born, as individual cells in this organism, we are imprinted by the energetic vibrations of firmament, and this imprint stays with us our whole lives.

And this is more than just an imprint. It resonates as true for me that the energetic vibration creates the gateway for our spirits to incorporate into this material universe. The energetic environment both creates the gateway for our entry into the material plane, and it also forms us as we enter into it. This works like fitting a pair of shoes. The fit has to be close enough to get our feet in, but once we get them in there, our feet form to the shape of the shoes. There is an energetic exchange in the moment of our material incorporation where we fit through the gate and our energetic body is formed by the gate as we pass through it.

So what does that mean? It means each of our individual souls has an energetic vibration, and the alignment of the stars, the moon, the earth, and the planets, opens gateways that allow us to materialize on earth. So in the moment that I was born, my spirit inhabited the physical body that had formed inside the material body of my mother over the previous nine months, and in that moment the stars and planets aligned and opened a gate for me to come into this material universe and incorporate into my body. Thus through this portal, my spirit and my physical body were joined together.

And in stating what resonates as true, I have to also acknowledge a caveat. There are a lot of different theories about when the soul enters the body. And when I contemplate this, I do feel that the presence of the soul exists inside the womb. I have felt the presence of a spirit of my children as they moved in the womb. So in this moment of contemplation, I am not receiving a feeling concerning when the soul enters the body.

But for some reason, it is the birth chart the defines us. We don’t pull our conception charts, and we don’t pull our day the heart started beating charts, and we don’t pull our “due date” charts. The chart we pull is the moment of our birth. I do not know if the soul comes into the body anticipating the moment of it’s birth, or if there is something that happens to us when we come into the world. Maybe it is the longer term generational aspects that invite us to enter, and the personal planets that imprint upon us? I do not know, but I do know that the Natal Chart has the information. Maybe I will receive more insight here over the next months. Maybe someone else can offer insight?

But I don’t think I have to have all the answers to keep studying. One way or another, we end up in a material body, with a unique energetic identity that can be described by our Natal Chart and which resonates with the current energy of the planets.

The complexity of these energies is infinite. Each of the planets sends its own beam of energy at the moment of our birth, and the energies from one planet can combine to either amplify or reduce the energies of another in beautiful wave interference patterns. So not only are we imprinted with the particular energies of each planet, we are imprinted with the interference patterns between them. This defines and also reflects who we are as individuals.

And the same energetic complexity exists in our environment at each moment of our lives. The planets continue their cycles as we go through our lives, and when the vibrations of the current transits resonate with our personal Natal pattern, we experience uniquely individual impacts. And we see this in nature everywhere.

Consider the Sunset. We know exactly when it’s going to happen, but we have no idea what it’s going to look like until it gets here. It fills me with awe for the magnificence of GOD. That we can predict to a nanosecond on an atomic clock the moment the sun will rise, and we have to wait to see what exactly what the sunrise will bring. What could be more fascinating?

So this is another iteration of my understanding of how Astrology works. We are individually encoded and the astrological energy present in the environment resonates with each of us according to our personal Natal Chart.

And so we write in blogs and we search the internet and read books searching for answers. I have received a lot of help and understanding from reading and talking to other astrologers. But the real power of astrology comes from our own divination, because each of us is uniquely situated. This is the essential equivalent of going out and seeing the sunset from our own backyard. Sure, a friend can send a picture and that can give us an idea, but it’s unique from each vantage point. Each of us actually receives the exactly perfect resonance of the current astrological environment with our individually imprinted code. Everything else is a prediction or approximation.

And that brings a good purpose for this study, which is for each of us to develop our own connection to this divine guidance. We can learn about the planets, and the stars, and we can read about what is happening in the sky, and we can anticipate how these things will combine to affect us. But the actual events, the actual resonance of the stars with our being is something that we must experience directly to have true understanding.

Writing about this here puts me into direct communion with my own personal experience of these energies, and that increases my awareness and mindfulness, and I think has directly improved my experience of living. Writing this also shares my experience with others who can benefit. Just as I have learned by reading what others have had to say, it is possible for others to learn what I have learned.

I am reminded of a spiritual metaphor I have been working with recently about those chains of monkeys that one can use to hang a house plant or something. Have you seen these monkey chains? Basically they are brass or plastic monkeys that have one hand reaching up, and the other reaching down, and you can link them together to make a chain. You can hook the top hand over the eave of a door and then hook a couple other monkeys on to make the chain longer, and then when you get to the height you want, you hang the handle of the planter on the bottom monkey.

Spiritual teaching is like a monkey chain. I reach up to teachers, guides, companions, peers, planets, god, all kinds of sources. And I have a hand down to those who want to receive what I am receiving. Here’s the catch. I can seek up hands that I want to reach up to, and if they are generous, they can share what they have with me. I can offer to share with anyone who wants to take from my down hand, but I cannot go and grab anyone. Only those who want to receive take a hand, and only those who want to give offer a hand.

And so I am asking to receive quite a lot. I am asking the planets and my guides for direct revelation. I am asking my friends for opinions and insights. I am asking professionals and other bloggers and authors and all kinds of other experts for information. I am also offering to share what I am learning with anyone who wants to read this, and for that matter really, anyone who is interested. There are some people who have thanked me for things I have shared. It is for them that I share it.

As I sit here on this airplane on the way to Hawaii, I am at this moment asking my guides to inspire me about topics for the upcoming journey. It feels good to me to have so many topics coming into my mind. I could write the list, but it feels better just to sit with the pleasure of knowing that this will be a rich and infinite study. The sky will never run out of lessons.

I hope you have a great time in Austin, and I can’t wait until we are all back together in June.


Peace Love Forgiveness

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