Jupiter Rising – Midsummer Imaginations after Solar Opposition

Dear Angelique,

Welcome back to Miami! It’s been quite the couple of days since you got back. I have three things I want to write about today. First I want to talk about Jupiter rising in the summer sky. When I sat down in my office to write today, I did not really have a thread to start with. I am leaving for Hawaii on Sunday with a big group from church for Prayer Camp on the Big Island. I don’t know why they call it Prayer Camp, because it’s really Farm Camp with all the physical labor out on the land. Or maybe they should just call it amazing fun camp because that’s really what it’s all about.

I was thinking about the trip and remembering last summer when we first saw the land in Onomea, which is up the coast from Hilo. That evening as we came up the ravine from the waterfall, we saw Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, the Moon, and the after glow of dusk all forming a beautiful celestial arc over the glowing and ominous mist of the Volcano at Kilauea. I think that extraordinarily beautiful alignment in the firmament was really one of the inspirations that pushed me into writing this blog.

As I sat here this morning, I contemplated Jupiter in the sky, and I started imagining it there out in Sagittarius, where it will remain for the rest of the year. I just looked it up, and Jupiter moved into Sagittarius on November 8th of 2019, so last summer in August, Jupiter would have been in Libra. At the time, the Sun was in Leo being the beginning of August. With the Sun in Leo, let’s say halfway through, that would leave 15 degrees of Leo, 30 degrees of Virgo, and say about 24 degrees of Libra between Jupiter and the Horizon at Sunset. The sky is 180 degrees, so that means Jupiter would have been chin up in the west. This year, Jupiter will be about 30 degrees farther on right?

So what does that mean for me if I want to see Jupiter rising first after Sunset? As I ponder this question, it seems to me that the opposition of Jupiter and the Sun is an important geometrical moment. It seems to me that Jupiter will have an event like Venus switching from amo rning star to an evening star after solar opposition.

Right now, the Sun is early in Taurus. I went and looked at the current chart and see that Taurus is opposite Scorpio, and Gemini (currently occupied by Mars) is opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius. Right now it’s 9:23 in the morning, and according to the chart, Gemini is rising and the Sun in Taurus is about 45 degrees up in the eastern sky, and Jupiter is just about to set. That means that a few hours ago, when the Sun rose, Jupiter was in the western sky. When the Sun sets tonight, Jupiter will not be up yet. Jupiter will rise around 9:30 in the evening. And here is the tricky part…each night the sun will move a little farther into Taurus and a little closer to Gemini, and Jupiter will rise a little earlier in the evening. But what is really happening is the Earth is spinning on it’s axis every 24 hours, creating the motion of days, and the Earth and Jupiter are both revolving around the Sun. Jupiter is moving much slower, but not so slowly, like Pluto, that we can ignore the contribution of Jupiter’s motion entirely.

So what is changing is the place that the Earth spins from. As the master teaches, the earth is the one who spins to show all of creation to the divine father, and the father stays in his place. Father Sun stays right in his place and we spin to show ourselves to the Sun, and as we spin, we will see our neighbor Jupiter. And for now, Jupiter will be setting after dawn, and then by late may or early June, we will see Jupiter rising soon after sunset.

The next player on the Summer stage will be Saturn. Saturn will start rising in the evening in early July with Capricorn. Mars will be coming into opposition with Jupiter pretty soon. I’m not even sure what side of the Sun that will happen on. I also do not know what Venus has planned for the Summer. Right now Venus is up in the morning, but she is catching the Sun, so maybe by the end of summer we will see her on the Evening stage.

I have been drawing on this deck of cards that I have made for the planets Angelique. I was going to draw one today to write about it, but I find it is not necessary. Jupiter really came through to me today, and so I do not feel I have to look any farther for my message. When I call up the Time Passages App on my phone, I see that Jupiter is coming into Square with my Natal Uranus, and that this aspect, in retrograde, will be perfect on April 29th, which is the day our trip in Hawaii starts.

I have been enjoying the gentle disruptive force of Uranus recently. I felt it very strongly conjunct the Sun and I can feel it working with Jupiter right now to bring freedom and new expansion. I know that squares are usually considered “difficult” aspects, but I do not feel that right now. Rather, I feel that Uranus is chipping away the old calcified structures that would prevent growth and expansion. My prayer for 2019 was thanks for the opportunity to free myself from that which is no longer serving, and Uranus has definitely been hard at work filling that request. This benevolent square feels to me like Uranus being a crocodile bird cleaning Jupiter’s teeth.

Guess what! I just looked it up, and the earth will pass between Jupiter and the Sun on June 10th, which happens to be my son’s birthday and the start of our Summer Festival. So maybe, just maybe, by the night of St. John, we will be able to see Jupiter above the horizon at Sunset. He will certainly be overhead at midnight at any event, just like the minute when I was born. What a marvelous opportunity for sightseeing we will enjoy this summer!

I can’t wait to hear all about your trip. Please write back soon!


Peace Love Forgiveness.

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