Mercury Has a Message Today

Dear Angelique,

I think you are about to board your flight back to Miami as I am writing this! I can’t believe you will be here tomorrow. We had an epic day on the boat yesterday. I’ve been having fun with a new camera, and I’ve been getting back into developing the pictures. The weather was beautiful, and a couple of our mutual friends announced their engagement. All in all it was an epic Easter celebration.

I never got back to writing about the card I drew from my Astrological Divining Deck the other day. I was going to go and do that now, but then started to feel called to draw another card. I was thinking that the guides gave me a message with Neptune the other day, and I did not take the time to fully decipher it. I hope they do not take that as a lack of gratitude. So I drew another card today, and Mercury popped out of the deck. I may as well see what they have to say about that!

So the first step is to call up my chart with the current transits. When I look at this I see Mercury is present at 7 degrees of Aries. The Sabian Symbol for 7 degrees of Aries is “A Man Successfully Expressing Himself in Two Realms at Once” This is a funny one for me, because I definitely feel that I move through two different realms. I have the “normal” world realm where I walk around just like everyone else. It is the world of family and business, where everything operates on the basis of appearances.

Then we have the interior world and the world of our closer relationships, the world of our hidden cults and habits. It’s funny that this message about twin realms came up today, because I dyed my hair blue on Easter. Actually, Willow dyed my hair blue for me before we went on the boat. I did this last year, you might recall, but they used bleach in it first, so I came out looking like an English Futbol fan. Willow did it with just adding color, so it gives off this now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t effect. But this definitely sets up a contrast between the exterior persona I project in the world and the interior dimension of myself where I choose blue for a hair color. Go figure.

What I gather from this is that I will have success over the next week or so before I leave for Hawaii on Sunday, but I must balance the different aspects of my life. I think this makes a lot of sense right now, because we have some family events this weekend at the same time that I am preparing to leave for ten days.

The next thing I pick up is that Mercury is transiting Aries which is the seventh house in my birth chart. The Seventh House is the house of partnership and marriage. Mercury is the planet of intellect and communication. This feels to me tied in with the balance from the Man in Two Realms. I’m starting to see a theme to balance what I have going on in my own life with communication and needs in my marriage and with Stephanie.

From the Time Passages App I see the message that Mercury transiting my seventh house also is a “good time for aesthetic or artistic mental activity.” I think I already wrote above that I have been interested in photography. I also made my deck of Astrological divining cards, and dyed my hair blue.

I also see that Mercury at 7 degrees of Aries is coming into a perfect square with my Natal Moon. Everything I read about this is to watch out for miscommunications and conflicts between my intellect and emotions. The transiting Sun and Uranus are sextile my Natal Mercury. My intuition is telling me that the force of the sun and the power of Uranus to make way for new growth are currently activating my mind and communication in a helpful way. The Sun will be moving along over the next couple of days, but Uranus will be sending this energy my way for a while as it goes back and forth across the early degrees of Taurus this year.

When I articulate this into a coherent message, I would say that during this week before I go to Hawaii I need to focus on balancing the various aspects of my life, I need to pay close attention to communications with my wife, and I should take opportunity to be creative and have artistic outlets. I need to be careful of getting swept up by emotions and emotional reactions and to focus on calm and intelligent communication even in the face of emotional upheaval. I am getting some help from the Sun over the next couple days, and a long term force from Ganesh to remove obstacles to communication.

As I sit here at my computer Angelique, I can feel my attention being drawn to the interplay of Mercury and Neptune. Neptune is such a far flung planet. It takes about 165 years for Neptune to orbit the Sun, while Mercury seems to go around every 15 minutes or so. I see Mercury as the quick pace of daily events, and Neptune I see as the slow development of the soul and the dream self. I am feeling Neptune as our lifetimes spiritual journey, and Mercury as the daily steps we take each day. That these two things are coming up together for me highlights that the steps we take every day as we walk our path that generates our long term results.

These could also be the two realms from the Sabian Symbols. The first is the realm of daily, or even hourly events. It’s the phone call to see if you want to ride bikes to get Açai. It’s the boat trip instead of easter brunch. It’s the trip to Hawai’i. The second is the long term realm. It’s the multi-year development of projects like Brazil. It’s planting grass to create pasture for more horses. It’s building the house over the last two years we will start using over Christmas. It’s a reminder that our years are the sum of our days.

I am so looking forward to seeing you! Let me know as soon as you get up!


Peace Love Forgiveness

One thought on “Mercury Has a Message Today

  1. I love this Spence! Thanks for sharing your insights, for they help me in my own life. And it is really nice to hear what is going on for you. I’m so looking forward to reuniting with my computer and am almost anxious to get back to writing posts on here. Stoked to see you today and beyond greatful for this beautiful life we are blessed to live, lead and share! Ihuuuu


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