Planetary Divining Cards

Dear Angelique,

An idea for Astrological Divination has been buzzing around me for the last couple weeks, and today, I finally took the first step toward creating it. I have started making my own set of Astrological Divining cards. I started with ten cards, and I forgot to include the Moon, so that leaves me with the Planets, the Sun, and Chiron. It took me a while to make them. Each image was a little different size, and some of them had colored backgrounds. I had to create a canvas in an iPad application, and then cut and paste the images of the planets onto the canvas, and then print them in uniform sizes. Eventually I got it figured out. I used NASA images because they are all in the public domain.

The idea is to draw a card and then use that as inspiration to do some Astrological divination. So as I like to do in this blog, I’m going to do a live divination right now. I have not yet drawn a single card from this little ten card deck, and so this is going to be the first divination I will attempt. Exciting stuff right!

Before drawing the card, we have to set the stage so we know the context for the drawing. Tomorrow is Easter, and I am already feeling a strong energy of transformation building through the night of Saint John on the 22nd of June. I feel that we are going through a passage between now and the night of St. John, kind of like the passage we just went through from March 6 with the Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, and before that, remember the two New Moon ellipse from January to early March? I feel the next “section” will take us from now until St. John, and so now this feels like a good time to do a little astrological divination.

My intention for the divination will be for my guides to give me a message that will help me navigate the next several weeks. I have these ten cards and each of them has a picture of a planet. There is no story attached to the cards at all. So how will I get the message? I think this is an important thing to state clearly. So for the first time with these cards, I’m going to do three things. The first is I’m going to look up the current position of the planet in the sky and look at the Astrology surrounding that. Then I’m going to call up the Sabian Symbol for the planet’s current position and read a little about that. Then I’m going to look up the planet in my birth chart, and study the astrology for that. As I go through this process, I’m going to make one-line notes on paper, and the result will be my answer.

Here I go. My question for my guides and angels and any other divine beings who are here to help me, is “what message will you share with me through this process of divination that I have described to help me navigate through the time from now to Sunday June 23rd.” And now to draw a card. This is very exciting for me.

I drew the Neptune Card

There we have it! My first draw is Neptune. This strikes me as an interesting choice, because the image I found for Neptune had a blue background, and I used my apple pencil on my iPad to basically paint the background black. I had to be very careful not to paint over the border of Neptune itself!

As I sit here now, before looking anything up, I am feeling a presence from Neptune. Neptune is the planet of deep spirit. Neptune is not visible to the naked eye, and it has been there in the predawn sky as Mercury and Venus have passed it in recent weeks. For me, the message I am receiving is that Neptune will be the principle force for me over the next several weeks. My planetary guide and friend.

So the first step is to look up Neptune’s current position. I used the Time Passages Pro App on my phone, and I find Neptune at 17 degrees of Pisces. There are a few interesting tidbits from the Time Passages App, and I will take one from here. It says: “At this time you benefit from disengaging yourself from the limited and personal, moving toward the broader ideals of service to humanity and personal transformation.”

I will do a more in depth analysis of Neptune’s current transit, but for right now, I want to move on to the Sabian Symbol. The Sabian Symbol for the 17th degree of Pisces is An Easter Parade. I have a book from Kindle Unlimited called “The Sabian Symbols: The Astrological Oracle” by Lyn Birkbeck. There is a ton of information about the Easter Parade symbol.

And the next step I promised to follow was to look up Neptune in my Natal Chart. In my Natal Chart Neptune appears in Scorpio, making a Grand Trine in Water Signs with Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces. Neptune was at 24 degrees of Scorpio a little more than 52 years ago. Maybe I should look at the Sabian Symbol for that too.

Angelique, I’ve spent the last several hours working on this, including making the cards. I can see this is going to be a powerful divination tool. I’m going to write more about this later, but I feel like I’m really developing my own personal style of doing readings for people.


Peace Love Forgiveness

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