Jupiter Squares Neptune and the Night of St. John

Dear Angelique,

Guess what… today, yes exactly today, is day 40 of my 40 Day Lenten 7 chakras Dieta to Restore Personal Integrity and Potentiate My Divine Connection. It cracks me up every time I say that. I don’t know the psychology behind that. But anyway, here we are on Day 40 and I have to say I am happy with the results and also happy that I can have a cup of coffee tomorrow.

The key of the Dieta was a spiritual practice for the 40 day period relating to each of the chakras. You can read the details here in the post about the dieta. I can see some real benefits that I received from this 40 day period. Thanks to the abstinence from french fries, wheat and sugar, I lost a little bit of extra weight, and that combined with a little extra focus on exercise and the gym, has me back in optimal shape. That was not so much of a surprise, right?

What was a surprise was the relationship between the divine connection developed during the daily meditation practice and my throat chakra. Through the course of the 40 day period I meditated each day for about 15 minutes. Many mornings I meditated before the Sunrise and enjoyed the beautiful views of Venus and even got to see Mercury conjunct Neptune. As I meditated I observed the thoughts that were bubbling up in my head.

I was not thinking of craving food. I was not thinking about what I had to do with work. I was not thinking about bills or taxes or the grocery list or about my health, or about sex. All of these Chakras were quiet. Conflicts with secondary relationships generated most of the thoughts bubbling into my meditation. As I sat contemplating the sky, or the inner minds eye, I would try to calm my mind like the surface of a glassy lake so I could have a bit of divine communion. These personal conflicts generated almost constant disruption.

These stresses all related to situations that were outside my immediate family and my closest relationships. They came from the next level. As I examined them each morning, I started to notice that they all felt like they came from my 5th chakra, the throat. And Angelique, the entire thing came to a head the other day when Stephanie and I had a contentious meeting with some other people. Stephanie and I have excellent communication and feel very aligned with each other, and we finally agreed that the reality was that in our relationship structure with the others, there is actually no harmony. This was a big breakthrough!

I learned through this observation that it was my feeling blocked from speaking my truth that was causing me to have these discordant thoughts, and this blocks my divine connection. Interestingly, Mercury retrograde spanned the time of my Dieta as well, so I suppose I should not be surprised that communication issues were at the center of my break.

This has really opened a study of personal integrity for me. Usually we do not think of a failure to speak our truth as a break in integrity. But think of it, it really is! My divine connection informs my mind of what I should do. My heart wants it, and I want to bring it into reality through my chakras of action and integrate it all the way to the root of my being. But the break in the chain comes for me at the throat. We cannot have true integrity unless we are integrated all the way from the root chakra to the divine connection, through our sexuality, through our bodily functions, through our personal power, through our heart, our voice, our mind, and through our crown up to the divine higher self. I have been “broken” at the voice, and for this reason, out of integrity.

I also learned, (and wrote about) how the divine connection and intuition apply in the language of Astrology. There was a day I wrote about where Venus directed my attention to Mercury’s conjunction with Neptune, and from there I read about the series of Neptune/Jupiter squares that we will experience through 2019. Squares, of course, indicate a struggle or conflict between two planets.

I have felt a lot of energy building up for the night of St. John, which in our current we will celebrate on the night of June 22nd. As you know we have a fire going all night, and into the fire we can place whatever is not serving us. The night of St. John falls just a couple days after the second of the series of three Neptune Jupiter squares. I did some reading about this, and examined my own chart, and it seems like this aspect does not trigger my Natal planets too much. The only thing I really see is a benevolent sextile of my Natal Sun to Jupiter around the day of the square. But I did read that the Jupiter Neptune Square would have a strong effect on anyone with Jupiter in the 10th House, which I do have. Here is what the Astro Codex has to say about the 10th House:

The 10th house is responsible for your choices in career; your conscious steps towards working on something you love and care. The career as projected in the tenth house is your dream job, the occupation through which you will mature into a more complete being, your personal way of evolution. Therefore, many times these jobs are of self-employment, without it having to be the rule.


Jupiter we all know as the planet of good fortune and abundance. But it also rules religiosity. Here is a great little piece about this from Astrology.com

Jupiter is the thinking-person’s planet. As the guardian of the abstract mind, this planet rules higher learning, and bestows upon us a yen for exploring ideas, both intellectually and spiritually. Intellectually speaking, Jupiter assists us in formulating our ideology. In the more spiritual realm, Jupiter lords over religions and philosophy. A search for the answers is what Jupiter proposes, and if it means spanning the globe to find them, well, that’s probably why Jupiter also rules long-distance travel. In keeping with this theme, Jupiter compels us to assess our ethical and moral values; it also addresses our sense of optimism.


Neptune is also a highly spiritual planet, and also the second of the “transcendental planets.” These are planets that we cannot see with the naked eye, and we therefore see them acting behind the scenes or in our subconscious. While Jupiter shines so brightly in the night sky, Neptune has been lurking in the distant reaches behind Mercury and Venus over the last few weeks. Here is what Astrology.com has to say about Neptune:

Neptune’s glyph is the trident of Poseidon, God of the Seas. Much about this planet is fluid (Neptune rules the oceans of the Earth), changeable and illusory in nature. Dreams, illusion, abstract thought and the mysterious are all governed by Neptune. Our spirituality is important to this planet, and how we harness that energy for our personal betterment. Neptune invites us to let its energy wash over us and to use a meditative state to gain insights and heightened awareness. Poetry, music and dance are among the trance-like activities which this planet favors.


As I close my eyes and connect to my guides and higher self, I can see that this interplay between Jupiter and Neptune affects all aspects of our personal spirituality relative to the spirituality of our tribe our group. It is my firm belief from the hymns I have received that the “path to heaven is inside of all of us.” This concept relates in my mind to Neptune. Jupiter, on the other hand, bright and visible, relates to our spiritual community or church. What I receive form this is that we are all going to be asked to align our inner divine path–a very deep out of view personal Piscine subject–with our outwardly visible religious practice.

And this gets back to my 5th Chakra. The unavoidable conclusion I face is that I, as a leader of a formal religious community (10th house dream job?), have to realign my leadership with my inner guidance. Thankfully, we have such a helpful system of wise people, elders and leaders that I can reach up to for help. This is not about what I want, but about how I am guided. The break in my integrity is that I have not spoken out about strong feelings I have in order to promote harmony and growth within our community and to avoid conflict with people who want different things. What I am learning is that harmony built this way is false harmony. And this is exactly what a very wise Grandmother Elder explained to me last fall. If you bring and live the doctrine and this causes disharmony, then there really was no harmony in the first place.

Natal Chart for the night of St. John

I felt called to create a Natal Chart for the night of St. John. Wow! What an impressive chart it is. Can you see all those heavy red conflicting aspects? Of course we have the square between Jupiter and Neptune, which first led me to look into this, but look at the powerful square between Venus and Neptune and the almost exact opposition between Venus and Jupiter. We also will have Mars sitting right on top of Mercury both in opposition to Pluto and Saturn. Then we have an almost perfect Sextile of Neptune with Saturn, and of the Moon with Uranus. I scheduled a call with the fabulous and fun Beth Bullitt to learn more about this.

I have learned something else about my throat Chakra as it relates to our writing. Remember that post from a while back where we talked about staying on “topic” for the blog to develop readership? Well Angelique, I find that concerns like this are a huge block to my writing. The thing I like most about writing here is that NOBODY has to read this if they don’t want to. We are not selling anything, we are not marketing our blog, we are not doing any self promotion whatsoever. Anybody that happens upon our site was either guided here or found us on purpose, and no one has to read a word of this if they do not want to. This gives us great freedom to write whatever we want to write. And as I think about it, these are very sensitive topics. I really do prefer our quiet little communities of people writing about what they feel called to write about. I have also really come to enjoy reading some of the other blogs of people that find us.

I always wonder how they came to find us, and then I love to read what they have to say. I have learned a ton about Astronomy from reading these blogs and even got myself a house plant in a nice pot. I’d like to share some of the words from a hymn I received over the last few days:

Eu sou filho da terra
Nasci na beira do mar
Eu canto esté hino 
Com a Rainha do Mar

E eu estou aqui, eu estou aqui, eu estou aqui

As estrelas estão no ceu
La no firmamento
Brilhando com o Sol 
A Lua e os planetas

E eu estou aqui, eu estou aqui, eu estou aqui

A brisa suave esta soprando
e a chuva acabou
o pássaro cantando 
e a voz da minha mae

E eu estou aqui, eu estou aqui, eu estou aqui

Vou seguindo a doutrina
Sou o símbolo da verdade
A todos meus irmãos 
Eu sinto amizade

E eu estou aqui, eu estou aqui, eu estou aqui

Aqui eu levanto a bandeira
Do Padrinho Sebastião
Eu vou me transformar
Na noite de São João

E eu estou aqui, eu estou aqui, eu estou aqui

I love how this hymn touches my morning meditations looking over the ocean, and seeing Venus and the stars and the moon in the sky, and then it goes all the way to the night of St. John. And the thing I really enjoy is the feeling of protection and confirmation that I received when I called up this chart this morning for the night of St. John to see what was in the stars for this night of transformation.

I don’t know Angelique exactly what it will bring. But I know how I want it to feel. And it’s going to feel like the Yawanawa Surfing.


Peace Love Forgiveness

2 thoughts on “Jupiter Squares Neptune and the Night of St. John

  1. LOVE this post. Thank you Spencer, might be my favorite of yours thus far. So much I could write about.
    One thing I’ll say is thank you for letting me know that yesterday was the final day of the 40 day dieta. Was a wonderful surprise for me, ahaha!


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