Jupiter Retrograde Understandings

Dear Spencer,

Early morning here (when I first began writing).. this has been my norm lately, most nights I can’t seem to stay up past 9 PM. ha! Yet, with this comes an early morning rise of anywhere from 5:30-6:30 AM.  And, overall, I’m digging it.  Most everyone is asleep or quiet at this time and at moments like this is when I can find a deep sense of calm, write out my to-do list, clear my mind and focus on what it is I need to do for the day.  

I realize I’m adjusting to this wild life.  It’s a different reality out here, a totally different vibration than in the United States.  I sense my creativity opening, my connection to the spiritual world is heightened.  The force is strong, is sweet, is raw, is kind.. something I am just beginning to scratch the surface of. 

As I was up alone this morning drinking my coffee, I finally opened a horse magazine our friend Gustavo picked up for me the other day.  I received so much inspiration + information!  Places to buy nice Brasilian saddles, learned of an equestrian center named Rancho São Miguel close to São Paulo, Brasil (the owner has written two books and gives many different kinds of lessons), read through an article on an organization that specializes in taking people out on the trails with beautiful lodging on their property..  Receiving so many ideas for our future potential projects here in Bahía. 

I’ve been experiencing a roller coaster of emotions lately, which is something I actually always feel.  Yet, I am learning to be quiet when at others I would have said something unnecessary.  And also learning to speak up about things when, in the past, I would have held things inside.  It’s refreshing to see the re-calibration I’m experiencing, the positive growth and changes.  No matter how intense I may feel at times, I’m thankful for the true Divine Presence and Guidance I am able to receive.

Spence, I feel Jupiter in Retrograde working me to my core and I can see it playing out in others lives as well.  Having us truly look at our commitments and being honest with the reality at hand.  Jupiter is currently highlighting all the areas from our past where we have been lazy or unmotivated.  These next 4 months are giving us an opportunity to gently review the painful and/or difficult experiences from the last 6 months.  Shining a light to see the lessons in them + positive ways of moving forward and irradicating the ways of being which no longer serve us.  

In order to witness shifts in our lives we must first be willing to change.  Humble ourselves to life, admit we are not perfect (realizing this is normal and thank God for our imperfections!), surrender to that which is bigger than us moving through and give our best efforts to make the necessary positive changes in our lives.  Find the sliver lining, for there is always a silver lining! Each every day we are to work towards our future goals, taking deep breaths and maintaining our focus.  Maintain true joy in our hearts, for there is SO MUCH to be thankful for.  And give unconditional love to not only those around us but also OURSELVES!

A day out on the trails in one of my favourite spots!

This current journey is teaching me where my boundaries lie, helping me to find my rhythm in writing, how to develop my horse riding + horsemanship skills, allowing excitement to sink in for all of the wonderful experiences happening in my near future, and teaching me to expand my capacity for the amount of space + responsibilities I can hold.

Spencer, so far 2019 has shown us that all paths are open.  The only thing getting in our way is ourselves.  It is our job to let go of unhealthy relationships and situations which no longer serve us. It is our choice to focus on the good and give our best efforts towards manifesting our dreams.  The key to this path is simple.  Yet, at times, we humans make it very difficult..

Honor your truth!  Speak your truth!   Live your truth! 

Surrender to everything is the key.  Trust, trust, trust.  And everyday face what arises.  Do not hold back from doing something out of fear or laziness.  Be honest with yourself.  And also relax.   For it’s a fine balance, and the main realization is to know that we are not perfect, we are going to have our ups and downs on this great pendulum of life,  YET the key is to never give up.  To continue giving our best efforts AND remember that love always comes first! 

in service and deep gratitude, 

Angelique Marie 

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