Triple Gemini Astrology Reading

Dear Angelique,

I have a good story to tell you today! Ever since we started writing this blog a few months ago, I have shared some of the things I have learned with some of my friends. I have a friend who just went through a divorce, and she has been doing a really good job transitioning to her new life. Actually it’s inspiring because in less than a year she has built a really nice life in a nice home with her own thriving business. So while it has been year of tough transition, she has really been blessed.

Today we were talking about some challenges she has with her ex and we were talking about what to do about it. I had a very strong feeling that a lot of energy is moving between now and the summer solstice, so I asked her if she had looked at her chart. She said no, and I offered to do a reading for her. I asked for $25.00 as an exchange of value and she happily agreed, and so I printed out her chart and did an analysis for her.

She has an amazing chart! Her Sun, Moon, Ascendant, True Node, and Mars are all in Gemini in her first house, in opposition to Uranus and Jupiter in her 7th house of Sagitarius. Pluto and Saturn are both in strong trines with her Ascendant and True Node. There is so much going on! So I asked her if I could blog the reading I did, and she consented, so here I will copy it and make a few revisions so it is understandable by people that do not personally know the two of us. I think it provides a really good basic understanding of some of the principles we have learned and how to apply them.

Dear [Friend],
Thanks for the opportunity to read your astrology chart.  I have attached a PDF of your Natal chart . . .

To start lets look at your Sun, Moon and Rising signs, as these define who you are.  Are you aware that your Sun sign, your Moon sign, and your Rising sign are all in Gemini?  Only one out of 1,728 people have their Sun Moon and Rising Sign in the same sign, and only on in 20,736 people have them all in Gemini.  You can see this is quite remarkable.

To help you understand this better, think of your Sun sign as the basic nuts and bolts of your personality.  This is what people see when they know you well.  This is who you actually are in the world.  Your rising sign is closely related, because it shows how you present to the world.  It is what people first see, and the first impression you make.  The Moon is your inner feelings and emotions, which of course also affects your personality.  Some people may have a conflict between the way they present and who they are when you get to know them.  You may have someone who appears on the ball and super organized, but is flakey when you get to know them better.  This happens when a rising sign and a sun sign are in conflict.  Imagine super organized Capricorn rising sign, with a Pisces Moon who would be feeling lots of swirling intuitive emotions.  

For you, all three of these line up in Gemini, and for me this means you have very good integrity, by which I mean you are one and the same person on the inside, the outside, and in total.  You are whole and complete in Gemini. This is a little ironic because Gemini is itself a twin.  I’ve only ever met one other person who has all of three of these factors in the same sign (for her they are Scorpio, you don’t envy that!), and so I’ve never met a triple Gemini before. 

I love the basic strengths of Gemini, which is the first Air sign of the Zodiac.  They are intelligent, adaptable, out going, social and energetic, and they are the spring making way to summer.  Full of joy, opportunity and growth.   All of these traits definitely describe your personality.  You have to be careful of the shadow of Gemini which can be inconsistency, duplicity, and deceptiveness.  The shadow shows where you might fall when you are not at your best.  But fortunately you are a highly conscious person with a great deal of personal introspection, and with your high energy and basic integrity, you can and do rise above these negative manifestations.  

The next thing to consider is how this basic makeup of your personality is affected by the other planets in your Natal Chart and the positions of the transiting of the planets in the current sky.    Think of this as a combination of signals and receivers.  The current planetary positions and alignments are the signals, or energy, that we all are bathed in here on Earth.  This is the so called Universal Broadcast System.  Your personal Natal planets, on the other hand, are the receivers. 

There are a few aspects in your chart that really jump out at me.   First, look at the giant cluster of planets you have in your Natal Chart (the black symbols in the inner rim of the circle) in Gemini.  If you look on the outer edge where the green symbols are, you will see that Mars is also currently in Gemini.  Gemini, for you, occupies the first house of your chart which shows what was rising above the horizon at the moment you were born.  For you, this is Gemini, but also your Moon, the Sun and Mars.  Mars is important here, because it is the natural ruler of the first house, which answers the question “Who Am I?”  This of course relates to what is arising at the moment of your birth.  

As you can see, Mars is currently located in the sky at about exactly the same place as it was when you were born.  This means that your Mars “receiver” is definitely picking up the Mars Energy, and giving you these strong questions about your life and identity, and giving you energy to take action.  You are considering where you want to live, how you want to live your life, and how you want to raise your kids.  These are very fundamental questions.  Over the next two months, both the Sun and Mars will cross all of these receivers in Gemini.  The Sun won’t start hitting these receivers until about the middle of its journey through Gemini, which is the end of May. Mars is already triggering these Natal planets, and since Mars goes around much slower than the Sun does, they will both be hitting all these triggers over the next couple of months.  This will actually culminate right around June 17-20 when Mars crosses the point of the sky that was rising when you were born, marked by the AC symbol on the chart, and the Sun moves into Cancer.  Interesting right?  This is also interesting because wasn’t it last June that your whole process started?
A more subtle aspect that I notice right off is that Jupiter is currently moving through, or “transiting” your 7th house, which rules family relationships, marriage.  Here is a good description of the Seventh House from Astro Codex .  Jupiter is the planet of fortune and abundance, and it crosses one sign every year in its twelve year journey around the Sun.  Jupiter entered Sagitarius on November 8th, 2018.  Do you remember what was happening around that time?  It would have “triggered” your Natal Jupiter a couple weeks after that date, and then shortly thereafter your Natal Uranus.

Interestingly, your Natal Jupiter and Natal Uranus are almost right on top of each other, and so they have strong combined effect in your life.  Uranus is the energy of disruption and revolution, while Jupiter is abundance and fortune.  So in your basic DNA is a disruptive force that shakes things up to allow new good fortune to arrive. Late last year when Jupiter crossed, or “transited” the point that Jupiter and Uranus were in when you were born, it activated this energy to remove blocks and negative structures in your life to free up the flow of abundance.

This really is amazing to me my friend, because your divorce was the best, smoothest divorce I have ever seen.  I know it may not feel that way to you, because these changes are always hard, but you really were blessed by this planetary alignment.  Jupiter is now about 3/4 the way through it’s transit of Sagitarius, and right before it leaves, it will transit your Natal Neptune.  Think of this as your deep inner spiritual currents and unconscious.  This year long transit of Jupiter through your Seventh house really has brought lots of blessings.

Another very interesting thing I see is a very short lived “square” between the current location of Venus and your Natal Mars.  This energetically explains a lot about the current issues you are experiencing with your ex.  Venus as you know is all about love and relationships, and Mars is all about taking action.  A square aspect is when these two forces are fighting against each other.  Today at this moment, Venus in todays sky is triggering your Natal Mars in a conflict.  This manifested in your phone call with the attorney.

The good news is that this will be a short lived event.  Within about a week, Venus will move out of this square alignment with your Natal Mars, and things should feel calmer with less need for action.  That is unless this spark starts a fire that has enough fuel to burn on its own.  Think of it this way.  Venus coming into square with your natal Mars is like lighting a match.  The match will go out very soon as the energy moves on, but if it starts a fire, that fire can take a life of its own.  So for instance, if this match makes you file a lawsuit, well that could go on for a long time after the match burns out.  I would recommend waiting until after the Sun enters Cancer, before taking any action, because it’s going to be kind of a wild ride until then.

The last thing I want to mention is that Uranus just moved into Taurus a couple weeks ago, which is in your 12th House.   Uranus will remain there for the next seven years.  Look back over the last seven years.  What happened between 2012 and 2019?  Are there some milestones there?  The 12th House is all the way around the dial from your rising sign.  If your rising sign is the bright blossoming flower that greats the world, your 12th house is your deep unconscious and spiritual identity.  Uranus is going to be working this area over for the next eight years.  You have just started a spiritual journey over the next 8 years which will really set up the rest of your life.  The things you are doing to help yourself by meditating and keeping self aware will give you the best opportunity to take advantage of this deep period of reflection for you.

All in all, it looks like you are going to be experiencing a lot of energy over the next two months, but all if it is ruled by good fortune in your family life.  This feels to me like a very favorable reading, even though there is a lot of difficultly involved.  It’s like really good medicine. THE END

Angelique, I am really enjoying how this work that we are doing is helping people gain insight into their lives. What a treat it was to help someone with these new skills! I paid the $54 for the subscription to for the ad-free PDF professional charts. I only have to do two more readings to be in the black!

I hope you are having a great time in Bahia. I loved the pictures from your last post with the horses. I still owe you some writing about Neptune. Hopefully I will get a chance this weekend. I wonder if the stars are lining up for a good writing opportunity!


Peace Love Forgiveness

PS – I had an intuition when I saw the Moon and the Sun in Gemini to check to see if there was a solar eclipse, and it turns out, the very next day was a massive full solar eclipse with over five minutes of eclipse. I wonder what this means…

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  1. Hi, Spencer!
    I’d like to help you get in the black. Could we please schedule a reading? What’s the best way to contact you?
    – Stephanie

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