Jupiter Retrograde alone on the night’s stage, and Neptune Triple Square of 2019

Dear Angelique,

Thanks so much for your post about the Jupiter Retrograde, which sets up three squares between Jupiter and Neptune through the course of 2019. I don’t know if I ever told you this, but Jupiter was exactly at my mid-heaven at 27 degrees of Cancer when I was born, at 11:15 pm. At that moment it was the brightest object in the sky because the Sun, the Moon, and Venus were all well up in the noon sky somewhere over Australia. So in my sky at the moment of my birth, it was Jupiter at mid-heaven that welcomed me into the world.

You know Angelique my most favorite part about studying astrology is the connection that it has given me to the rhythms of the night sky. I read a lot right now about Jupiter being in retrograde in Sagitarius, where Jupiter is exalted, and we talked a lot about the the New Moon of Aries and the Spring Equinox, and all the other events that are happening in the charts. But for me, the most important thing is to tie this down to the sky.

Planetary Transits Midnight April 9th, Eastern Time

So here is a little image of the current chart, or rather, the chart of the sky at about 00:30 am, just after midnight. At this moment, Jupiter will be just rising above the eastern horizon. The Sun in Aries will be at midheaven just north of the equator, and the waxing crescent Moon will have settled well below the western horizon. At this moment, not a single other planet will be up in the night sky.

That’s right, only Jupiter from about midnight to almost 3:00 a.m. when Saturn peaks above the Eastern horizon.

Do you remember in Brazil when we had stayed up late with Stephanie and the whole family? The stars there shine so brightly. I had been walking to my room across the open lawn and I saw Jupiter in the sky and gazed at it for a moment, and then when I found you and Stephanie a little while later, I went to show you where I had seen Jupiter, but it was covered by clouds, and then I started to doubt myself. And then remember when it shined for just a minute though that perfect little hole in the clouds as if to say…here I am! That was just about ten days ago, and at that moment then, Jupiter was alone in the sky, and so it remains today.

I do feel something powerful from Jupiter right now, not because of any aspect, or because of it’s retrograde, but simply because of it’s dominating presence in the night sky right now. I want to show you my Natal Chart again here Angelique, because interestingly, when I was born, there were no other visible planets in the night sky except Jupiter.

See how Jupiter and the symbol MC are both at exactly 27 Cancer? The only other planets in the sky were Pluto conjunct Uranus, which were just rising. Four planets were in my sixth house, Pisces having just set, and Mars was about to break the horizon. But at that moment, it was only Jupiter, and at that moment of my birth, Jupiter was also in retrograde.

So here we are again, with Jupiter in retrograde, alone on the stage of the night sky. This is definitely taking me back to my birth.

The retrograde cycles of the planets really amaze me Angelique. Mercury has about six stations a year, zipping around the Sun with a synodic period of 116 days. Venus and Mars, which have orbital periods closest to earth, will not retrograde at all in 2019. Then the outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, have their super reliable annual retrograde pattern, which is determined from our perspective more from our own earthly motion around the Sun. These outer planets do not move much in a year. Jupiter is the fastest, advancing about one sign every year.

Each of the outer planets comes into aspect with the Earth about one time every Earth Year, and their retrograde periods start at about the same point. Jupiter changes one sign per year, and so its retrograde is the shortest of the outer planets and the dates change the most from year to year. Pluto, on the other hand, moves very little against the backdrop of stars, and so goes retrograde every year at about the same time.

And these outer planets do not move very fast either. So yes, Jupiter is in a gentle backward motion that will continue for a few months, and give us the opportunity to bask in gratitude for the blessings we received over the previous eight months or so, while he continues to shine further good fortune upon us. Alone in the night sky each evening from midnight until almost 3:00 a.m.

Angelique as I look forward in time toward June, the next shift in seasons, I see a lot happening. Our night of Saint John will be on June 22nd marking the Summer Solstice, and there are some important shifts coming in my spiritual community around that time. Not to mention that the night of St. John is a tremendous opportunity for transformation. As I accelerated this chart calculator into the future, I noticed something interesting about the interplay of Mars and Jupiter in the night sky.

Today, Mars will set about an hour before Jupiter rises. In June, however, Jupiter will already be above the eastern horizon when the Sun sets, and Mars will be conjunct Mercury just above the Western Horizon. So when I was born, Jupiter was alone in the night sky when Mars rose to join it. In June, Mars will set soon after Jupiter rises leaving Jupiter alone in the sky for the first part of June, but then by about the 10th of June, Saturn will come into direct opposition with Mars, and will rise in the east at the moment Mars sets in the west, and Jupiter will no longer have the stage to itself.

Another interesting aspect of the Jupiter retrograde cycle is the squares with Neptune that it has set up. This is interesting as well, because Neptune shifts into it’s annual retrograde on June 20th, right before the Solstice. I think Angelique, I will save that part for later.

I feel like I have a lot more writing to do Angelique, but I think I’m about out of words for right now. I will post some more about Neptune squares later in the week. But for tonight, go outside and see Jupiter alone on the night stage.


Peace Love Forgiveness

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