Jupiter, The Planet of Expansion

Oi Spencer,

Wow, life is bringing lots of lessons.  Teaching me how to grow stronger in some areas, relax in others.. ultimately trusting in my souls greater plan and that which the Universe is unfolding for us all.

I’m thankful to be in Bahia and know that I am meant to be here. I feel stronger.  Though stressful situations arise, I feel equipped to handle them and am thankful for the growth which results from it all.

The horses are a huge part of my growth.  I love the feeling of being their ‘Momma’ and ensuring their needs are met.  Understanding each of their personalities and through this process I innately grow as well.  They challenge me to stand firm in myself while simultaneously living with an open heart.

The magic horses innately embodies touches the hearts of most around them.  For instance, just a few months ago our dear sister Kenewma had no desire to go near the horses nor have anything to do with them.  Yet, her 1 year old son Mukaihu, is simply in love with them and I believe this has opened her heart a little bit.   This past weekend Kenewma rode for the first time in her life and she absolutely LOVED it.  She felt a strong sense of peace and tranquility in her spirit; and realised this is something she’s been praying for but never imagined that horses were the answer. I can see us taking the horses out on the trails together in the future!

Spencer, with the calmness of the nature and the true paradise I am living in there is so much to be thankful for in and of itself.  Then with the blessing of organizing the horse project here, something that lights my soul, I have no words.  I also our study of astrology truly helps to keep me grounded on the earthly plane, understanding what energies are manifesting through us all. In addition, I am living with some of my best friends and am having an opportunity to plan a woman’s retreat at the Yawanawá Village of Mutum.  Receiving a new level of experience in organizing a group and helping to facilitate healing and expand the consciousness of others.  Each and every day I receive more clarity, focus, strong will + determination.  Thank you so much to both you and Stephanie for supporting and opening up these beautiful doors for me.  My heart is deeply touched and overflows with gratitude.

In just two days Jupiter, the planet of expansion, goes Retrograde.  Yet, this isn’t anything to be alarmed by.  Jupiter moves rather slowly and is one of the outer planets, so its retrograde period doesn’t affect us as intensely as Mercury Rx.  With Jupiter Rx we are asked to review our life over the past few months and notice where we are lacking motivation and/or energy.  What areas in our lives can be updated, shifted and improved upon?

Jupiter remains retrograde until August 10th 2019, so we basically have 4 months (no hurry necessary, deep breaths, calmness and tranquility) to truly study our past actions and make shifts in our present.  Jupiter has the ability to magnify things in our lives, and as it is astrologically the planet of luck, it gently points out the areas of our life which can be improved upon. (How nice is this!) Jupiter reminds us that no matter what we are currently experiencing/going through, there is always something positive to be taken from it.

Jupiter reminds us to call in our joy and gratitude; to work towards our goals.  Jupiter Rx will gently show us the areas in our lives we can improve upon, whether it be finances, relationships, organization, studies, etc.  And with this expanded viewpoint, we will calmly be able to shift these areas to a more positive, beneficial way of living.

Our main requirement is to be humble, to truly give the best of ourselves and be willing to be corrected.  Let love reign and understand that this is the driving force behind everything.  The more that we can cultivate joy and true love in our lives, the more this will be expanded upon.

Sweet Memories!

So Spence, I am truly thankful for the new life that is opening before me as I feel a sense of purpose I have been praying on for years.  I feel that the doors are now open and it is up to me to slowly and steadily create the reality of my dreams each and every day.

I feel newly connected to Jupiter and am thankful for this study of the planets. For the efforts we put towards studying astrology, is yet another one of things in my life which is helping to expand my heart, increase my knowledge, build trust in the universe and understand that everything is unfolding in its perfection.

I’d be interested to hear any thoughts you may have on the upcoming Jupiter Rx and how you can see this playing out in your life!

Abraços e Saudades,

Angelique Marie

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