Saturn’s Conjunction with Pluto — Warm heart and a Cold Nose

Dear Angelique,

I have to say this post was inspired by my efforts to share a really cool post by Intuitive Astrology where they write about Saturn’s evolving conjunction with Pluto in great detail. I was trying to figure out how to appropriately “reblog” their post, but I could not figure out a way to do it that would make it clear that it was not my own writing, so I decided just to create a new Blog Post and link to their site here. . .

Saturn and Pluto have the reputation of being the darkest, deepest, most intense planets in our solar system. They are known to bring change, transformation, endings, rebirths, awakenings, limitations, and more. So, when these two cosmic giants come together, it definitely makes for an interesting recipe. Saturn and Pluto align every 34-38 years, so it…

Intuitive Astrology: Saturn and Pluto Align 2019-2020 — Forever Conscious

This post really struck me for two reasons. One, I very much enjoy watching astrological events unfold over long periods of time, and this article talks about a dance between these two outer planets that unfolds over the course of a year with the retrograde cycles falling where they are.

It also attracts me because I was born when Pluto was conjunct Uranus, and that only happens once in a lifetime, if ever in a person’s lifetime. I will be between 86 and 90 years old when Saturn next laps Pluto, so this is a significant moment for me right now.

I looked up the retrograde for Saturn this year, and it goes from April 30th to September 18th–about four and a half months. Saturn is catching up with Pluto right now as they are both in direct motion. Pluto makes its annual shift to retrograde motion on April 24th, so from April 24th to April 30th, Pluto will be marching in retrograde motion toward Saturn as Saturn moves direct toward Pluto. Then on April 30th Saturn will turn retrograde and move away from Pluto until September 18th. Right now as I write this, Saturn is at 20 degrees of Capricorn and Pluto is at 23 degrees. This is close enough for us to feel some of the energy of their conjunction. To me this feels like putting my hands close to a fire to see how hot it is. The real fire comes next year with the actual conjunction on January 12th, 2020.

We also have the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter next year on December 21, 2020 which coincides exactly with the winter solstice. Even more interesting, is that Saturn and Jupiter will both just be entering Aquarius on December 17th 2020. 2020 is also an election year, so these events will be playing out on the world stage as well as in our personal lives.

Stephanie shared a story with me the other day about some Russian wisdom she received. The basic idea is that we should have a “warm heart and a cold nose.” This little bit of wisdom has been worming it’s way into my neural network and transforming the way I engage with people and the world. It’s always super easy and natural for me to be open hearted. That is not where my challenge lies. My challenge lies in a tendency to become over involved and co-dependent. Credit my Libra rising with wanting everyone always to get along, even if I am not standing in integrity with my highest and best good.

For me, the helpful advice is the “cold nose” part of the equation. With this, we regard people with warmth and love from our warm hearts, and we use our cold nose to make sure we keep healthy distance and honestly evaluate things. Consider the example of a doing business with friends. Imagine having a friend who is an attorney that you need to retain to do more than just a friendly phone call. Let’s say you really need some professional work. Should you expect a discount because the attorney is your friend, or should he expect me to pay the super premium rate because you are his friend? Or neither. Maybe do business with him because he is my friend, and pay the normal rate. That’s the cold nose part.

It simply means that we evaluate things in the truth and with honesty. We keep healthy distance, we dot our I’s and cross our T’s, and we do not get too involved in the personal lives of others. This is not an absence of Love at all. In fact, this is the courage and firmness to keep a healthy environment for love to grow. This strikes me as a very Saturn in Capricorn attitude.

So it seems like we have some big events coming over the next couple spins around the Sun, and I think this Warm Heart and Cold Nose idea is going to be a key tool for me during this time.

I am interested to read more about these events and continue writing as they unfold.

I hope you are doing great in Bahia. Please send more pictures!


Peace Love Forgiveness

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