New Moon Stirrings

Dear Spencer, 

On March 21st’s Equinox, we began the Astrological New Year.  Tomorrow’s (April 5th) New Moon is in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.

Spencer, as we are budding astrology students, I had a thought that the past 7 months (about how long ago we began this blog) have been sort of an astrological initiation & introduction for us.  Of course, there is still so incredibly much to learn. Yet, I personally understand way more than I did when we took the first steps on this journey.   

My intention for this Astrological New Year is to truly study the way each sign feels each month.  This current New Moon is in Aries. As Aries represents action and courage, is known for its fiery will + steadfast determination, I am going to study how I am feeling the Aries energy coming through. Each consecutive month that follows, I plan to observe how the current astrological sign is playing out in my life. 

For instance, I notice that in this Aries season, there is definitely more fire behind my words, actions, movements and thoughts than usual.  I feel bold and am firmly stepping into my next steps.  I sense something new in the air, a mixture of strong will + determination coming through. 

So Spencer,time to dive more into the Aries New Moon!  As we are at the beginning of the Astrological New Year, this is a really good time to define your goals, dreams, and wishes for the upcoming year ahead. Aries natural leadership and fiery energy promises that what your heart truly desires and that which you are being guided to is supported by the universe.  

I was deeply touched by Intuitive Astrology’s article on this current New Moon.  The article mentions how the Aries energy is typically seen from what is defined as the masculine way of ‘getting things done’ or ‘making things happen’ with applied effort.  Yet, through the article, I learned of the Feminine side of Aries. Strong and at the same time surrendered.  Trusting that our soul has already mapped out our unique path.  Encouraging us to fully be in the present moment and have faith in the insights or stirrings you receive in order to best move forward.  We don’t have to place pressure on ourselves by ‘making’ things happen. Yet, we listen to what guidance is coming through.  Trust that we are supported and move from this calm, focused manner. 

And to throw in a little more planetary action: Pluto ~basic instincts~ and Saturn ~responsibilities~ are square the New Moon in Aries. Through these alignments, we are being asked to really be honest with ourselves and check-in with the reality of our current situations.  What needs to be updated, changed, shifted, etc.?

Tomorrow evening, on the dark night of the new moon take some time to retreat within.  Listen to the universe conversing with you.  Take note how you are being supported in realising your dreams.  Feel how you are not alone and how the entire cosmos is rooting for the most beautiful opportunities to blossom before your very eyes.  

Sending lots of love & New Moon blessings to both you and Stephanie!!


Angelique (Txivanique!)

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