Venus Conjunct The Moon Part Two – Surprise visit by Mercury

Dear Angelique,

I woke up this morning in the dark and thinking of Venus’s conjunction with the Moon, and so I rolled over and looked at my phone and it read 5:51 am. I knew the sun would be coming up in about an hour. The voices of slumber were called me, but something was really pushing me to get up and go look at Venus and the Moon, and so I did. And here starts part two of this story. (Part one is here.)

When I went outside and I was confused and a little disappointed because I saw nothing but an aircraft in the sky and a few dimly visible stars. The moon was not in the sky yet, and I could not find Venus. It was a little cold, and the chill in the breeze, that would have been pleasant were I dressed for it, made me shiver. I grumbled a little about being up so early with no Moon. I was about to turn around and go back to bed, but something insisted I check my Star Rover App, which shows the sky and the position of the planets. I could see on my screen that the Moon had just cracked the horizon. Venus was directly above it. I sat down in my meditation chair and waited for the show to start.

As I gazed at the sky, I realized that the aircraft was not moving. I looked a little more carefully, and realized it was Venus shining even brighter than I imagined. And then the tip of the moon stuck out from the low clouds that you see in image. I got a little distracted by my spotting scope and the fussy bracket that I use to attach my iPhone camera to it. I tried to get a good picture, but Venus and the Moon were too far apart to fit within the scope. I did get this shot of the moon:

The iPhone takes great portraits, but really lousy pictures of the Moon. With my eye I could see beautiful relief of craters and a warm yellow golden glow. The tiny little chip in the iPhone does not capture any of this. All it gave me was a white sliver.

As I was faffing about with the iPhone bracket, I activated Star Rover again thinking it would help me get the telescope oriented in the right direction. It was immediately obvious that this was no help with setting up the photograph, but the App showed Mercury and Neptune in Conjunction right in the same area. Here’s a screen shot:

Screen shot from Star Rover App

I noticed that Mercury was about twice as far from the Moon as Venus. I went back on the balcony and peered into the sky and sure enough as my eyes adjusted there was Mercury right where it was supposed to be and it was in conjunction with Neptune at exactly 5:36 a.m.

And so I sat in meditation while gazing at the beautiful scene unfolding before me. I saw Venus so bright over the waning crescent Moon, and I could see Mercury to the left, clearly visible after I identified it. I knew that Neptune lurked invisible behind Mercury. In meditation gazing at this amazingly beautiful show, I felt this sense of Peace of Spirit descend and encompass me. I meditated for an hour and then… father sun stole the show with the dawning of a new day.

As I sat for the last few minutes, my mind went back to what I had started writing yesterday about a blog post that attracted my attention, and I want to go back to this part of my story now, so I’m going to jump back to my arrival from Brazil, and the April Fools joke the stars played on me.

So back to yesterday morning, April 1. When we got home from the airport it was 5:45 a.m. As you remember, I wrote about this conjunction of the Moon with Venus before leaving to Brazil, and have been waiting to see it. The Llewellyn’s Desktop calendar said the conjunction was April 1 and that’s what I’ve been expecting, but when I looked out from the Balcony and this is what I saw yesterday:

The Moon was still pretty far from Venus. I was confused, so I checked the Wall Calendar, which placed the conjunction on April 2nd. When I examined in detail I saw that the wall calendar went by eastern time, and the desktop by pacific. It actually occurred at 11:31 Pacific Time on April 1, which was April 2nd at 2:31 Eastern time. So what a funny little Mercury Retrograde joke right? You have to be a true Astronomy Nerd to be fooled into going out on your balcony at 5:45 am to see the Moon conjunct Venus on the wrong date. I think you have to be a super nerd to do it twice!

So yesterday, I crawled into bed to get a couple hours sleep after the long red-eye overnight from Brazil. When I finally got up I went outside to meditate, the sun was already up and shining brightly on our balcony, so I turned the chair around and held a crystal. As I have been doing every morning on my Seven Chakras Dieta to Restore Personal Integrity and Potetiate the Divine Connection, I gave room for silence in my mind, and started to observe the thoughts that came. There is one sticky situation that I have that has evolved over the course of a couple years, and some other issues that have been coming up with others. And thoughts about the people involved pestered my constantly. I had difficulty connecting.

The idea of the Seven Chakras Dieta meditation practice is to observe the thoughts that bubble up into our mind and find where they are coming from. The essential question is “where am I out of alignment with my higher self.” When I try to meditate, thoughts are generated out of these misalignments, and so I searched my body to see where these thoughts were arising from physically in my body. As I contemplated and prayed for guidance I felt in my throat chakra that I was not speaking my truth in these two situations because I was afraid of upsetting people, and this caused me to be out of alignment with my higher self (a break of wholeness that is integrity). This is because the things I have to say now in two important areas will definitely affect other people, and so I have not spoken my truth and as a result the situations have continued to grow, and now have gotten to the point where I must act. My meditation revealed that my integrity was broken at the fifth Chakra, and this break caused the thought bubbler to constantly generate thoughts that disconnect me from my divine connection.

After I wrapped up on the balcony, I returned to the kitchen and made delicious Açaí bowls for Stephanie and myself, and then I finally made my way to the office reluctantly to wade into neglected email inbox. My attention immediately went to this picture of Lucille Ball tagged to the article about People Pleasing is Not Love. It’s a short and sweet article about being authentic, and says

Let us not fear the change that reconnecting with our authentic self brings, it is the change that opens the way for us to move towards what is right, true and for us. It is the pathway to true belonging.

Dr. Nandi Hetenyi, People Pleasing is Not Love

Remember yesterday when I started this thread of ideas, I started with Stephanie’s book “Ask Your Guides”, which talks about how guides give us messages through directing our attention. Well the point of this, which I should have written yesterday, was that the Guides directed my attention to this message. I felt my guides had taken me to this message that my throat chakra was blocked because I was not speaking my truth to avoid what I feared would be difficult conversations. The clear advice was not to fear the changes that reconnecting with my authentic self would bring. I set up two meetings with a written agenda for each to clear these two major situations once and for all. Wish me luck!

Yesterday I also wrote about how our guides guides direct our attention to astrological events to give us messages. I am realizing right in this moment as I have been writing this that my guides woke me up and showed me the conjunction of Mercury and Neptune.

And now in this exact moment, as I sit here, I remember I enjoyed reading The Astrology of April 2019 from AstroButterfly yesterday that Mercury was conjunct Neptune three times during the retrograde cycle as Mercury went past Neptune in the Pre-shadow, crossed back over the same point in retrograde, and then made this final conjunction this morning once again in direct motion. In it they say:

In the last two weeks especially, when Mercury and Neptune have been close to each other, your mind may have been blown… or melted. You may have experienced both confusion and breakthroughs. The 3rd conjunction on April 2nd is the “final act” and will bring the much-needed clarity and direction. Things will finally start to make sense. . . Neptune has opened new portals of awareness for you. You now understand why your mind works the way it does. If you were blindfolded, now you can see again.

The Astrology of April 2019 by

I am interested to do some more research on all of these cool events Angelique, but for now, this message about Mercury and Neptune is a very welcome confirmation that I am on the right track. But it’s more than just a confirmation. I feel that it is an energetic power that is giving me the energy in my throat chakra to speak my truth and restore alignment with my higher self.

I had no idea when we started this project how intensely impacted I would be. One final thought is I want to share this picture I took of you in Bahia:


Happy trails Angelique!


Peace Love Forgiveness

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