Aligning + Adjusting 👊

Dear Spencer, 

So much has come to pass since we left Miami April 22nd for Bahia.  Wow, what a trip we had! There were quite a few times when I both witnessed and experienced true magic in real-life form.  I’m full of gratitude for the time we were able to all spend together, for our collective healing and for all of the beautiful openings which ensued.  There were certainly many instances that were worthy of a blog post and yet, at the same time, it was just as special to embrace the present moment and allow ourselves to be swept away by its current.      

I’ve pretty much attempted to write this blog post all day. I have definitely fallen into a few traps that have kept me from the present moment.  I had a feeling this was going to be the case after our amazing week together.  There are moments when we receive such beautiful insights, witness the beauty all around us and then it’s in the day-to-day tests that arrive to truly prepare us for the path ahead.  

For we can be surrounded by paradise, immersed in pure beauty and if we are stuck in a certain mindset, then all can appear grey and bleak.  It is our work to be the best version of ourselves each day.  And I will admit that I am feeling stuck right now. The young girl inside of me is pouting. I know my emotions are making everything feel bigger than it really is.  Yet, I feel intense. What is this?

‘Let go of attachments’ is what I hear. Simply let go and trust.  Trust in that which is bigger than you moving through.  Allow your channel to open and receive the guidance that is begging to come.  

Move away from the thoughts swirling around in your heard. Inhale and exhale. Come back to your purpose. Re-align.  

Spencer, this is my thought process right now.  What is helping me to be able to write.  It’s taken me all day.  I miss you and Stephanie.  I also know I am meant to be here and that we are always connected. I’m expanding my wings and though I am not alone, fear is knocking at my door.  The illusions arising are that I am unsure of a future I can not predict.  Scared to place one foot in front of the other.  At times I feel as if I just want to run away.  And it’s at moments like this that I remember my commitment.  I am not going anywhere. I am here.  I am someone that can be relied upon. I can be trusted. I am learning my life’s lessons and giving my all with a big, open heart.  I am not perfect. I am a little ‘crazy’ at times, and there is nothing wrong with this! 

So Spencer, with that being said (an affirmation for me above anything else), I am going to go spend some time with our dear friend Kenewma.  My heart calms at the acknowledgement of this.  Tomorrow I will send a post digging into the upcoming April 5th New Moon in Aries.  (This is an important time for us as Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is in direct alignment with the astrological new year we just entered on March 21st, the day of the Equinox.)  A time for setting goals for the year ahead, with lots of magnified energy supporting this.  

A lesson that is truly hitting home for me is to trust in our internal guidance system, believing that our soul, our Spirit has guided us to the exact place we are now. And will only continue to do so. (More on this tomorrow..) 

Thanks for your recent blog posts and the insights you are sharing. My prayers are with you as you have your important conversations.  May your words be guided and you be open as a direct, clear channel.  And thank you for sharing the picture you posted of me and our youngest horse Sininho.. so beautiful! ❤

Here’s to not giving up, no matter what appears before us.  Realizing that love will always triumph!


Angelique Marie 

P.S. As I was finishing this blog post, your son Charlie called out to me.  I screamed as he said my name and I told him that he scared me.  His reply was to come and see what startled him.. When I walked over, it was a huge tarantula!  

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