Blogging and Divine Guidance and Venus Conjunct the Moon April Fools – Part I

Dear Angelique,

Before I even get started I want to explain that this picture is the cool plant and planter I bought after reading two articles from Sanity Plants. I might already have said somewhere that I did not know when we started blogging that I would end up buying plants. So thanks!

What a week we had in Brazil. There were so many things to write about! But with the irregular internet and the lethargic rhythm of Bahia life, the days slipped by with no clear distinctions between them, and we did not write a single post. And we did not care. I guess that’s the point of getting away from it all isn’t it.

I have a story to share about some divine guidance and a blog post that caught my attention today. To start I have to explain a bit about a conversation I had with Stephanie about a great book: “Ask Your Guides” by Sonia Choquette. This book explains very matter-of-factly how to relate to our divine guides and to call on them for help. Stephanie shared from the book how Astrology creates a forum for divine guidance, and she noted that I wrote about that here before. We talked about how Astrology and other methods of divination create a framework for communication with our guides. In the case of Astrology, a divine guide can gently call our attention to certain events in the sky, and the tradition of Astrology will provide a message. Thus the guide leads us to the message we are to receive.

Astrology helps us make sense of our Human experience in two ways. First it helps us interpret or predict the actual energetic effects that the planets have upon us. We know the planets send energy waves to us, and that the waves from the planets generate elegant interference patterns that amplify and nullify the energy, and these patterns of energy resonate with the infinitely sensitive individual neural network in our brain that is imprinted in the moment of our birth. One step further–it is the internal vibrations of our consciousness that creates our external experience, and thus, the planets direct energy into material reality in our individual experiences. Astrology is the history of observation of these effects. The second is that Astrology, along with Tarot Cards and Pendulums and other divining systems, give a framework to interpret messages from guides so that by gently directing our attention or focus, we can decipher the message they want us to receive.

The key from this that I want to draw your attention to here Angelique is that Guides can communicate with us by gently drawing our attention to a message they want us to receive. They do this to you personally every time you see the clock at 3:33 right? And this gets me to the second part of my story, my morning meditation, which I will save for a subsequent post, because I have learned from my own reading activity that I usually don’t want more than this in a single serving!

I hope you are doing awesome with the horses and your terrific projects. Please write soon and please share pictures.


Peace Love Forgiveness

2 thoughts on “Blogging and Divine Guidance and Venus Conjunct the Moon April Fools – Part I

  1. The plant and planter looks great! Also I agree about guides and astrology. If your guides are ancestors and you have access to birth data, you’ll notice some serious patterns in families’ natal charts.


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