New Times on the Horizon 🌅

Dear Spencer, 

Happy Super Full Moon in Libra, happy Equinox in Aries plus the simultaneous beginning of the astrological new year!  Lots of welcomed newness on the horizon my friend. 🙂 

I’d like to give a big thank you to the team at I truly align with their astrological intuitions and explanations. The insights from this website has been my inspiration and guiding force behind the message of this post. 

This Full Moon is at 0 degrees of Libra. Anytime a planet begins at 0 degrees it is a time of fresh starts. The Equinox in and of itself is a time of new beginnings. The Equinox is in Aries and Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, again marking a new cycle.  

We are currently experiencing the 3rd Supermoon of the year and the final supermoon of 2019.  The Supermoon heightens the energies of whatever astrological sign it is in as it literally appears bigger and brighter than a normal full moon.  We are currently coming to a conclusion of the first 3 months of 2019.

In this time we have experienced many strong astrological aspects.  All perfectly aligned by the cosmos to really shake the old, outdated, ‘difficult to let go of’ out of our lives.  So that we can be prepared for this moment, where life as we known it is forever changed.  We are being prepared to step into a new level, new ‘higher’ vibration.  Different shackles and burdens have been released.  Our lights are shining brighter and we are energetically lighter, clear and ready for this new life which is upon us. 

This Super Full Moon in Libra is all about balance.  Balancing our lives, centering our very selves into this current moment.  Realizing that the path ahead is new.  Aries marks new beginnings and with the energy of Libra- balance, symmetry, ‘the other;’ we are coming into a harmonious time within our lives. 

This full moon is about balancing ourselves and that is our focus.  We have a month to really sink into this and shift out of old patterns.  The next full moon will be focused on our relationships with others.  For now, our work is to commit to balancing our personal lives so that we can then extend this to others, but only after we have a clear picture of where we stand within ourselves. 

We will have to let certain relationships and ways of being go.  We will be shown what needs to be shifted and the path ahead will be illuminated.  It is our free will choice whether we choose to let the necessary go or continue to suffer in the old patterns that were not serving us.  

For me, my path is clear and I feel confident on where I will be focusing my energies.  I have clarity on what I need to organize in my life.  I have been able to see my unhealthy ties in relationships with others.  I must learn to trust and love myself and nurture the relationship with me first.  What are you being asked to let go of? What clarity are you receiving for your future?

Spencer, I am thankful to call you and Stephanie family.  That I fundamentally realize through life’s lessons/experiences that I am both choosing and being spiritually guided to walk my life on the same path as y’all. That we are on the same team. This is teaching me that I am not alone. Showing me the importance of family, how sacred this is.  

I align with the mission of having love as the guiding force and the commitment to focusing on the light. Choosing to bring healing to the world in positive ways.  I stand behind this 100% and I commit to this path. 

To be able to commit to something with every ounce of my being is HUGE for me.  And to honestly say that I feel this with every ounce of my being, is new step for me.  Of course this brings its own challenges, can truly test and squeeze a person, yet I believe if we are humble, give the best of ourselves and maintain our focus in love, something greater than us will guide us to exactly the place we dream of and where we are meant to be. 

What a perfect realization in perfect synchronicity with the Equinox in the Sun of Aries~ all representing new beginnings and cycles. Yayyhoooo!! 🙌

Spence, I’m keeping this short as I am preparing to head to your house and await our dear friend to arrive!  Thank you for your friendship, guidance and support. For the humble work you do on yourself and for the big heart you so graciously share with the world!

with a warm and happy heart,

Angelique Marie 

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