March 19th – Peace of Spirit for the Last Day of the Astrological Year

Dear Angelique,

So much has been written about the upcoming full moon at zero degrees of Libra on the day of the spring equinox. There are some really good articles about this, such as this article on the blog I have kind of started to follow for Astrological insights, Astro Butterfly. She writes a very interesting article, including the science geek Astronomy that I like so much, and really, instead of repeating what she says, I think it’s easier for everyone if I just post the link. Here it is again.

And I do feel like writing something now, and it occurs to me that just as interesting as everything that is going on today and tomorrow, there is nothing on the 19th except the advice to literally GO FISHING:

What a contrast! Today, the 18th of March, the Moon makes 9 aspects and crosses from Leo to Virgo. On the 20th we have as much activity as I have ever noticed in Llewellen’s, with 11 aspects, transits of both Sun and Moon, a Full Moon at Zero degrees of Libra, and the spring equinox.. And there is definitely no shortage of writing about these busy events.

But look again at tomorrow. Nothing but a fish. Actually, there is a fish on the 20th too, and with all that energy in the air on the 20th, it might be best to stay “gone fishing” for a couple days! And so this brings me to a resting point.

Do you remember Lent? We had a big day back in early March with the New Moon, the first day of Lent and Mercury entering retrograde. That was the start of my “40 day lenten seven chakras dieta for restoring personal integrity and potentiating the divine connection.” So each chakra has a mindfulness practice that I came up with to help me integrate all of my energy centers.

And so on this day of rest tomorrow, I’m going to contemplate the coming astrological year and what is coming to me right now is a vibration that feels like “Peace of Spirit.”

Peace of Spirit is the sense of everything is ok right now that I get from feeling integrated. The first lesson in this class of Peace of Spirit is to examine the consciousness. In meditation each morning, with Venus shining so brightly overhead, I have started to notice what it is that is on my mind. I have a lot going through my day about projects, and conversations I need to have with people, and of plans I need to make for travel. There are so many things that capture our attention each day.

But what I have also noticed, is that my mind feels relatively free from bad feelings. I have not had so much mental energy going out the window toward personal conflicts with others. I have not had thoughts of political situations, or environmental destruction or war going through my head. Instead Angelique, I am actually starting to cultivate this beautiful feeling of Peace of Spirit.

And as I ponder it, I remember a moment with Jane, our new mare, in Guananshe. Do you remember when we wanted to take the horses down the trail on that new section of land, and the horses just did not want to go? The above is a picture you snapped in just that spot, and I think you can see the nervousness in her eyes and posture. So I dismounted here and tried to guide her by hand down the trail, and still she did not want to come.

When I returned to her, she was a little nervous. We were not sure if she smelled a snake down the trail or what, but we sure did not want to force her down there. And so before getting back up, I approached her and put my hand under her neck and she put her head over my shoulder. I rested my hand above her shoulder and stood quietly, and then finally she let out a sigh, and I could feel the “flight or fight” leave her body.

She had become agitated with the prospect of going down the scary path, and then when she trusted that we would not force her to go, she relaxed again. But I could feel something special transmitted to me. I felt her peace of spirit in that moment. She seemed to settle into this vibration of “everything is ok, it’s safe for me to relax and eat grass now.” And her level of “background anxiety” was zero. When she relaxed after realizing there was no danger, she relaxed all the way back to zero.

And this moment pointed out to me the kind of background noise of anxiety that I have in this culture of ours. There is always something buzzing around that needs attention. Something to worry about, and these buzzing thought insects create a background noise that disrupts our divine connection. I am seeing this in the daily meditation. And the horse medicine I received from Jane, this calm exhalation she gave me, is the gift of Peace of Spirit.

We all talk about what we want in life. We want happiness, we want friends, we want fame, we want abundance, we want excitement, we want new experiences. These are all very good things to want. These are like icing and decoration on a cake, and as the master says, we must walk the path with Love and Alegria. But I think Angelique that the cake itself, the basic structure that all these good things rely on, is Peace of Spirit.

And this ties directly to the Seven Chakras dieta, because it is the break of integrity in one of our Chakras that destroys our Peace of Spirit. Take a lie for example. Our mind thinks or knows one thing, and our mouth says another to gain advantage or avoid a consequence. The immediate payback for this is a wound in the integrity of the Chakras, that immediately starts to bubble thoughts. Will I get caught, here’s why the lie was justified, they did me wrong and I had to lie to get justice, whatever. These thoughts contribute to the background radiation of Anxiety and destroy Peace of Spirit.

The other vices affecting the Chakras do the same thing. Indiscriminate sex fills our mind with endless thoughts of guilt or attachment or addiction. Gluttony the same. The Seven Chakras Dieta is really giving me the unexpected gift of Peace of Spirit, and the understanding how breaks in integrity undermine this.

And so tomorrow, I’m going to focus on a day of rest and meditation to end the astrological year with the idea to be to cultivate this peace. And more than just for me. I wish this to be a salve for the entire world. I wish a day of Peace of Spirit for everyone. Maybe we can put down the guns, put down the walls, put down the hate, put down the environmental destruction and the hoarding of limited resources and the viewing of “others” as “enemies” and have just a little glimmer of relief.

Wishing you Peace of Spirit my dear Angelique on this day completely devoid of Astrological events.


Peace Love Forgiveness

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