Personal Horoscope 101 – Part 3 – Down the rabbit hole: Current Planetary transits and our Natal Charts

Dear Angelique,

We are all looking forward to your return to Miami on Monday and then to our big adventure back down to Brazil next weekend. Before I get into the topic of planetary transits and our Natal Charts, I want to share something that I learned reading a post by a fellow blogger, Destiny Tuning Secret, called How to Set Up a Blog. He writes how it is important to stay on topic in a blog, but also about how we can also write about other topics as long as they are consistent with our central focus.

Angelique, I want you to know that I personally am very interested in the progress you are making on our project to set up an equestrian center in Brazil. I think that is a super interesting topic too. And that kind of gets down to what this blog is really about. For me it is first about our friendship and the letters that we write to each other about the cool projects we are working on together, and this includes learning about Astrology. But it also includes learning about Brazil, and Nature, and riding horses, and sailing and all the other things that we are doing. And then it occurs to me, that all of these things relate to astrology as well. I thought the post by Destiny Tuning Secret found a good balance between staying on topic and feeling free to write about what really interests us in the moment.

And right now, I feel interested in how current planetary transits affect each of us differently and how our individual Natal Charts reveal this. This is Part 3 of a series on the personal horoscope. Part 2 talks about current planetary transits, aspects, and the astrological weather on a particular day. This part talks about how the weather affects each of us individually.

Angelique, I was mystified by how it could be possible that the alignment of planets would have an impact upon us. And then the idea of wave interference patterns struck me, and as we saw in Part 2, when two objects are making waves, the wave patterns combine to either amplify or nullify the effect, and these patterns tend to form elegant shapes. And this helped me understand.

The next question, is how is it that this astrological weather impacts each of us differently? Why would this depend on the alignment and motion of the planets at our birth? What is it about the alignment of the planets at our birth that stays with us throughout our lives and causes the current planetary transits to affect us differently?

Well here I digress a little. I was playing guitar the other day. I had heard Stephanie singing a beautiful Brazilian song, and I was picking out the haunting melody . And then it came to me. When we tune a guitar, the standard frequency for the A string is 440 hertz. But when I am playing by myself, I can adjust the tuning just a little bit by ear, and the guitar kind of comes alive. Actually, it’s my guitar teacher that can do that. He has an amazingly well trained ear, and he has showed me that if adjust the tuning of the A string just a little, and then tune the rest by ear, all of the colors and overtones really shine. My guitar sounds fine with A at 440 hertz, but it really comes alive if I adjust the tuning just a little by ear.

It occurred to me that we are like this somehow. We are like guitars and the weather is like the tuning. Say we have a guitar that really comes to life when A is at 442. If we were to change our tuning every day, so on Monday we play at 436 and go up two a day until we get to 444 and then go back down, every time the tuning crosses 442, that guitar will really be resonant. The guitar itself does not change. It’s inherent resonance was formed when it was made (by some really cool luthiers in Ireland).

Of course I don’t have the exact quantum physics answer for how the wave interference patterns from the planets that existed at the moment of our birth were crystalized within us so that we resonate according to that in the current astrological weather.

But that’s what’s so cool about astrology. We don’t have to explain how it happens. We have thousands and thousands of years of human experience to guide us. The model of astrology is simply the application of all of these observations from the past to current events. From this observation, we have learned to describe the impacts of the transits according to our Natal Charts, and this is enough for me.

Just to bring anyone reading up to speed, I have been writing about the transits for September 20th, 2013 and my own Natal Chart in these articles. I will post that chart again here so you don’t have to go flipping around.

Remember the current transits (in this case from September 20th, 2013) are the green symbols around the outside. The Natal positions are the black figures inside the circle. Do you see the green P at the bottom? If you look at the chart you will see that in the green column Pluto is at 8 degrees of Capricorn, and if you look at the Natal Moon in the blue column, you will see it is also at 8 degrees of Capricorn. This conjunction of Pluto and my Natal Moon struck my attention first.

But then I thought, that was not such a big deal because the Moon goes around every 29 days. One would therefore expect a conjunction of these bodies every month…but No! not so fast! The Natal Moon is fixed at the moment of birth. It does not move. That means Pluto, which takes 248 Earth years to round the sun, only crosses the Natal Moon once every 248 years. For 70% of people, that will not happen in their lifetime. And at this moment it was perfectly sextile Saturn and the True Node on one side, and pretty close to a square with Uranus in Aries. We also have favorable aspect between the Natal Jupiter and the transiting Sun.

I’m sorry to jump around a little bit, but I want to go back now to the concept of Harmonic resonance. Check out this research paper about Harmonic Resonance, and this cool picture you will find there:

These are pictures of harmonic resonance in music. Imagine you put my guitar on the sofa and go of to the Piano and strike a low E. My guitar will start to vibrate. It resonates with this perfect note. But if you play a sound between notes that does not resonate, the guitar will be unaffected. This is why some frequencies of light can pass through some substances and others cannot. (Please anyone who knows anything about science correct any mistakes I make, I am learning all of this, and I’m sure to be mistaken a lot!)

Angelique, I think this is similar to the way our Natal Chart works. Something crystalizes within us when we are born, and the structure of this crystallization somehow stores the energy received from the planets at the moment of our birth. Then, when the planets line up in aspect to each other and beam us with certain combinations of incredibly delicate energy, somehow, that resonates with us. And that creates within us these beautiful energetic patterns, that interact with us at the very level where spirit connects to matter. What could be more powerful that that? Yes it’s a super “weak” force, but directed so perfectly. Like before, the breath of wind that can push a snow flake across the continental divide, so it flows to the Atlantic instead of the Pacific.

The Ayn Rand/Occams Razor mind that still runs in my subconscious neurosis of course dismisses this as hogwash. But think about it. Here we are in the vast emptiness of space, holding onto consciousness and incorporated spirits in these material bodies. Science offers no explanation for how this happens at all. They have no means of detecting the presence of a spirit, and science cannot measure the force of consciousness. The energies are too delicate, or on too high a frequency for us to detect, like neutrinos. Maybe they are only enough to whisper a quantum particle to appear this way instead of that. Maybe they simply play the role of observer, causing quantum states to be determined. Occam’s Razor says none of this can be true without proof. But the existence of an observable phenomenon is proof that some explanation for its existence must exist in truth, regardless of whether we, the Einsteins in a Goldfish Bowl, can explain it. And I think, after thousands of years of observations by intelligent and observant people, that we should accept the observable phenomenon that is the effect of the planets upon us.

So what does the collective wisdom have to say about Pluto Conjunct Natal Moon? Here is what they say on Astrology King:

Pluto conjunct Moon transit brings major life changing experiences and these changes are deeply felt at the emotional level. . . . The Moon also represent family and all other close emotional bonds, so these relationships can undergo changes. These relationships will become very important and this could range from greater emotional support and bonding, to separations. All things related to home and family are up for possible changes, including moving home, starting a family, becoming a grandparent, or children leaving home.

The next thing I wonder, is what does it mean that this conjunction occurred in my fourth house? Well according to, the fourth house is known as the House of Home.

Looking at things from a strictly tangible point of view, we can see that the Fourth House also encompasses physical structures (houses) and real estate. The Fourth House represents family, history and traditions. All of these contribute to the process of becoming a true, actualized and individualized self. This is how we come home. . . . The Fourth House is ruled by Cancer and the Moon.

I am, as I said at the beginning of this series, writing all of this as I do the analysis. I had no idea about any of this. But it seems pretty clear that Pluto zapping my Natal Moon while in aspect with so many planets was like a super welcome GIANT SPACE LASER BLASTER that set me free and on my way. Praise Jesus. Seriously.

I’m feeling a little blown away by this right now Angelique. But even more amazing, is that YOU are coming to Miami tomorrow! I’m so excited to see you and for our upcoming trip to Guananshe. What a spectacular adventure. We can get up and see Venus every morning under the brilliant firmament of rural Brazil as the Moon dips down toward Conjunction April 1.

And don’t forget, we have the spring equinox upon us, with a Full Moon. That only happens once every 29 years, which is once every Saturn return right?


Peace Love Forgiveness

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