Personal Horoscope 101 – Part 2 – Intuitive Analysis of Aspects

Dear Angelique,

I can’t believe it’s only ten days until we all go to Bahia together. I can’t wait. This letter is the continuation of Personal Horoscope 101 – Part 1 that I wrote to you the other day when we created a Natal Chart including transits and then identified all of the aspects between the transiting planets. Here I want to take a crack at interpreting the aspects that we calculated in the first letter.

But before that, when Stephanie read Part 1, she pointed out that I had lost myself in jargon a couple of times. She pointed out that I never explained the terms “transit,” and “aspect.” And so I want to step back and do that now. It’s always so helpful to have this kind of input because we can get lost in our own minds and not realize that we are not explaining what we are saying.

A Natal Chart with transits shows us two pictures of the sky from two different times. The first picture is from the time of our birth, and this stays the same for each of us throughout this lifetime. The second picture is from a specific date that we want to consider. Most commonly, the current date. That’s what happens when people read their daily horoscope. In a simple horoscope, we compare the current locations of the planets to the sign of our Natal Sun. Dear Aquarius … right?

So when we do a more complete personal horoscope, we compare the current locations and movements of the planets to their locations and movements in the Natal Chart. Two points of clarification — I’m using the term planets to include chiron, the moon, the true node, etc, and I’m going to use the term “current” to mean whatever date we want to compare to our Natal chart, whether present, in the past, or in future. The box on the bottom of the chart has two columns of information. The first is titled “Natal,” and is in blue, and the second is titled “Transit” and is in green. Here it is reposted:

As you read the table, the first item in the list is the Sun. The blue numbers are Natal, which means that’s where the Sun was when I was born. In this case, 16 degrees of Aquarius. In green you see the Sun at 27 degrees of Virgo on the current date (which in this case was September 20, 2013). The Transits (plural) are the locations and motions of all of the planets. I say motions, because you can see little r’s next to some of the figures, which indicate retrograde motion.

The term “aspect” refers to the angle between two planets relative to an observer on earth. Two planets at 90 degrees to each other are considered square. Suppose you see Venus rising on the horizon. If it is “square Jupiter” then you might find Jupiter directly over your head. So if you point one hand at Venus and the other at Jupiter, your arms will form a 90 degree angle. Note, that if you were standing on another planet, say Mars, Venus and Jupiter would not be square at all. They would form a completely different aspect from that perspective. So the aspects are all relative to the observer.

In my imagination, this works like a wave interference pattern. Check out the live model of a wave interference pattern on Wikipedia that I link here. (It’s worth a quick click.) See the radiating lines of interference? There are exactly 12 of them in this model. Seriously. That just blew me away, because I just counted them. Imagine these were actual waves on the ocean and that you were in a little boat that sailed on the sea. You can see that your location would make a big difference. I don’t think I’d want to sail directly between the two wave generators, but I bet a lot of surfers would love to be at the beach where those radiant lines hit the coast! Surfs up! The basic idea is that when the planets come into certain alignments relative to our position, the force they generate combines to great effect. Here is another example of these fascinating patterns:

When we print the Natal Chart, the computer shows all the Aspects for the Natal Chart. The Aspects that divide the Circle of the Sky into even sections are the most elegant as they are like the radiant lines in the wave interference pattern. They occur one sixth, one quarter, one third, and half way around the wheel. The wheel itself is divided into twelve sections, one for each sign of the zodiac. The entire circle is 360 degrees, and since there are 12 signs of the zodiac, that means each sign covers 30 degrees of sky.

So imagine a person born at the crack of dawn on the first day of spring. The Sun will be rising in zero degrees of Aries. If you were to face east, Aries would be the sign just below the horizon. This would be the Ascendant sign, and it would also be the First House. So if you point your finger at the rising sun, and raise it 30 degrees, you would span Pisces in the 12th house. Every 30 degrees you would cover another sign and another house.

And you can use this information when you see the planets in the sky, and doing so really makes me feel a heart connection to the planets, to Astrology and to our blog. For instance, for the past week I have meditated before dawn as part of my Lenten Dieta. Each morning when I go bleary eyed outside, I can see Venus, the morning star, at just about 30 degrees of ascension. I know that the Sun is in Pisces, and so understanding how the zodiac goes around from east to west, I can see that Venus is in Aquarius. It fills me with a gentle feeling of awe to sit and contemplate this in my morning meditation. I look forward to the waning crescent moon which will appear beside Venus in my morning session with the conjunction on April 1.

So, in summary, transits are the locations and motions of the planets at a particular time. Aspects are the angles between the planets relative to our view from earth. Planets only form aspects in astrology when the angle between them is 60, 90, 120, 180, or zero degrees. These Aspects, respectively, are called sextile, square, trine, opposition, and conjunction. Planets aligned like this from our perspective create energetic waves that can amplify or interfere with their effects just like in the wave interference pattern demonstration above. (Here it is again if you didn’t click yet. Seriously it’s worth it)

And so now, finally, back to the chart for September 20, 2013.

Angelique, you can see there is so much happening in this chart. With all these aspects it would take forever to try to analyze everything, and for me anyway, this is where intuition comes in. Right now, my intuition is to focus on the Conjunction of Saturn, the True Node and Venus, and so that means it’s time to do a little astrology research. I am looking in the very helpful book “Astrology For Yourself” that you so kindly recommended to me. It has this to say about the True Node (North Node) in Scorpio — Destroy Old Forms and Make Way for the New. Already I like this.

In this chart, the True Node is exactly conjunct Saturn at 8 degrees of Scorpio. From what I have read, Saturn relates to order, structure and discipline in one’s life. What have you done for yourself, and where are you going in your life are questions Saturn has for us. When Saturn is in a challenging aspect, we feel stuck, and when Saturn is helped, then we can build. So here we have Saturn governing the creation of structure and discipline and the True Node destroying old forms to make way for the new. To this we add consideration of the conjunction with Venus, which has to do with love and relationships. And on top of all this, the triple conjunction is in a favorable aspect with Pluto, who like Shiva destroys to create. Indeed this was a powerful triple conjunction.

And even more power was given to this by the Square of Pluto to Uranus. I found a well written article about this square at that has this: “You say you want a revolution? Well, the planets are with you on that…we are coming to a grand finale of one of the most intense three-year cycles history has seen in a while. Pluto and Uranus only align in a tense square every 80 years, so (this) has been a profound period indeed.”

Over the weekend of September 20, 2013, which was described in Part 1, the old structure of my source of income and the remnants of my first (21 year long) marriage were swept away for good, and then the doorway to the next stage of my journey, symbolized by receiving my passing bar exam results, opened immediately after the destruction of these old structures. So for me this was a profoundly transformative weekend, and this appears to have been written in the stars.

And my dear Angelique, this is giving me a really cool understanding of something. These astrological energies affected many people. My ex-wife entered a new marriage and changed her system of support, and my kids had a new step father to deal with. Their perspectives are much different from mine. Other people all around the world were feeling the effects of this astrological weather, but the effects were different for everyone. Some people were very strongly affected, and others not so much. Some people may have changed jobs, others relationships, others may have moved their homes. The key here is that the energy was beaming down intensely on all of us, but the effects each of us felt were unique and codified in our Natal Charts. Fascinating!

This brings us to the third part of this series, namely, how the weather forecast shown by the transits affects each individual person. In Astrology, this is determined by comparing the “Transits” to the Natal Chart. I have another appointment with Beth to go over all of this on Monday. I really want to write all of this down before I talk to her while my intuition is not affected by her analysis of this.

Angelique on a personal note, I was so happy to hear that you are coming back to Miami a little early! I can’t wait to see you Monday. I hope you have a great weekend and a safe journey. Hopefully Part III will be up before you get back!


Peace Love Forgiveness

2 thoughts on “Personal Horoscope 101 – Part 2 – Intuitive Analysis of Aspects

  1. I can hardly wait for post 3!!
    I LOVED everything about this one, great job!!
    And Graças a Deus for Stephanie.. I love her discerning eye. I’m truly thankful for your in depth explanations. Helped me a lot!
    Perhaps the three of us can wake up early in Bahia one morning and mediate with the stars?!?
    I’m so excited for our upcoming trip!!!


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