Astrological Insights from a True Southern Belle

Dear Spencer, 

Happy Thursday! My how time flys.. I’ll be heading back to Miami in just 4 days and my birthday is 6 months away to date! I am officially 31.5 years old today, woohoo! 

As you know I’m in the deep south of Louisiana visiting my family.  Having amazing opportunities to connect with my horse Princess that I’ve known for 22 years! She was born when I was just 9 years old.   Growing up with her dramatically shaped my life. No matter how much time we spend apart, we always take off right where we left off. I tear up every time I write about her. I love her so much.

I’m also really thankful to spend time with my family. Through my interactions with them, I am being given a firsthand opportunity to witness the growth I’ve experienced through our spiritual path and all that we’ve learned recently.  The conversations I’m having are more mature and real, a true upgrade from what has been my norm in the past.  I honestly see how important this trip has been for me and I feel I have grown immensely in this short period of time.  (I also shaved a small portion on the right side of my head and added a little pink to my hair.  Enough to make any girl feel like ‘one tough chick!’ 😉 

Now onto a bit of astrologyyy: 

Today we are at the midpoint of Mercury Retrograde, so some of the more chaotic episodes have passed and things should be somewhat calmer from here on out.  Just yesterday, we experienced a prime example of Mercury Rx occurrences with Facebook and Instagram being out of service for nearly 8 hours! 

From our Llewllyn’s 2019 Daily Planetary Guide, I learned that there are three positive astrological alignments within the next 3 consecutive days which supports the slow moving, somewhat challenging Mercury Rx energy.  

The first is tomorrow, Friday, March 15th with Mercury square Jupiter.  Normally squares bring challenges. Yet, Jupiter is a very positive, optimistic, & magical sign!  With Mercury square Jupiter we will have the tendency to see only the positive side of things.  I believe this is awesome, a burst of re-charging energy coming our way.  I feel its simply our job to ensure we remain grounded, realistic and take things one step at a time! 

Then, on Saturday, March 16th, we experience Mercury sextile Pluto. (Sextile is positive, linking planets of two compatible elements together, either fire and air or earth and water.  An energy of encouragement for the planets to work together.). Mercury represents forms of communication and technology.  Pluto who goes to the depths, represents life, death and rebirth, and ultimately transformation at its very core. With Mercury sextile Pluto we will naturally deepen our inner processes to really study what is going on under the surface of our thoughts. 

And on Sunday, March 17th Mercury is Sextile Mars.  Mars is passionate, adventurous and bold!  With Mercury sextile Mars communication will intensify and be more excitable.  A happy, positive energy is the overriding force at play! 

So Spence, here is my Mercury Rx update for the week.  I’m enjoying the awareness I have been putting on Mercury Rx and seeing firsthand its effects on the entire world.  Just as you were talking about your love for astrology in your last post and how astronomy has only helped to validate your innate knowing that astrology is real.. I too, am seeing that in the examples I am experiencing which play out in my daily life in relation to the planets that are at play in the sky.

This trip to Louisiana has been pivotal.  I had a major revelation last night which occurred because of horses and my Dad.  Every time I am with the horses I learn something new.  I love them with every ounce of my being.  I feel truly honored and also a huge force guiding us with our equestrian center in Bahia. Grateful beyond words and through this process my heart continues to be broken open in ways I didn’t know were possible. The horses and I are sending you lots of love and wishing you a glorious day!! 

In Honor of the Sun, Moon & Stars, 

Angelique Marie 💛

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