Personal Horoscope 101 – Part 1 – The Natal Chart with Transits and the role of intuition.

Dear Angelique,

The recent transit of Uranus into Taurus has inspired me to learn a bit more about how the current movement and location of the planets affects us individually according to our Natal Charts. Beth Bullitt, our friendly astrological consultant, showed me how to use the website to create my own personal Natal Chart including the planetary “transits,” for a particular date. She then explained to me how the movement of Uranus into Taurus would affect me based on my personal Natal Chart. This was such a fascinating and helpful session with Beth, who really gave me insight into interpreting all the technical information. But it was much more than just calculating angles and looking up planets and houses in books, it also involved a lot of intuition and guidance.

I realized that this is the essence of the personalized horoscope reading, i.e., relating the current (or at a specified time in the past or future) position of the planets to where they are in a specific individual’s Natal Chart. This is the technique for understanding the universal and applying it to the individual. Most of the time, we are interested in what is happening in the sky right now, or in the future. But we can also call up a chart from the past to see what was happening around a big event in our life. For this blog post, I’m going to call up my Natal Chart with Transits for a particularly powerful weekend in my life–September 20, 2013, and I will write this blog post as I analyze it. The fun part of this, is I have no idea what I will find when I create the chart.

As I write this post, I realize it’s really three parts. The first part is the creation of the Natal Chart with Transits, understanding how to read it, and identifying all of the aspects and transits in the chart. The second part is the interpretation of the current transits, and the third part is applying this to the Natal Chart to develop the forecast (or in this case the pastcast)

Before I get into the chart, I want to explain a little about why I picked this date. My dear Angelique, this was a particularly transformative weekend in my life. My life was markedly different on Tuesday after this weekend occurred than Thursday before. Three big things happened in rapid succession. First, I received the final severance payment from leaving my old job at PNC Bank on Friday September 20th, 2013. I had worked there twelve years, and I resigned when I was remarried, and my severance for 12 years service was six months that expired exactly on that day. Then on Saturday September 21st, my ex-wife remarried, and poof! my lifetime alimony obligation was forever released. This was a huge relief to me, as I had been handing the severance payments directly to my ex wife. Then, on Monday September 22nd, I received the news that I had passed the Florida Bar Examination. So you can see this was a very powerful weekend for me, and that is why I picked this weekend for this experiment.

The first step is to print out my Natal Chart with Transits from the website. This is a little tricky to find, so I’d like to refer everyone to this great Step by Step Guide for how to read your Natal Chart, that was published by Astrobutterfly, which has detailed instructions for navigating the website. The following image is my Natal Chart, with all the information about the planets at my birth in the center of the wheel, coupled by the locations of the planets on September 20th, 2013, which are the green symbols outside the wheel.

I learned from my call with Beth that the current location and movement of the planets creates the astrological weather that day for everyone, and this is the first thing to examine when making an Astrological forecast. On this date there are a few interesting aspects. Take a look at the green figures in the box at the bottom of the chart. Planets can form “aspects” with each other whenever they are located within three degrees of each other in the same sign, or 2, 3, 4, or 6 signs away, which form sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions respectively. Sextiles and Trines are considered easy or favorable aspects, while squares and oppositions are considered difficult or challenging aspects. If two planets are in the same degree of the the same sign, there is a “conjunction” which, from what I understand, adds the power of the two planets together for a particularly powerful burst of energy.

Back to the green numbers in the box. The first thing to do is to look for Transits with the same degree, or close to the same degree. These are the first green numbers. I see is three of the planets are at 8 degrees of their respective signs, with three others close by:

  • Pluto is at 8 degrees of Capricorn
  • Saturn is at 8 degrees of Scorpio
  • True Node 8 degrees of Scorpio
  • Venus at 10 degrees of Scorpio
  • Chiron at 10 degrees of Pisces
  • Uranus is at 11 degrees of Aries.

Then there are three planets near 16 degrees of the sign they are in:

  • Mercury is at 16 degrees of Libra
  • Jupiter is at 16 degrees of Cancer
  • Mars is at 14 degrees of Leo

And finally, the Moon is at 4 degrees of Aries, and Neptune is at 3 degrees of Pisces.

So the next step is to identify all of the different aspects. This will show us how the planets are working together or contrary to each other to either assist or create challenges. Interestingly, it is my potentially erroneous assumption that aspects are not formed when planets are in adjacent signs, or when they are five signs apart. So the aspects of the planets in the sky on September 20th, 2013, which I can identify, in order of what appears to me to be their strength are:

  • Triple conjunction of Saturn, the True Node, and Venus
  • Trine of Venus, True Node and Saturn with Chiron
  • Perfect Square of Mercury with Jupiter
  • Square of Pluto and Uranus
  • Sextile of Saturn, True Node and Venus with Pluto
  • Sextile of Pluto and Chiron
  • Sextile of Mercury with Mars

Wow Angelique. With the three planets in conjunction making aspects with both Chiron and Pluto, that alone is nine separate aspects. Then we have two between Pluto and Chiron and Pluto and Uranus, and Mercury with Jupiter and Mars. And also, on my ex-wife’s wedding day (bye bye alimony), the Moon transited Uranus and formed a conjunction.

When I compare this to the average day in Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide, it does seem at first glance that this was a particularly active day. A typical day has maybe one or two planetary aspects, and granted, they are only listed in the book as of the moment the planets come into perfect alignment. In the calculation of aspects above, I looked at three degrees in each direction, so naturally there are many more. But even considering that, it does seem this day was particularly active, because three planets are perfectly on the 8th degree, and two are perfectly on the 10th degree, and two are perfectly on the 16th degree, so there were a lot of perfect aspects happening around that time, and several with outer planets that move slowly and rarely come into aspect with each other.

I think it would take me about a year to completely analyze all of that information in the light of the vast sphere of astrological knowledge that is out there. So instead, of spending too much time looking at the general forecast applicable to everyone, I’m going to take a look at the chart and see what jumps out at me. And that will be PART II of this series.

And here is an opportunity for a little tangent. We were having dinner with some friends last night, and it came up that you and I have this blog. They were a little surprised that I had an interest in Astrology. After all, what discerning, intelligent, scientific person could possibly have an interest in something as fluffy and new age as Astrology? Well, my first answer was very simple. Thanks to my interest in astrology, I have learned a whole lot about the hard science of astronomy. So no matter what anyone wants to say about the influence the planets and stars have upon us, they have at least inspired me to learn a lot about them. And that is reason enough to enjoy astrology.

But that was not the entire answer. Astrology is a system of interpreting divine and natural forces and of receiving messages from the divine that humans have practiced for millennia. There are many other such systems, like tarot cards, palm reading, ouija boards, casting bones, reading tea leaves, you get the idea. When we read a palm or draw a tarot card, we are asking for a message, and the same is true when we look into the sky and seek meaning from the firmament. And as in this example, there is literally an infinite amount of potential information out there. And so the magic is where my attention is drawn. I may start down one line of thought and then discover another path that feels a little better, until after a while, I start to get a feeling of how it all relates, and then presto! a story pops out.

Imagine a person seeking a message or a sign from the stars, or a guiding angel, or maybe just from the subconscious mind. Say this person looks into astrology for his message on a particular day and looks at this chart. There are so many things one could look at for answers, and so when we let our minds go free and follow its own course, eventually it will settle on something in particular. So that gives the guide, or the angel, or the subconscious mind for those who can’t talk to angels, an easy way to deliver the message. Instead of having to operate your phone to send you a text, they simply have to lightly guide your consciousness from one topic to another until you find the right message, and then give you a little bit of encouragement to follow that path.

Astrology creates a forum for communication with the divine. A forum which is immediately destroyed by the belief that such a thing cannot happen. Yes, that is definitely true. The same rule applies to the angels as Santa Clause…they don’t bring presents to people who don’t believe in them. After all, how can one ask for a message from a guiding angel without first having some faith that the message will be delivered?

Astrology gives an ancient and infinite opportunity to receive such messages, and Angelique, I find the more open I become to receiving them, the more often I do receive them. I told this to our friends as well, and they were concerned that one could be led astray by believing such things. But the messages we seek are always about things like ways to find harmony in relationships, or messages of hope to pass through a difficult situation, or messages to be patient and tolerant as a Mercury retrograde disrupts communications. The messages themselves are really helpful reminders, and it does us good to step back and reflect a couple times a year.

One theory I have is that sometimes when people spend a lot of time explaining something to me, it is not me that they are talking to, but to themselves. They are simply speaking the words they themselves need to hear. This applies to me as well. I found as I explained and justified my interest and faith in astrology and what we are learning, I firmed this faith and interest in my own heart against the tireless criticism of my lawyer’s brain. Besides, I so much more enjoy it now than I did before I believed in it!

I hope you enjoyed this post Angelique. I am really looking forward to digging into this some more. Thanks for all your great pictures with the horses in Louisiana. It looks like you are having a great time.


Peace Love Forgiveness

2 thoughts on “Personal Horoscope 101 – Part 1 – The Natal Chart with Transits and the role of intuition.

  1. Great study you’re in Spence! Awesome idea, what a great way to not only learn more about astrology but also about yourself. 👍👍

    P.S. Mercury Rx experience: TODAY Facebook is extremely slow and many aren’t able to log-on. These defects are also affecting IG and WhatsApp.. crazy!


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