Slowing Down..

Dear Spencer, 

Happy New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune! This new moon is asking us to change, adapt and step-up to another level within the various responsibilities we hold in our lives.  Let’s ask ourselves how we are showing up and are we truly appreciating this life we are so blessed to lead?

Also honoring Uranus entering Taurus for the next 7 years. Uranus  = Freedom & Revolutionary  // Taurus =  Stable & Grounded (This transition definitely calls for a blog post in itself, looking forward to what you have to share Spencer!)

As you are well aware, just yesterday Mercury Retrograde in Pisces finally arrived!  I honestly felt such a relief, as I had been really conscious of the 2 week pre-shadow period.  Beginning to receive ideas on what exactly I would be working on during the actual retrograde period from March 5-28th.  At times the process was strong..

I was definitely able to see the darker aspects inside of me; the doubts, the deep feelings of insecurity.  Still questioning if I am truly loved and accepted for who I am.  The fear that I will be rejected if I show all parts of myself to the world.  Yet, I realized that all those close to me, naturally see all sides of me anyway.  I can not hide this.

Through my astrological studies and self-inquiry, I learned that there are some aspects, deeper wounds that may never 100% go away.  Could be work that we were given in this lifetime.  What is important is the acceptance of the ‘dark, scary, & uncomfortable’ feelings we carry. Shining unconditional love on exactly what these feelings are and working towards a genuine acceptance of them.

We MUST embrace all sides of ourselves. The insecure, goofy, sometimes harsh aspects of us are honestly really beautiful AND necessary. The depths and darkness is important to understand as it also gives to the light. I believe in some way they are dependent upon the other.  

And as we go through this Mercury Retrograde, yes we buckle our seat belts and prepare for the journey ahead.  Yet, we take this time to slow down. Really slow down internally.  For this process is profoundly deep.. Simply sit with yourself. Accept. And feel the cleansing happening.  Leave space for reading and meditation.. Journal, write, exercise, spend time in nature.  Feel the sun on your skin, the breeze in the air, take time to gaze at the night sky.. 

My personal prayer is that the pre-shadow period was more intense for us than the actual retrograde period itself.  As there is no more anticipation, hopefully it’s just riding the waves of what arises.  Remembering to stay calm or give your best efforts towards this.  {This is my optimistic prayer at the very least, and I’m going with it! 😉 } ****************

Spencer, as we are in a Piscean season, dreaming comes easy.  We may feel a bit cloudy or hazy.  And that’s a-okay.  How can we embrace this? How can we surrender to this flow? Going with the current, rather than attempting to swim upstream? 

For me.. I have to let go of ideas. Of desires. Of perfection. Of how I think I want things to be. I realize my work is to now let go of all expectations. To stand naked and vulnerable in the eyes of the present moment and walk blindly towards the future. Trusting the Universe has my back.  And if I can follow the instructions that are being given to me now, then I will receive all I truly desire from the depths of my heart.  That which is best for my souls journey on this earth. 

For my main priority is to fulfill my mission.  At times we have desires for it to be this way or that. And we put all of our energy towards making that one thing happen.  Yet, can we take a step back and truly feel what is being asked of us?  Is that an action I’m being guided to by my higher self or is this coming from a basic desire that’s lacking a solid foundation?


Things just got real yo! 

Our very lives are transforming before us.  The planets are calling it out and the best thing we can do is to simply say, ‘Yes’ to the flow and surrender to where it is taking us.  Stepping one foot in front of the other, following the quest that is set before us.

Spencer, I realize I had a lot to say and I didn’t even bring up the topic of Lent and hardly went into any depth of Uranus in Taurus.   I am super tired now and honestly had a hard day.  I was feeling the resistance of writing this post, though it was the thing I most wanted to do.  I was feeling the dreamy, haziness of this Piscean time and how strong these moments are.  

We truly are evolving individually and collectively! I realize it’s not always comfortable, yet this means we are living fully.  And EVERYTHING we experience in life is a true blessing, true gift.  Thank you again for your friendship and this astrological journey we have embarked upon both together and apart!  Thankful for it all.

May your heart never lose its innocent joy! 


Angelique Marie 

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