Lent, Mercury Retrograde and the Seven Chakras Dieta to Restore the Divine Connection

Dear Angelique,

I am feeling very excited about writing this letter to you today on the day before Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent, because I am embarking on a 40 day diet of the Seven Chakras to Restore My Personal Integrity and Potentialize my Divine Connection.  I am excited to write this all down before it starts, so I can refer back to this during my dieta and also hold myself to account.  A smart teacher encouraged me to write down and declare my intention to help me stay on track.  

I feel very good about this from an Astrological point of view.  This is the day Mercury stationed retrograde, it is the last day of the Moon cycle that started on the Chinese New Year, and it is the last day of Carnival down there in Brazil.  Tomorrow, Uranus will transit from Aries to Taurus where it will remain for the next seven years or so, and we will have the New Moon in Pisces.  I plan to do some research and writing about the significance of Uranus transiting to Taurus, and I want to focus on how it relates particularly to each individual’s birth chart.  This seems like a perfect time for reflection.

But first—guess what—I’m writing this letter to you from my word processor instead of using the WordPress website because our internet service is not working. Yes, Mercury went retrograde exactly three hours and three minutes ago, and my internet is down already.  But this is ok, because the whole idea of a Mercury retrograde is to review and surrender and to roll with small inconveniences like this.  Maybe it’s helping me eliminate distractions already!

For me Lent this year is going to be all about strengthening my divine connection, which comes to us through our seventh chakra, the violet crown chakra.  For this chakra to work optimally, we must have integrity through all of the other chakras, and so a “dieta” for lent must take into account each of the seven bodily chakras.  

This concept of being on a dieta of the seven chakras for lent aligns very well with Mercury retrograde and this important transit of Uranus.  Mercury retrograde, after all, is an ideal time for reflection, and the purpose of the seven chakras dieta is exactly that, to inspire mindfulness and purity within each of the seven chakras so that we can potentialize our divine connection.  And Angelique, please read on to the end, because the coolest thing about this is how ASTROLOGY can help us consciously tune in to our divine connection.  

So this post will cover four topics: The Dieta to restore Personal Integrity, the Seven Chakras, The Divine Connection, and Messages from the Stars

What is a Dieta and how does it relate to my Integrity?

Angelique, I know you know all about the concept of a Dieta from your time with the Yawanawa tribe in Brazil.  But for those who are not familiar a little explanation may be helpful.  In western culture, the normal concept of a “diet” usually means eating less food so we can lose weight.  A “dieta” also involves consciousness surrounding everything we put in our body, but it’s much more than a simple exercise of weight watching.  A dieta is a set of ascetic practices one undertakes to add strength and power to a spiritual event or intention.  For example, the indigenous people who drink the medicine Ayahuasca will avoid certain foods and sex for several days or even a couple weeks before they take the medicine.  They also get out of bed the first time they wake up and record their dreams and avoid talking badly about people or circumstances.  The dieta increases their bodily purity so the medicine is physiologically more effective, and it is also a mindfulness practice, to ensure that the desired effects are maximized.   The dieta also takes us consciously out of our normal way of being, so we remain conscious of our spiritual purpose for an extended time.

And this brings us to the concept of Integrity.  Integrity is an often misunderstood concept in our culture.  Most people I hear talking about Integrity are really talking about honesty in word or action.  We all recognize the lack of integrity demonstrated when someone lies, steals, or cheats on a spouse (which is really a lie mixed with sex).  But Integrity is really much more than this.  The real concept of Integrity is “the state of being whole and undivided.”  People who lack integrity are “broken” into multiple parts, and this causes all kinds of problems in our lives and relationships.  It also causes people to behave insanely.  A good example is someone who lies.  In that case, their mind, or sixth chakra, is out of common agreement with the throat chakra.  Such a person’s integrity is broken between those Chakras, and they will suffer a lot from this.  They will have all kinds of thoughts bubbling up to justify their behavior, to convince themselves of the truth of their story, they will have fantasies of being caught, and they will be afraid every time the phone rings that they are about to be discovered.  They may think they get something they want, or avoid a consequence they want to avoid, but karma is 100% effective right?  Broken integrity hurts!

So basically, to be in Integrity means that what we think, say, feel, and do are all in common agreement with the guidance we receive from the divine through our crown chakra, and with our root, which is our personal identity within our Tribe and Society.  We link god to our tribe through our own integrity.  

Not all breaks in integrity are as easy to see as a simple lie.  I was at a gathering where the facilitator introduced a “talking stick” to moderate the conversation.  He explained at length what a Talking Stick is, and how to use it.  He even read a prayer for the talking stick.  He seemed to believe what he was saying.  He seemed to feel it was important.  His mind, heart, and voice, and maybe his divine connection were all in alignment with the talking stick.  But then he was the first person to interrupt!  So where was his break in integrity?  The Solar Plexus chakra of action.  The knowledge did not make it into the action.  We can see similar breaks in integrity relating to sexual behavior, addictions, diet, and betrayal of our tribe.

Addictions break our Integrity at an even deeper level.  Have you ever heard someone tell you how they have quit smoking and then you see them continuing to smoke, and they will say, “oh yes, I have quit, I am only smoking now because my friend is here with me.”  The person actually believes they have quit smoking, and the break they are suffering comes between the mind/throat/heart and the root chakra.  This is why addictions hide in denial.  We continue the addicted behavior without acknowledging it.  And so it goes with what we eat, who we sleep with, and loyalty to our tribe.  It is very easy to recognize these breaks in ourselves and others, and it’s very easy to see the consequences of them as well.

A more subtle break in integrity occurs when we lose our divine connection.  When our divine connection is severed, what we do, say, feel and think may all be in common agreement, but without a divine connection, they are not in integrity with our higher selves and our divine purpose.  Without this connection we are like ships in the Navy cut off from central command.  The ship itself might function very well, but it has no purpose, no mission.  What should such a ship do?  Perhaps cruise around the world to various ports of call so the crew can have fun?    Go to the Caribbean?  Such a ship would either sail around aimlessly or try to find its own purpose.  Maybe others would start trying to influence it as they try to influence us.

Our brains are very good at solving puzzles.  They are very good at accomplishing goals.  However, they have absolutely no reference for generating a system of values.  In other words, brains are very good at getting goals, but not very good at defining which goals they should want to reach.  Without divine connection we are manipulated by our bosses, by advertisers, by peer pressure, by politicians, by the media.  Our brains soak all these messages in, and as a result our society behaves in a very insane way.  Without integrity with our divine connection, we will continue to make very bad decisions, no matter how smart we are.

Angelique, we live in a world that is designed to cut our divine connection.  This is what we call the World of Illusion right?  If we have no divine connection, we can easily be convinced that we should want a boob job and a new BMW, and that these things are important enough to our immediate happiness that we should borrow money to get them right now.  We are persuaded to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, eat unhealthy food, and spend money unnecessarily.  We are then persuaded to work in very difficult jobs to pay mortgages we can’t afford on houses we are never in.  The lack of Divine connection persuades us to fund wars, border walls and to be manipulated by fear of immigrants and exotic diseases.  

And so Lent is an opportunity to restore our Divine Connection and to also restore integrity through our other Chakras.  And so a good Dieta for Lent should touch all Chakras. 

The Seven Chakras Diet to Restore Integrity 

So here is a list of the seven chakras and how a dieta can be used to create integrity through them.  The basic concept for each Chakra is mindfulness, and so meditation is important to each element.  It is through the examination of our own conscience that we can find breaks in integrity and restore ourselves through the dieta.

First Chakra Muladhara – our red root chakra relates to our physical existence, our sense of security and our tribe, and our sense of being grounded.  For this chakra we should be mindful of what we eat, how we exercise, and how we relate to our tribe and family.  For me this Lent, I will be focusing on bodily purity and connection to nature, so I will refrain from drinking coffee, and from eating wheat, french fries, and sugar.  On the positive side, each morning I will drink a electrolyte drink.

Bodily purity is particularly important for people who follow a medicine based spiritual practice, and really for anyone else who is taking any kind of medication.  Think of a glass of clear water.  A single drop of blue food coloring in a glass of clear water has a huge impact.  A subsequent drop of red has a noticeable effect.  Another drop of yellow, and it just gets muddy.  After that point, there is no way to get the color we want by adding more drops.  The only thing to do is dump out the glass and start over with clear water.

The same hold true for bodily purity.  If we purify our body, then all the sudden things like aromatherapy, acupuncture, herbal remedies, plant medicines, and other subtle medicines can bring us optimal health.  But if our bodies are trash cans already, then it takes lots of heavy inputs with bad side effects to make a difference.  Bodily purity is a prerequisite to a healthy divine connection.

Second Chakra — Svadhishthana – our orange sacral chakra relates to emotions, sex, and intimacy.  Sexual behavior is probably the most common source of breaks in integrity.  How often is an addiction, hidden behavior, or a lie related to sexual activity?  Very often.  Taoism has a very useful knowledge about sexual energy.  In Taoism there is the concept that we should not waste our sexual energy.  We have all heard people mock the concept of not spilling seed on the ground or not having sex frivolously.  How prude!  

But think of it.  What if it were a common practice for us to not release our sexual energy except mindfully, such as when having sex with our mates?  Imagine if we supported each other in this effort instead of trying to tempt each other to stray from this ethic?  Think of how much happier people would be to see their spouses after a business trip!  Think of how fewer broken homes there would be.  People do not like to talk about sex and integrity, and they like to mock the concept of purposely limiting our sexual activity.  Just look how much suffering there is in the world due to sexual pathology.

I live this dieta every day already being in a happy monogamous marriage, so for the next 40 days I’m going to be particularly mindful of being sweet and grateful to my wife.  As a symbolic gesture I’m going to make the bed every morning as soon as I get up.

Third Chakra — Manipura – our yellow solar plexus chakra relates to our identity and personal power.  For me, the dieta will be not to over extend myself.  I often get excited and volunteer to take on a lot of responsibility to make things happen.  I use my force ineffectively, pushing hard on things that don’t move.  For me this Lent, this chakra is going to be balanced through meditation and mindfulness on not wasting my personal power, so I can preserve it to do that which is truly important.  If we look at our lives and see where we are wasting energy, we can restore this through a mindfulness practice.  People who waste their energy break their integrity simply because they do not have the personal power to manifest what is required by their divine guidance.  As a physical manifestation of this practice, I am going to set the intention to  study the hinario of Mestre Irineu for one hour a day on guitar.

Fourth Chakra — Anahata – our green heart chakra relates to love and relationships and relating to others.  It also involves empathy and feelings.  The key for the heart Chakra dieta is to refrain from indulging negative feelings and to take responsibility for the feelings we dwell in.  We can choose to keep peace and joy in our hearts.  This again is a mindfulness practice.  

We do not often take responsibility for our feelings.  Instead we think of them as the results of events outside of us.  We complain that something outside of us “hurt our feelings.”  But in reality, we choose which feelings we indulge.  Sure, we have a period of about 90 seconds where we respond to an external event, but after that, it’s all on us.  We have the ability to make a subtle shift and an energetic lift and take responsibility for what we indulge.  We can then eliminate jealousy, envy, greed, sadness, whatever feeling we may have that can cause us to act out of integrity with our divine consciousness.

Fifth Chakra — Vishuddha – our blue throat chakra relates to our voice and the power of our word.  For me this Lent I am going to dedicate mindfulness energy to refraining from saying negative words about any person, and also to avoid speaking frivolously about serious things.  Our words are the very manifestation of our thoughts into the material world.  Words can have real power.  And they can directly impair our integrity just by uttering a lie, which breaks the link between our mind and our mouth, and makes us insane.

The Yawanawa teach that the power of the word is necessary for spiritual calls and prayers to have effectiveness.  If we lie, speak badly about people, gossip or speak idly of important things, then we lose the power of our word.  If we say we are going to do something or make a promise and then do not keep it, then we lose the power of our word.  For me the Dieta for this Chakra is going to be  simply the intention to be mindful not to waste the power of my word for the next 40 days.

Ajna – our indigo third eye chakra relates to mind and intelligence.  I am going to read from three books over the next 40 days.  Two of these are about the Fathers of the Desert and the roots of mystical christian thought, and the second is “Why Buddhism is True” by Robert Wright.  Also, through meditation every morning, I am going to allow my mind to find quiet.  Also, I am going to remove the distraction of my phone by using the very cool ScreenTime app to close my distracting apps on my phone from 7:00 pm to 9:00 am every day.

Sahasrara -our violet crown chakra is our divine connection.   More about this below!

Astrology and Our Divine Connection

This is where Astrology and our blog finally comes into play Angelique!  I realized in meditation this weekend that Astrology is one of the ways we foster a divine connection.  We have this beautiful firmament of stars and planets that has guided humanity since the times of the most ancient ancestors.  Next time we look at the full moon, let’s imagine how many people over how many thousands and thousands of years have gazed upon the same moon and uttered the same prayers.  How many have had concerns for their family and children?  You can see how the Moon links humanity across the generations.

And so for thousands of years we have told stories about the planets and stars, and we have created arch types and mythology around them.  And so now the angels and guides and messengers who communicate with us through our divine connection have this great language of communication through which we channel insight and revelation.  

Also, there is the subtle direct impact of the energy of the stars and planets upon us.  Of course with our minds full of anxiety and television noise, it’s almost impossible to feel and discern the subtle energy, but when we purify through our dieta, we can tune into the feelings and impressions these subtle energies bring.  We can feel the energy in the air right?

You always get such great messages from the cards you draw and also from your intuitions in reading the astrology.  We can see divine connection all around us.  The rainbow that appears on the way to meet a friend, the sun that shines in the window when you get a phone call offering a trip, the hummingbird that greets you in the forest.

Of course, our society discourages this, because divinely connected people don’t buy into the insanity.

And Angelique, I think Uranus going into Taurus is a real key for me.  This is something I really do not know much about at all.  I am going to study what it means for me over the course of the next 40 days, and I’m also going to practice the concentration form of meditation to tune into this frequency of vibration of Uranus in Taurus.  I have a feeling that this will be important as we build out all of the exciting projects we have underway.  I can feel that this will give me understanding as to how a planet’s transit today relates to its position in my birth chart.  I think this will bring an upgrade in understanding the astrology side of this blog for me!

The divine connection is the very fruit of the diet, and so to take advantage, I am going is I’m going to wake up fifteen minutes earlier than I need to every day, and use this time to meditate and establish a divine connection.  I will also use this divine connection in writing this blog over the next several weeks.

These energy centers all connect through our brain, spine, and the core of our nervous system and into all of our internal organs and systems.  The energy from them also extends outside the physical barrier of our skin, in very real terms.  For instance, the electro-magnetic field of the heart can be detected outside the body, and if the heart creates an energy field that can be felt outside the body, then something affecting the energy field can be felt inside the heart.  Basic math right?  For us to be in Integrity, all of the Chakras have to be functioning together.

So here we go Angelique! Mercury retrograde, Lent, and Uranus in Taurus.  Let’s see what it brings for us!


Peace Love Forgiveness 

7 thoughts on “Lent, Mercury Retrograde and the Seven Chakras Dieta to Restore the Divine Connection

  1. Thank you for explaining each of the chakras and reminding us to use a dieta of cleansing all of them. I have been feeling a natural desire for a cleansing of both my energetic and physical body. You’re post truly helped to give me a jump start on what to do for myself!

    Look forward to hear what your learn and experience in studying the Uranus in Taurus effects in your personal life!

    Also these next lines truly blew me away.. ” For instance, the electro-magnetic field of the heart can be detected outside the body, and if the heart creates an energy field that can be felt outside the body, then something affecting the energy field can be felt inside the heart. Basic math right? For us to be in Integrity, all of the Chakras have to be functioning together.”~Spencer Stewart

    I had honestly never put that together and it makes soo much sense!! Thank you for your wisdom and the guidance that comes through your writing!


    1. Wow Angelique it’s amazing you picked that paragraph! It kept moving down the page as I wrote. I liked it but didn’t know where to put it. So I left it as a kind of summary, and then it was exactly that you picked up on. Amazing how fast the divine responds when we ask to hear! Pode falar, eu quero lhe ouvir!

      Liked by 1 person

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