Angel Whispers 👼 ✨

Dear Spencer, 

Thanks for breaking down the astronomical side of Mercury Rx.  I think I’m going to have to read your post a few more times for it to truly sink in.  I feel this is something that is very important to understand, yet my brain doesn’t automatically say ‘Aha, gotcha!’ upon first reading it.  Again, a pure example of the beauty of both the feminine and masculine brains, inclinations and understandings. 😃 

I agree, there is much information saturating the internet about Mercury Rx.  Yet, I feel called to share a bit of how I am understanding and relating it to my life.  For I believe this could be helpful to budding astrology students like us! 

To begin, we are still in the Mercury Retrograde (Rx) Pre-Shadow until March 5th.  A reminder that in this time, we experience the difficulties or challenges that will manifest themselves during the actual retrograde. In these next few days, pay special attention to your intuitions and inner voice, for its the Universes way of trying to help you.  Anything that is ignored is more likely to rise to the surface and/or blow up during the retrograde period. 

I’ll give an example of how I am currently relating this to my life.  I’ve experienced a rollercoaster of emotions this week.  Easily triggered and feeling hurt, then letting it go and feeling super happy.  Through a conversation with a mentor of mine yesterday, I realized that the answer is to call in my personal power.  To balance the emotions by being more calm and steady. Firmly calling in my higher self to work through me so that I am not so easily swept away by the energies of others and my own swirling around me.  

It is also good to remember that Mercury Rx is not the only planet that is affecting us at this time.  There are so many moving into different transitions.  Each bringing up different lessons/angles for us to study, learn and grow from.  The lessons they are bringing to us now are exactly that ones that will show up in the actual Rx period. 

One that has particularly arisen for me this week is that Venus transited the South Node.   Venus represents our ability to connect with another human being through both romance and friendship. The South Node, in general, reveals to us the aspects of ourselves that we need to move beyond and transform.  This transit brought up past and current relationships, highlighting areas in need of a little nurting.  Enlightening us on what we need to change within ourselves in order to update the way we relate to others in whatever form of relationship we share. 

Another reminder is that over the next few days it is very important to slow down a bit internally, and truly listen to the intuition and the insights that present themselves. Trust and believe in who you are and what you are receiving.  For if you listen to the hints and signs the Universe is offering to you now, you will be much more prepared with what pops up during the actual Mercury Retrograde. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts, I highly recommend taking time to meditate, exercise, read a book, anything that can help to bring an inner peace.  Ensure your actions are based around activities which calm you down and helps you connect to the purity deep inside of yourself.  So that you tap into the deep peace and the magic of feeling connected to that which is greater than you.  Realize you may resist this with every ounce of your being.  Yet, you can do this, you are not alone. For once you choose to move through the energies in a positive way you will be met with support, love and guidance from your angels. 

As I typed the word angels, I heard their sweet whisperings, asking me to pull cards for this post. I used the Archangel Power Tarot Card Deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, to receive their encouraging guidance and insight for us.  I asked our lovely guides two questions: 

To show us what energies we are currently working with now in the Pre-Shadow of Mercury Rx. 

Five of Ariel.  “Help is nearby! You don’t have to go through your current challenges alone. Ask your angels to make your options clear to you. There is no need to remain out in the cold emotionally or physically. If your unwilling to accept help from others, ask yourself why. What is it that you feel is missing from your life? Is it material or something deeper, like spirituality or love? 

Negative thoughts can create self-fulfilling prophecies that are totally unnecessary. Refocus your thoughts on what is possible and this situation will turn around.

Advice on how to best work with these energies and how to best prepare for when Mercury goes Rx on March 5th. 

Page of Raphael: Gentle, Loving, Dreamy, Openhearted.

Your feelings can be so enlightening! This card heralds a message with great emotional impact. Your psychic gifts may be rising to a new level. Or you may find yourself ‘in love’ with a new project or endeavor. This card may represent a person who stirs up your romantic or emotional life. Communication is very important (especially if the person is someone you’re already involved with).” 

I’d like to thank the angels for their open-hearted guidance and for the innate wisdom they so freely share.  I would also like to take this time as a reminder to all of us that our angels are always near.  They love us unconditionally and only wish the highest outcome for all.  It is up to us to remember to call them into our lives and ask for both their guidance and support. ♥️ 

Spencer, I hope this post was helpful to you in some way and to any of our friends who come across it in the giant web of cyberspace!  I’m going to prepare for our bicycle açaí adventure now and look forward to what discussions are to arise.  I’m feeling very thankful for this moment, that we are currently in the same city, our homes literally across the street from the other.  For Penpals Across the Universe continues to grow our bonds of friendship as I prepare to embark upon my move to Brasil.  Thank God for this blessing and the positive connection it maintains no matter how near or far apart we are in this physical existence! 


Angelique Marie 

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