Angelic Presence Manifested

Dear Angelique,

I’m on the plane on the way back to Miami from what turned out to be an epic journey to Boulder, Colorado. My journey began last Wednesday night the 20th of February, but my plane did not take off until Thursday morning.

I have not even looked at the details of what was happening in the stars on Wednesday night, but I sure felt something. A sour mood descended upon me, and I could not figure out what was causing it. There was nothing wrong in the external world, but I found myself feeling frustrated. I even complained about it to Stephanie, who kindly pointed out to me that I was tripping and that nothing was wrong. I recognized that a strong energy was moving through me. I did not even want to go on the trip.

I was super tired at 5:00 am when I got up to catch my plane. When I arrived at Denver and went to Avis, my car was not ready, so I had to go into the office. There were two people dropping F bombs on two customer service representatives. One was fit to be tied because they had given him a Jeep Wrangler. As he literally yelled curses at the person behind the counter his briefcase popped open and his laptop clattered to the floor with all of the other contents of the briefcase. I thought his cerebral fluid was going to squirt out his ears he was so mad. Unfortunately he took it out on the shell shocked woman behind the counter.

In the next line there was a woman complaining about a piece of $h!t car she had received with a crack in the windshield. She was really angry that she would have to unbuckle the car seat she had buckled into the defective vehicle and was insisting that she would not move it and an Avis rep would have to move her car seat to the new vehicle. The two of them were feeding off each other. Finally they both went outside to wait for their new cars to be brought around for them.

Everyone was stunned inside the store. I approached the counter and smiled. My car was also not ready, and the lady behind the counter was bracing for my reaction. I could feel her vibration, and felt a wave of compassion come over me. This compassion washed away my frustration at my small inconvenience. I looked her in the eye with kindness and said, it looks like you guys are having a really rough day. Don’t worry, I’m not in a big hurry, and I’m sure we will figure something out.

She ended up giving me a brand new 2019 Subaru Outback with 539 miles on it for no extra charge. This turned out to be very important because we used this car to drive the 80 or so icy miles with skis in the back to Winter Park. Suburu’s intended mission! It’s no wonder that Suburus are so popular in west. They have the best all wheel drive and are intentionally engineered to perform in the snow and to carry lots of ski gear. I thanked her all the way down the mountain as the distance monitoring cruise control handled the stop and go for the 45 minute downhill one lane traffic congestion leaving the mountain. I just had to sit back and chat with my son instead of constantly braking my way down the mountain.

So after a few minutes waiting for my chariot, I was on the road to Boulder. The first call I made was to the St. Julien Hotel and Spa. I had received a text message that my reservation was for the previous day, and I had been charged a no-show because I had not arrived. Again I felt tension arising, but remembering my experience at the car rental, I let go of the tension and called them from the place of the same compassion I had felt at Avis. I explained I had intended to start my stay on Thursday and there was an error somewhere. I must have clicked a wrong square on the website calendar when making the reservation. The key here was I told them the truth, that it was probably my own error. I told them I would be there around 11:00. They cheerfully waived the no-show charge, but told me that my room would not be available until 3:00. I had planned to check in so I could unload my luggage and park my car and wait for Jon Hatch, our realtor, to pick me up. I let go of that and said “not to worry, I can meet my friend first and come around 5:00.”

I called our realtor, Jon Hatch, and he met me at a really good burger joint called Eureka on Pearl in Boulder. He had no less than eight properties for us to look at. I had insisted that I only wanted to look at “attached” buildings, because I wanted a place my son could lock and leave when he left town for breaks and summer. Jon, being much more knowledgeable than I, inserted a couple single family homes. I felt resistance to this, but surrendered. He had worked hard and set up the appointments, and we did not have anything more important to do that Thursday afternoon, so we went to look at them.

The first place we went was at a development called the Pelaton. I don’t want to say anything negative, so suffice to say that it was not the vibration we personally were looking for. Neither were any of the other attached units we saw. It was a little discouraging, and I felt frustrated by this. So after looking at every potential attached unit, we went to look at the single family homes. One of them in particular he thought was a real Gem. The market is just a little soft there right now, and so it had been sitting for *gasp* two weeks on the market. He thought it was really a unique spot that would normally get snapped up the minute it was listed. It was immediately our favorite.

While there, I saw a print on the wall of a Jaguar. The guitar in the living room was in tune, and I thought I caught the sent of Palo Santo, the sacred wood burned for incense in Brazil and other parts of South America. There was a beautiful beaded bracelet with sacred beading displayed in a small tray, and a smiling Buddha on a shelf in an enclave in the staircase. The house was on a postage stamp lot with flag stores in the back. It was perfect, and it felt warm and inviting. At a risk of sounded too new agey, the house had a very high vibration, and I could tell good people lived there.

Jon explained we had four more properties to see Friday afternoon, and then we could have second showings of the ones we liked Saturday, and that we should be wrapped up by Saturday afternoon.

We finished seeing what Jon had set up for us on Thursday, and dropped my son at his dorm so he could go work out and attend a student meeting he had that evening. I finally arrived at the hotel at about 5:00. They had assigned me an upgraded Mountain View room on the top floor. (The picture at top shows the view from my window.) Even better, I stopped into the spa as I approached the elevator. I had called before to try to set up an appointment, but it had not worked out. The woman behind the counter greeted me, and I recognized her from the phone. I asked if they had any availability that evening, and she said unfortunately not. And then magic happened again. She paused and said, “let me check on something real quick.” She picked up the phone and called a member of her staff, and I overheard her asking if she could come back in to do a session at 7:00 that evening. With the phone still in her hand and the therapist holding the line, she asked me if I would like to book the appointment. My son had a campus event until 8:00, so I booked the massage, and then went up to my room and called the restaurant, Jills, and made a reservation for 8:15 for us to have dinner.

I went to my room, unpacked, took a shower, and went downstairs in my bathrobe with the little fuzzy complementary slippers they give you. If this post is about angels, the therapist was one. I had an excellent, if short, 50 minute session, and I felt happy and relaxed when my son and I met for dinner. We had an excellent experience at Jill’s. I had a simple favorite, Linguine Bolognaise and my son had a nice steak, which was a treat for a campus dwelling freshman. By the time I got upstairs after dinner, I was completely exhausted and satisfied. I felt super happy and grateful, and I fell fast asleep in minutes, partly due to the two hour time change. Despite a few moments of frustration when I did not think I would get what I wanted, everything had worked out better than I had ever planned.

I had a few hours of free time Friday morning. I had intentionally left the days unplanned. We had things we wanted to accomplish, but I had not tried to set them into a fixed schedule. So I used some of the time Friday morning to work out a plan based on how things were flowing. I had booked a red eye flight Sunday night leaving Denver at 11:38 p.m. and arriving at 5:20 a.m in Miami, and I was not looking forward to that upright overnight on the plane. That’s not the reason I want to get red eyes in Colorado! It looked like we would finish our work with Jon on Saturday, so I tried to change my ticket to Sunday morning at 10:38, but the flight was booked solid. As it turned out, I could switch to the Monday 10:38 flight for just a nominal charge, and so I changed my ticket.

This gave me a free Sunday. It occurred to me that maybe my son and I could go for a day of skiing. I tried calling the nearby Eldora Resort to see if I could book a lesson in the morning, but could not get through. He had only skied once in his life with his brother, and while he has the natural athleticism to get down the mountain, I felt it was a important to get him a little instruction to help him start off. After bouncing into their voicemail a couple times, I left a message.

Someone from Eldora called me back that afternoon while we were all in the car. I would not have normally taken a personal call while in the car with a business associate, but Jon was cool, and I had been trying to reach Eldora for some time, so I picked up the call. They had zippo, nothing, nada in the way of lessons or ski school available. Completely booked. Again I felt frustration rise up inside me, and again I let it dissolve into acceptance. I was learning how to accept guidance!

Jon overheard the conversation and suggested that we should go to Winter Park instead. Winter Park, he explained, is a world class ski mountain and it’s only about an hour farther from Boulder than Eldora. I called Winter Park Resort, and sure enough, they were able to book an all day lesson for us.

We looked at three or four more housing candidates with Jon, but none matched the Jaguar house we had seen the day before. As we finished up, the sky grew grey and snow started falling. I think it was about four o’clock by the time we were done with everything. I dropped my son off at his dorm so he could study and work out and get ready for our planned dinner with friends from Church who live in Boulder. I went back to the hotel to shower and change and practice a little guitar. At six o’clock I went out to get in the car, and the snow was really coming down. Cars parked on the street had more than an inch on their roofs. I had offered to bring dessert and sparkling water to dinner, and so I set off for the store before getting my son. Everything was moving at a snail’s pace as darkness set in on the snowy streets.

I again surrendered to the pace of the day. It took a little longer than I had anticipated, so my son was waiting by the time I got back to his dorm in the Suburu (thank god for all wheel drive), and we arrived at our friend’s house about half an hour late, but that was fine.

We ended up spending the really fun evening with our family of friends. With my son’s presence there, our friends kids, who are toward the later years of high school, stayed engaged with us. My son acted as a generational bridge of sorts, and so we really had a unique evening sitting around the kitchen table while Nathan pulled gourmet homemade pizzas out of the oven. Later we retired to the living room and spent the next couple hours sharing life stories. It was a magical evening.

During our conversation, Jane received a text from a very close friend of hers. Jane then realized that her friend was selling her small house in a hidden little corner of Boulder. Jane said it would be perfect for us, and that we should look at it. I was a little reluctant because we had already finished looking at new spots, and had already set appointments to see the top three choices one more time on Saturday. We had our Sunday booked at Winter Park, and I really did not want to open up the process again.

Jane was not to be discouraged. She really did feel like the property would be perfect. In fact, she said that she and Nathan had considered buying it for an investment themselves. She emphasized that it was in a great location. As she described it, it started to sound familiar. It turns out that it was our first choice. She was literally texting the owner of the house we liked best. What are the odds of that? The odds are zero. There are no coincidences. I received this as a huge sign that we were indeed on the right path. We wrapped up dinner after 10 o’clock, and I dropped my son off at his dorm and went right to bed.

I woke up Saturday morning to a blanket of snow. My son’s future roommates wanted to meet for late breakfast, and they had a kind of standing date with the grandparents of one of them. I went by the dorm in the car and picked them all up, and we headed to The Buff for breakfast. My son’s friends went with the grandparents, and we went to Christy’s Sports, where they had directed us, to rent some skis and buy some gear. The first person I saw was Megan, a very friendly and knowledgeable woman of about my own age, maybe a little older. Megan was another angel. She quizzed us about our skiing experience and about what gear we had already, and then she expertly guided us to exactly what else we would need to be comfortable. We wrapped up our business at Christy’s just in time to reconvene with Jon and my son’s friends to look at our three favorite opportunities. The Jaguar House was clearly the stand out. The boys were so happy and appreciative of the prospect of having such a nice place to live for the rest of their college experience in Boulder. I invited them to join us for dinner that evening.

By the time I dropped them all off at the dorm and made it back to my hotel it was snowing again. I looked across the street and saw the Boulder Chop House, and thought that would be a good place to take three hungry students to dinner. I went up to my room and tried to book a reservation online. None was available so I called to see if I could just walk in. The hostess told me they were booked solid. I did a little search and found a place called the Black Cat nearby and asked the boys to meet me there at 8:00. I really did not want to get back in the car in the snow.

I arrived at 8:00 sharp, and when I walked in I saw the boys waiting patiently. The menu was freshly printed that day, and as I perused it, the waitress approached and pointed out the tasting menu. For a fixed price they would continue bringing food until you could not eat anymore. But this was no lunch bucket buffet. Each course was finely crafted using local farm to table foods. I tapped out after the seventh course. The boys asked for one more round. After that we had dessert.

We had what I think will turn out to be a very important conversation at the table. The boys told me how much they appreciated the opportunity to live in a nice place. It occurred to me that this was a reward they had earned by being such good responsible young men. I have to say a little more about them so you understand. The three of them have decided that alcohol will not be part of their college experience, and sop they have risen above the melee of alcoholism that plagues our college campuses. They all get very good grades and they stay out of trouble.

This entire project started when my son had sent me a proposed lease on a house for them to rent in an area very close to campus. The place had been trashed by previous occupants, and little had been done to fix that. Clearly the landlord assumed another batch of irresponsible kids would be moving in. The lease was about 15 pages long and had more clauses justifying immediate eviction with no refund of deposits than I had ever imagined.

The rent they were proposing to pay made the idea of getting a house a very economic investment. I explained since they had proved themselves through their actions, they were going to receive a huge blessing. They were going to get to live in a much nicer place at the same price. The reason this economics worked is that I do not have to worry about them trashing the place. The lesson sunk in that they were already receiving rewards for their behavior.

They eschewed the low vibrations of behaviors that cause the student housing alternatives to be so unappealing, and their reward would be the Jaguar House. I could tell that this really sunk in with them.

So the next day we went to Winter Park. Here, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I include a picture below. It was a spectacular day. We met at the ski school where they matched us up with a super experienced instructor who had been skiing the mountain for almost 50 years since she was a child. She guided us to all the best spots on the mountain. Before we new it we were skiing through widely scattered trees in those little hidden spots on the mountain that only locals ever know about.

We stayed on the mountain all day long. I think we went up the big lift to the top no less than five times. We rode the Gondola from the base six times, and took at least three or four mid mountain lifts. We only stopped for about 45 minutes for lunch and to warm our bones and rest. I enjoyed a huge bowl of piping hot French fries covered in really tasty chile and a hot chocolate.

I was struck by the lenticular clouds that hung over the peaks of the continental divide. You can see one in the background of the picture above. I was filled with awe through the entire day as we gazed across a little valley toward the continental divide. I do not know if you are aware of this, but if you walk along the ridge that forms the divide, heading north, and pour a water bottle out of your right hand, the water will flow out the Mississippi River into the Atlantic. If you pour a water bottle out of your left hand it will flow to the Pacific. We had such an epic adventure that day!

When the lifts closed, we immediately headed for our car. Our thought was that we would be able to get back to Boulder in time to return our rental gear. There was a 33 minute traffic delay according to the GPS as everyone left the mountain, and so we had a good bit of time to talk about our experience. My son told me of a friend of his who had asked him several times to go skiing. My son had always had to decline because he did not have any clothes or equipment for the sport. He was happy that he now felt confident that he could go the next time. He also mentioned off hand that his friend had a new car and was kind of excited about driving it, and so had offered to drive any time.

We got back to Boulder around 6:45 in the evening and the shop had closed at 6:00. Someone from the rental counter had told me that they were open for returns until 8:00, but I must have misunderstood. We were a little flummoxed because I had to leave before the shop opened the next morning, and my son does not have a car. I was not sure how to get skis into an Uber. My son said, “hey this will work great. My friend is always asking me if I need to go anywhere, he can take me to return the skis and we can talk about going skiing!

We went back to the same burger joint, Eureka, where I had first met Jon and had one of those meals that comes after a long day when you are really actually very hungry. I don’t know if a burger ever tasted better.

As we sat there it occurred to me that the entire trip had been guided by an angelic presence. Even now as I say this I feel goose bumps on my arms. We talked about all the interactions we had, and all the light we had spread. We talked about all the small blocks that had prevented us from going the wrong way, and all the little sign posts that encouraged us in the right directions. So many things had not gone as planned, my rental car, the ski lessons, the unappealing attached units, the massage appointment, the dinner reservation, literally dozens of examples.  Each of these events turned into something much better than what I had anticipated or expected.  I started to feel that the blocks which initially frustrated actually helped guide me in the right direction.

I was exhausted and satisfied by the time I finally got to bed on Sunday night. This morning a text message beep woke me up. I had rolled the alarm clock onto its face so the bright blue lighted numbers would not glow in the dark, and in so doing inadvertently set the time ahead two hours. I rolled it over to look at it, and shot up like a rocket! I thought I would be late for my flight! But it looked dark outside, so I got up to look out the window, and saw the Moon high in the sky right over the glowing peaks of the Flat Irons. Plenty of time. I looked at my watch and it was only 6:00 in the morning.

There was no more sleeping though. I had a jolt of adrenaline from the scare about the time, and so set to packing. I had arrived with only a Nomad Travel Backpack and a guitar, so I did not have any room for the ski helmet and coat that I had purchased. My son had a big suitcase that he had borrowed from his mother, and which he wanted to return, so I happily packed all my excess into it, and then grabbed coffee and headed for the Denver airport.

Angelique my dear friend, I do not know about all the astrology behind these events. I can feel a little Mercury retrograde in there. I can feel a little bit of Jupiter and its abundance. I can feel some disruption, maybe Uranus? This reminds me of something from the post about things coming in pairs… a blessing hidden in a frustration, and we could see this is a sign of divine guidance. Instead of insisting on getting our way when we met with frustration, we followed the natural flow and ended up with huge blessings. And then we could see that these blessings were not only for us, but for many peop]e.

Angelique! I would love to hear your astrological examination of these events!

Squeek! My plane just landed. I’m going to click publish this very second!


Peace Love Forgiveness

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