Pre-Shadow Mercury Rx + a lil’ magic!

Dear Spencer, 

After our quick conversation yesterday, I thought about the question you posed to me, in relation to what was going on astrologically.  That things seem a bit erratic lately.  And, as you mentioned in your last post, we have a lot of energies swirling around in the astrological atmosphere. It’s easy for me to see how life can feel a bit jumbled.


Yet, isn’t this exactly the reason why we are studying astrology?  To understand what is going on around us, what lessons the planets are bringing up and to simply give our best efforts to consciously do our work. Remembering to live in gratitude, be in the calm, trust in something greater and feel how it is moving throughout the entire planet.  Ultimately, helping us to be better versions of ourselves.  For each of our individual lives is our creation, our personal choice.  We can choose to feel stressed or we can do something about the emotions arising; shifting the patterns and witness our very lives transform before our eyes.  

For now, what brings me comfort and helps me to move forward more calmly, is to focus in on the bigger planets moving through our astrological atmosphere.  The pre-shadow of Mercury Retrograde (Rx) is what is currently calling out to me to pay attention to.

I find a bit of comfort, in understanding what to expect during Mercury Rx, how it’s preparing us for what is to come and also that it actually doesn’t have to be that big of a deal! It’s all in our awareness and bringing to light the things we are either consciously or unconsciously refusing to look at.  Yet, once we work with what arises, we are able to move forward from this point.

The Mercury Rx period is actually a good time for finishing up projects that we have been procrastinating and/or in need of some TLC.  Also a good time for going inward, deep introspection, creative writing and journaling. A period of taking things at a slower pace and truly assessing our lives. (The thought of slowing down internally brings much comfort to my heart, is exactly the medicine I need at this moment.)

If we are prepared and understand that their could be travel delays and a greater chance for miscommunications, we simply slow down. Double check our travel arrangements, give more attention to the emails we send and think before we speak.  Pay close attention to what and how we say things, for the energy at this time is more easily misunderstood.  One suggestion is to call someone rather than text an important message, etc. (To read more about Mercury Retrograde and it’s pre-shadow check out the following article: )

Today, we are also experiencing Mercury square Jupiter.  Even though a square typically brings challenges with it, luck is on our side as Jupiter is the planet of luck and good fortune!  Mercury is that of communication, how we express ourselves and also our way of thinking.  With the square be aware that we may be a little more boastful… so again it is to watch what and how we say things.  Jupiter is expansive, so just make sure you are being realistic. And if you are feeling really inspired about starting a new project, simply take some time to really assess and make sure you are not jumping the gun. 

As you know Spencer, I also refer to tarot on the reg to help guide my life.  As I was studying the planetary alignments and feeling erratic energy swirling around yesterday, I thought to pull two cards to help receive greater insight of the energies we are collectively passing through.

tarot 111

The first question and card is referring to the current energetics we are all working with at this time. 

The Shaman of Discs Reversed is what arose. He is both fire and earth. Represents accomplishing tasks successfully on the material plain.  Yet, when reversed, it shows that doubts and fears are arising in your abilities of success.  The message is to trust in yourself, take a chance and simply go for it.  You are more capable than you realize!

The second question is in regards to how to best prepare for next weeks March 4th Mercury Retrograde.  Two cards fell out while I was shuffling + the one I personally chose for this question.  Meaning that this is a big time for us and the cards have some important messages to share.   


I’ll begin with the card I personally chose: the Daughter of Swords (Upright). She is earth and air, represents a young adolescent girl. She brings a strong will and determination, to accomplish what she wants NOW.  When upright it shows she has lots of energy to get things moving with no room for failure. Success is guaranteed!

The two that fell out while shuffling are both Major Arcana cards, bringing with them strong, positive messages.  The first is the Fool and he represents the purity within all of us, the magic we exist in, and complete faith that life has our back.  The second is:  ‘Strength’- Again another card of pure magic!  At times we fear the true gifts we embody as they come from such a deep, intimate place within.  This card is reminding us of both the power and strength we carry and that we can trust in our abilities without any reason for fear.

Basically, everything is A-OK!  We are being asked to slow down, broaden our awareness to the present moment, think before we speak, open our minds to truly looking at ourselves, and move through life with love in our hearts. 

I believe that it’s honestly all really simple, yet we humans have a darn good way of turning things into stressful, chaotic situations; which basically stems from fears of the future and holding on to pains of the past.. simply taking us out of the present moment.  

My advice is to write out your to-do list, focus on the tasks at hand and give your best to see them to fruition.  Trust in yourself and trust in something greater moving through us all. Remember we have NOTHING to fear. We are safe. We are loved. All of our needs are taken care of. The fear of illusion and lack is real!  It’s our personal free will choice whether we allow the current of fear to sweep us away OR the current of love, freedom,  grace and ease.  I know which path I’m choosing! Do you??

Let’s raise our sails, face the winds ahead with courage and strength. Let’s meet the high seas with joy and a warm smile for this wondrous adventure ahead!!

In Gratitude,

Angelique Marie 

2 thoughts on “Pre-Shadow Mercury Rx + a lil’ magic!

  1. I LOVE how you used the cards to help decipher the astrology. What a brilliant way to clarify your feelings around the planets. And thanks for the sailing metaphor. A personal favorite. ❤️👍🏻🐋⛵️

    Liked by 1 person

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