Cosmic Symmetry– the Shadow of Mercury retrograde as the full moon enters Virgo, the Sun enters Pisces, and Chiron enters Aries

Dear Angelique,

We have  such a busy week in Astronomy and Astrology.  On Monday the 18th the Sun entered Pisces, and Chiron entered Aries, where it will remain for more than seven years.  Then the Moon entered Virgo this morning about four hours before becoming perfectly full.  The picture I took last night, featured above, was 14 hours before the full moon while it was still in Leo.  And then just today, Mercury entered the Shadow of its upcoming Retrograde, which will start on Ash Wednesday, March 6th, exactly one day after the next New Moon.

I find it interesting to see the Moon shifting from one sign to another in her full glory.  It seems to me like she is shining a spotlight on the transition.  It’s also interesting that the Mercury Retrograde Shadow starts today and will coincide perfectly with the waning moon.  We will remain in shadow as the Moon wanes, and as soon as she’s done waning at the next New Moon, Mercury will station retrograde.  We will have the next full moon exactly on the day of the Spring Equinox.

I’ve read a few articles about Chiron entering Aries, which strikes me as an important moment since it will stay there for seven years.  As I meditate on all of these synchronicities, I get the feeling like the next two weeks will be a sort of mirror image of the last two weeks, played back with Chiron in Aries.  This last weekend was one of big celebrations with the long weekend, and Valentines day on February 14th.  This waning moon and the Mercury pre-shadow will culminate in Mardi Gras, another big party weekend.

I feel connected to the time we had before the first New Moon in this series.  Remember the article about the new Moon and the Chinese New Year of the Pig?  We had those days before the New Moon to get ourselves organized and ready for this series of events.  What we harvest in the next weeks, I feel, will be a product of what we planted in the time before the New Year.  But now is the time for harvest, not the time for new Planting.

There is a concept in aviation that some time passes between the commission of an error and the consequence.  For instance, a pilot may forget to put gas in the plane before take off, and the consequence, i.e. running out of fuel, may happen two hours later when the plane runs out of gas.   It feels to me like we are in a similar situation.  We had our opportunity to prepare before the Chinese New Year, and now we are to stay the course through the end of the Mercury Retrograde.  We had an opportunity to start new projects through this last weekend, but that time, at least for now, feels to have passed.  Now feels like a time to stay the course, keep things simple, and to keep a steady hand on the helm as we navigate the upcoming waters.

I feel a lot of things coming in the next two weeks before the Mercury Retrograde starts.  It feels like a time to harvest seeds we planted before this full moon.  The harvest can be a time of maximal effort, but it is not a time of starting new things.  It is a time to go out and gather what we have created and store it safely in the barn.  Then we will have a couple more weeks of winter to make it through.

I am also feeling a reminder that the pre-shadow of a Mercury Retrograde is often the time that we make the mistakes that cause difficulties later in the retrograde cycle.  This might be the time you put a letter in the mail without a stamp, and the consequence will come after the retrograde station.

So what does all of this rambling actually boil down to?  For me, I feel it is a time to harvest what has been planted, to enjoy the big feast of Carnival, Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday, to focus on harvesting what has been planted, and to exercise patience in starting new things.  Then we will have a long period of reflection as Mercury retraces its steps back to the point that it is in right now.

With cosmic Symmetry, the whole process feels to me like it ends with the Full Moon of April, which occurs exactly two months from today on April 19th, three days after Mercury has left the post-shadow.  Then we have good Friday, Easter Sunday, Resurrection, and Passover and the Sun in Taurus.  At that point, I feel we will be entering a new stage.

So my dear friend, let’s take a moment to reflect on what we have enjoyed in the last couple weeks and to take a look ahead at what we have coming.  Let’s walk calmly in faith, one step at a time, and we will cross the next four weeks in joy and abundance.  I feel that if we act in this way we will enjoy a very fruitful and relaxing period of reflection and harvest over the next two months.

But let’s not start a bunch of new projects or complicate things too much. This is rather a time to finish what we have already started. At least it feels like that to me.

Angelique, I hope this article makes sense to you.  It felt a little disorganized as I wrote it, but I think that might just be a reflection of the energy that I am feeling.  After all, writing this post is starting something new isn’t it?  Actually not really.  It feels more like a continuation of the theme from before the Chinese New Year.

Wishing you calm for your mind, peace for your soul, and prosperity in your harvest.


Peace, Love, Forgiveness

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