Oh Valentine’s Day 💕

Dear Spencer, 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My first true love!

I am thinking of and feeling into all of the love that is celebrated today in it’s various shapes, sizes and colors. For this I am thankful. I honestly feel the world we’re living in can not have enough of it. The more the merrier that’s for sure! 

Yet, I would also like to honor and respect all those who are not in relationship, who have recently broken up with someone, those who are choosing to be solo at this time, those who may be in abusive or unhealthy relationships, who feel unhappy and/or stuck..  

No matter what spectrum you are in this great quest for love, in partnership, desiring one, healing, taking a break.. I pray that we all realize the most important relationship is the one with ourselves.  That we make sure we are carving out time for true self-care, being unbelievably sweet, ensuring our very needs are met. For when we are solid and complete within ourselves, our relationships with everyone else flows much more harmoniously.

And now onto a bit of astrology: 

Yesterday we experienced a rather strong aspect with Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries.  

Both of these planets are rule breakers.  Mars represents the ability to assert ourselves based on our own desires and going for that which we most want. Giving us the confidence to stand up for what we believe in and express our anger in a healthy way. 

Uranus awakens us, helping to uniquely express ourselves and aides in freeing us from the very things that held us back in the past. It cleans out the old in order to clear the path for the new. 

The pairing of Mars conjunct Uranus in fiery Aries brought a strong desire to break free from anything constricting us in our lives. A time where we welcome the new and exciting to bring about positive change.  Emotions could be erratic so the advice was to work towards our passions with a focused, grounded vision as the guiding light. 

This morning Mars transitioned from Aries to Taurus for the next 6 weeks!  With Mars in Aries we were impulsive and wanted sudden change. Taurus is practical, grounded, reliable, determined and patient.

I am truly thankful for the transit into Taurus. The Taurean energy will encourage us to work towards our goals steadily, patiently, one step at a time.  With long-term vision and fulfillment as top priority. 

There are so many different planetary aspects going on that contribute to what we are collectively experiencing.  I could go on and on about them.  

Spencer, I’d like to share that as I begin studying and writing about astrology, I honestly feel overwhelmed (& simultaneously loaded with excitement).  There is SO MUCH FOR ME TO LEARN, so much to study.   And, yet, I know it is taking it one step at a time, trusting that with time under my belt, more dots will begin to connect and my understanding will continue to develop.  Thank you for being on this journey with me.  This blog holds me accountable to my studies and humbly highlights how much I do not know.  At the same time the little I do know, is dramatically transforming my life, which ultimately blows me away. 

I am thankful for this current transition of Mars into Taurus and for the promise of steadfast, slower paced commitment to the realization of our goals.  Right now, I am constantly receiving so much insight into my future, where and how I will be focusing my energies.  The downloads are fresh and at times I feel nervous that I will either forget or that it is too big for me.  Yet, when I remember to trust that there is something higher guiding it all, I relax.  Instead of anxiety, I must feel gratitude that I am FINALLY receiving clarity on my life.  AND all that I am receiving lights up every aspect of my being.  All will come full circle and nothing will be lost that is meant to stick.  My requirement is to play my part, give my best and enjoy the ride. 

So to honor the spirit of Valentines Day and to channel my anxiety into something positive..

I am praying for everyone in the entire world who is feeling sad or bummed due to disappointments in love or going through difficulties in relationships of any kind.  Spencer and whomever else is reading this, let’s send love, peace and union to all the hearts that are in need of a little tender sweetness. Let’s give gratitude for this precious life we are blessed to lead and for the collective opportunity we have to experience, study and learn from LOVE in all of it’s manifestations.


Angelique Marie 

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