Mars Conjunct Uranus Feb 12/13

Dear Angelique,

I saw that Mars will have it’s conjunction with Uranus this evening, and so I did a little research to see what this means Astrologically, and I received an unexpected lesson in Astronomy.  I learned something about orbital velocity that I want to share, and I also learned about some of the energetic effects of Mars’s conjunction with Uranus.

So as we know, planets that are farther from the sun have longer years.  This cool article from about the length of a Year on Other Planets explains this nicely.  Basically, a year on Mercury is 88 earth days and a year on Neptune is 164.8 earth years.  So you can see that the differences in the length of the years are really quite remarkable.

Basic physics says that when you add energy to an object that is in orbit around another object, the orbit gets bigger.  Think of a spaceship.  If we turn on the rocket booster, the spaceship climbs to a higher and higher orbit, and the energy released from burned rocket fuel is preserved by increasing the altitude of the spacecraft, which creates potential energy that is essentially stored in the spaceship’s altitude.  It is recovered when the spaceship goes back down.  I had always assumed that the spaceship would go faster and faster as it climbed and climbed, after all, the rockets are pushing it forward, so it must be going faster as the engines burn.  (For readers as nerdy as I am, we are talking about a spacecraft already in a stable orbit, not one taking off from the planet’s surface.) The spaceship accelerates in the direction of thrust, and so I thought this must be true.

But when I looked at the charts for the length of the years of the planets, I saw that the orbital velocities of the planets farther from the Sun are slower than the orbital velocities of the planets closest to the sun.  This amazing physics fact really puzzled me.  As noted above, if we have a spaceship orbiting earth, and we want to move to a higher orbit, we have to increase the energy of the system, so we fire the spaceship thrusters and move into a higher orbit.  But the spaceship’s velocity will actually DECREASE as the thruster is fired and the ship moves to a higher orbit.  I finally came to understand this after doing some pencil scratch math.  This was completely the opposite of what I had expected to discover.

So anyway, back to our Solar System.  Tonight, actually in about three and a half hours from right this minute, Mars will catch up and pass Uranus as the two planets enter conjunction.  They will appear very close to each other in the western sky after sunset.  Uranus is not visible to the naked eye, but by using Mars as a guide post, you may be able to find it with the right equipment.  How cool it would be to see Uranus conjunct Mars!

And Mars we know is the planet of action.  Uranus the planet of disruptive forces.  This energy is to break out of old patterns that are no longer serving, but be careful! We don’t want to set the house on fire! I have felt this energy today and observed it in some conversations with friends.  I have heard a lot about people getting fed up with frustrating situations and moving on to new solutions.

So this might be a good opportunity to use the disruptive action to quit a job that sucks or leave a toxic relationship.  We sometimes need a push to leave a comfortable situation that is not serving our development, and we can use this energy to catapult us to the next level.  However, be wary of impulse and frustration.  Take a deep breath and consider your actions.  The positive aspect is that we have a disruptive force to inspire us to take action to break out of bad patterns, and this can also cause or inspire us to act impulsively and destroy things unnecessarily.  There is a balance here!

Uranus makes its orbit every 84 years.  I still have 32 year and a full orbit of Saturn ahead of me before I reach my Uranus return.  Mars orbits the sun every 1.8 earth years, so the next conjunction of Mars and Uranus will be in like 1.81 years.  So this is not an every day conjunction, nor is it a particularly rare one.  This is just an opportunity we get every couple of years to clean the cobwebs.

So I’m going to take some time tomorrow in meditation to sit with the things in my life that seem ripe for change.  Some I will calm myself and take no action.  Others I will use this energy to move out of old patterns.  This is an interesting aspect to pass through between the Ellipses that we discussed around the New Moons of early February and early March.

I hope my dear friend that you enjoy reading this.  I really enjoyed the last letter you sent, and I am really excited about your plans to move to Bahia and to start your life consulting horse therapy business entrepreneur excitement.  I feel very proud of you and happy for what you are doing.  I hope this astrology helps guide you in these upcoming steps!

If anyone reading this sees that I am off base about the orbital velocity, please comment. I was trying to understand this whole concept for the first time.


Peace Love Forgiveness

3 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Uranus Feb 12/13

  1. I definitely learned something new in this post. Quite a few new concepts and great food for thought to be exact! Thank you for your kind words and sharing your unique viewpoint, helps expands my viewpoints and consciousness!


    1. Hey Angelique, I wanted to share a Conjunction Discovery. I was thinking about conjunctions of outer planets, because they have such long years. This article covers the recent conjunction of Mars and Uranus, which happens about every 1.8 years. I started to wonder about how often conjunctions of even more distant planets occur considering their very long years. I found that a conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter is known as a “Great Conjunction.” because these are the most distant planets visible with the naked eye and they occur only about every 20 years.

      It turns out that Jupiter and Saturn will have a great conjunction on December 21, 2020.

      I also found in doing some reading that a “GREATEST CONJUNCTION” is when Jupiter and Saturn come together three times in a short period due to the retrograde motion of the planets. I found an article on wikipedia that explained that the most historically significant Greatest Conjunction occurred at the time of the birth of Christ, and is cited as the explanation for the Star of Bethlehem, because the conjunction of these two planets is so bright and powerful. The next of these will not occur until our next incarnation, unfortunately.

      But how exciting that the next Great Conjunction occurs so soon! I’m so glad that we discovered this with time to anticipate and study the event. I would have been so disappointed if I had found that it had occurred a short time ago. So let’s look forward to the Winter Solstice of 2020 when we will have a Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn. Maybe we can take a selfie in front of this site from some amazing exotic location.


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