A picture is worth 1000 words

Dear Angelique!

I’m super happy to be back in Miami after a whirlwind trip to Hawaii for a week.  Check out the above picture that we took on my Birthday on the site of the new Agroforest project.  You see me on the other side of the little red rental jeep contemplating the front end loader that has buried itself up to the floor boards in the mud.  It’s such a beautiful day, and such a Richard Scary moment.

I had the best conversation with my good friend Quanah, who is eight years old.  Quanah was very interested in the back story, which I delighted in sharing with him.  The story of how the red car got stuck and then the tractor came down the hill and got stuck too, and then how the red car got out and the tractor stayed stuck.  This story lit up all the lights in the circuit board of my eight year old friend.

This was such a powerful moment in the Astrological Calendar.  We were on the Chinese New Year, with a New Moon in Aquarius, and lots of things going on.  At the same time, we were stuck in the mud in a beautiful garden on a beautiful day.  We ended up going down to the waterfall for a swim.  I have a video I would like to share of this, but I don’t really have that technology down yet.

But it was a kind of cool experience.  I had plans.  The mud had other plans. We surrendered and had a really great time.

And so I am enjoying that I took the time to write down everything in that last post on January 30th.  That seems like such a long time ago!  I am definitely glad that I had everything as organized as possible before our trip to Hawaii.  A lot changed on the trip, and because we had everything we could so well organized, it was easy to shift and go with the flow during our trip.

We ended up staying in five different beds in five different nights.  Thursday at the wrong hotel in Honolulu (you have to stay at the airport best western if you want breakfast), then we stayed at the Hawaiian Hotel in Hilo, then we stayed with friends, then we went back to Hilo and stayed in the doubletree but had to leave our room when the ceiling started leaking, and then we went to another room with a great ocean front balcony.  So we had everything all planned out, and then everything shifted, but we were still fine.

The car getting stuck in the mud on my birthday was the cherry on top.

So we still have a lot coming up.  I was reading in the AstroButterfly  that we actually have a lot of aspects coming up in February and a busy month in the sky.  I see twin peaks on the horizon around the weekend of the 15th and then again the first weekend of March.  I’m glad to be back home now as we get ready for a big influx of visitors from Austin Texas next weekend.

Anyway Angelique, I am super glad to be home, and super happy to see you and looking forward to that next Açaí.


Peace, Love Forgiveness

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