A Very Special Birthday Celebration 🎊 🎉

spenc and steph
Spencer and his lovely wife Stephanie in Hawaii 🌈 💕 ✨

Dear Spencer,  

Wow, what a day! Not only is it the Chinese New Year (of the Earth Pig) BUT it’s also your BIRTHDAY!! I hope your are having an amazing time in Hawaii, and celebrating this day in a way that makes your heart sing with joy!  You are truly an amazing person, you bring so much joy to all those around you and are truly dedicated to making the best out of life.  I learn so much from you and am honored to call you one of my closest friends (for realz)! 

We are currently in the midst of some spectacular planetary alignments.  Today we are riding the wave of yesterdays New Moon in Aquarius. What does this mean you might be wondering?  Well, first off, now is an overall time of everything positive and good! (Yes, we will be faced with challenges and set backs, yet there is a supportive energy in the air helping us to succeed!) 

Before we get too far along, let’s backtrack a bit and refresh our minds with a basic explantation of what energy a New Moon brings to the table..  New Moons represent the end of a 28 day cycle and the beginning of a new one.  A time to take note of what you would like to build in your life over the next month ahead; where we are encouraged to focus on what’s in front of us rather than behind. 

Aquarius focuses on collective change, is all about the intellect, discussion, bringing people together and fostering solid friendships. With this New Moon in Aquarius, we are experiencing Mercury sextile Jupiter.  This brings positive thinking, greater vision, clear communication and the ability to make good decisions.  Our desired future can be seen in great detail! We are also experiencing Saturn Sextile Neptune, which facilitates material gains in spiritual pursuits.  Dreams can come true with hard work and a focused, well thought out plan of how to see them to fruition.

Basically we are in a time of trusting our intuition.  Believing in ourselves and realizing we can live the life our heart calls out for.  And this is exactly what this time is asking of us.  Yet, in following our dreams, realize that we are also being guided to act in our own, unique way.  Take time to meditate, receive your next steps, write them out and simply just go for it! 

Trust your unique vision, give it your best show and whatever you do, don’t give up!  

All of the New Moon energy directly coincides with today’s Chinese New Year (aka Lunar New Year) of the Earth Pig.  We just moved away from the year of the dog, which brought with it a challenge in all of our relationships, both work and personal.  Now, we can fully step into this new year by reaping the benefits from all of last years hard work and deep introspection.  Let’s give a warm welcome to a year of abundance and a series of good, fortunate events!! 

A few words of advice for the first day of this Chinese New Year: If you have faith, good things will happen for you and all those around you.  Remain focused on the bigger picture and when an opportunity arises, jump on it! All things positive and good are within the reach of the Pig this year! 

So Spencer, I see you are starting the Chinese New Year off in the best of ways!!  You’re not only celebrating your birthday with some pretty rad people but also spending time on a magical island where dreams manifest into reality.  I so look forward to your return and celebrating both you and Stephanie in person.  I hope y’all have a wonderful rest of your trip.  Take lots of pictures, eat an açaí bowl for me, send my love to the people there and do something spontaneous!!! 

Happy Happy Birthday to you!!

With All my Love,

Angelique Marie

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