Chinese New Year of the Pig, Mercury Retrograde, and Lent — An astrological ellipse sets up the rest of our year

Dear Angelique,

Welcome back to Miami dear sister!  We have a lot happening in the next six weeks.  The Chinese New Year of the Pig with its corresponding New Moon comes in early February, and then we have the the New Moon of Pisces and Ash Wednesday followed by Mercury Retrograde.  These two New Moons are the two focal points of an astrological ellipse that I am feeling quite strongly today, and so I want to explain what that means to me in detail.  But before getting into all of that, I want to express how much I enjoyed sharing and Açaí bowl with you here in Miami.  The last time we shared this experience here in Miami was before your big adventure to Brazil!  This affirms to me that we have closed one cycle and are starting a new cycle right now.

I am feeling a lot of intuition coming to me about the next few weeks, and I want to write it down to see how it pans out in the material.  I am looking forward to reading what others have to say about the upcoming Chinese New Year and this Mercury Retrograde that is coming in March, and I want to put my intuitions down on paper before receiving all of these impressions from other sources.

In my vision I see an Ellipse, which is an interesting shape.  The orbits of the planets around the sun are elliptical, as are the orbits of most bodies in the universe, so ellipses are fundamental to astronomy and astrology.  We most often think of this as simply meaning “not exactly circular.”  But an Ellipse is a very interesting shape.  An Ellipse has two focal points, and the perimeter of the ellipse revolves around these two points.  A circle, on the other hand, has only one focal point, which we call the center.

To make an example of an ellipse, you can put two pins in the middle of a piece of paper say 8 inches apart, and then put a loop of string about ten inches long around the pins.  The loop has to be long enough to go around both pins, but not long enough to go around twice, if that makes sense.  Stretch the string tight with a pencil and trace around the perimeter.  Here is a great YouTube video demonstrating drawing an ellipse with string  The two pins are the focal points of the eclipse.

I see the next two New Moons as the focal points of this ellipse.  The first falls on February 4th, which is the Chinese New Year of the Pig.  This actually occurs in the afternoon on February 4th in the eastern US, and February 5th in China.  I’m not sure exactly how to plan the fireworks display, but the actual event of the New Moon occurs on February 4th at 4:04 p.m. Eastern Time.  The second focal point will be the New Moon of March 6, which falls exactly on Ash Wednesday, and one day after Mercury enters retrograde.

These two New Moons bookend a big celebration and set us up for quite a period of reflection and recovery.  I feel this contrast in my psyche and even in my cells.  I feel the water molecules in my cells responding to the gravity of these two focal points.  I feel that I am already starting to enter the sphere of influence of these two events.

The first pole here is the Chinese New Year and New Moon, which is probably the biggest celebration on the planet.  Then we have Fat Tuesday March 5th, the final hooray of Carinvál down there in Brazil, and the last day of the Mardi Gras Party.  Everyone will wake up with a bit of an energetic (if not physical) hangover on March 6th with Ash Wednesday–the anti-party–already in Mercury Retrograde, as we arrive at the second focal point.

The time before and after these focal points, to me, seems like the extra length of string that is necessary to draw the perimeter of the ellipse.  If the string is not longer than the distance between the focal points, then there is no ellipse.  So by definition, it must have a little more range.  So right now we are in the “pre-ellipse” period, and after March 6 we will be in the “post-ellipse” period as we make our way through the Mercury Retrograde and the 40 days of lent following Ash Wednesday.

The Mercury Retrograde reflects back to the New Year of January 1st, when we all had our New Year’s resolutions.  Remember those?  Well if you don’t remember them now, you will have a chance to remember them in March as we have Lent and Mercury Retrograde to reflect.

So this is the basic structure that I am feeling.  We entered the new year, made some resolutions, had some good productive time in Capricorn to get the year started right, and now we have these two focal points coming, and then we will have an opportunity to revisit our resolutions as we go through.  So I can feel these events bringing the following guidance broken into four distinct phases.

Phase one: now until the New Moon February 4th, 2019 and the Chinese New Year of the Pig

I am feeling that this last quarter moon before the Chinese New Year gives us a very good opportunity to take stock of where we are so we can prepare ourselves to make the most of the next six weeks.  This is a good time to make your to do lists, organize your inbox, clean your desk and your office, balance your checking account, check on your budget, and make a clear plan for the next several weeks.  We want to have clear vision and an unobstructed path.  This last quarter moon will give us a good opportunity to take care of that.

Phase two: The biggest Party on Earth from February 5th to February 18th

The Chinese New Year comes with the New Moon on February 5th.  Isn’t this the biggest celebration on the Earth?  It feels like a big one to me.  And to me, the pig represents abundance, so this effect is amplified this year.  I feel this will be a time to let go and have a lot of fun and to trust that we are safe, guided, and protected.  This also feels like a prosperous time to plant the seeds for long term developments that will take the rest of the year or even longer to come into fruition.  We will have this couple of weeks in February to take concrete actions toward long term projects. This will be a good time to buy that new car, move into that new house, make a commitment in new relationship, enter long term contracts, and set large projects that will require a lot of time to complete into motion.  This is a good time for enjoying ourselves, but also for launching long range plans.

Phase three: Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow –  From February 19 to March 5

Mercury will enter the Pre-retrograde shadow on February 19th.  This is the area of the sky that Mercury will retrace during the retrograde.  If you will allow me to “sink” into a sailing metaphor, this is time to get the ship ready for the high seas.   We need to reef the sail, batten down the hatches, and put on our foul weather gear.  And we can do this in good cheer with a hopeful and joyous attitude.  Sure there is going to be some rocking and high seas, but this is all good news.  When we are properly prepared, sailing in a brisk wind with some waves fun and adventurous.  It’s only un-fun when we are not prepared.  So this is the time to get ready for the Retrograde.

So let’s use this period of time from February 18 to the beginning of March to get the ship ready.  We will have a last hoorah the first weekend of March–the weekend of Carnivál and Mardi Gras.  This will be a time of great festivity, joy and celebration and a last hoorah for the festivities that started with the Chinese New Year.

I am feeling that we should all try to clear our calendars from anything that will distract us from the main events that are happening around this time.  Here in Miami we have some very exciting visitors coming March 2nd and 3rd, and we have a lot of festivities planned around that.  I’m sure many others will have big Mardi Gras parties and other fun things planned.  Maybe you have your sister’s wedding that weekend…whatever it is.  This is a good time to focus on that main event and eliminate all the distractions that will be there to take us out of the present and leave us worrying about things that are dislocated in time or space.  This is a critical time to be present minded and to stay with what is happening here, now, today.

Phase four: March 6th the New Moon of Pisces, Ash Wednesday and Mercury Retrograde.

The party always stops on Ash Wednesday right?  We are in for quite a shift on the New Moon of March 6th, which falls exactly on Ash Wednesday and less than 24 hours after Mercury Stations Retrograde.  For those who prepared themselves, this Mercury Retrograde will be a great opportunity to let things ride.  We have done all our preparation, set our course, and prepared for some heavy weather.  We will then have a really good time to focus on our interior work.

If we have prepared ourselves, we will pass the Mercury Retrograde in the calm and in the peace inside of us.  Here is an opportunity to put our spiritual training to work!  The calm space we prepare is inside of us.  It is the feeling of faith, peace, and abundance that we hold in our hearts.  If we prepare well, we will be able to pass through this period of shaking in the calm interior that we create for ourselves through our spiritual practice. Our feelings and experience of this time period will depend entirely on how we set it up in the weeks before.  This will be a great chance for those who are prepared to reconnect with their root chakras through performing sacred diets and maintaining the spiritual firmness asked of us by the period of Lent, which is really representing the end of winter and the journey into Spring.

This will be a time to surrender, to give up control, and let things develop on their own.  We can stay safe and cozy and warm in our safe little containers that we prepared during the pre-shadow, so that the balance and shaking of the Lent period does not cause us interior turmoil.  This is a very good time to meditate, pray, and write in our journals.  Maybe a good time to reflect in our blog as well!

So that’s basically what I see and I have received this morning Angelique.  I see an opportunity in the next few days to get everything organized and clear the vision map, and then a couple good weeks of joyous celebration and planting of seeds, then a period of cleaning up and getting ready for the next passage, and then a period of 40 days for deep interior work and introspection.

I was so happy to start this big stretch of events with an Açaí bowl with you!  It seems to me to make perfect sense that you will be here in the United States as we go through this.  I’m glad you will be here.  It feels like these events will really open the doors for your next journey down to Brazil, maybe with a resident Visa in hand.

Thanks for reading my dear sister.


Peace Love Forgiveness



3 thoughts on “Chinese New Year of the Pig, Mercury Retrograde, and Lent — An astrological ellipse sets up the rest of our year

  1. Thank you for this Spencer! You’ve given me homework to-do. I truly appreciate the break down of the time frame and your analogy of the ellipse! Very well thought out, received and written!

    I, too, am thankful I will be here for the festivities of the Chinese New Year and also for the 1st Mercury Rx of the year. Feels very comforting and safe!

    Have fun in Hawaii, happy birthday! and see you upon your return!


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