Easy weekend – Prepare for your journey

Dear Angelique,

Thank you so much for sharing what you have been experiencing over the last week.  It sounds like you have been there in the battle!  More power to you as you make your way.

I have been feeling some power of resolution coming to me today.  I had a feeling of resolution about Sine and her poor eye, and then I received your message about her improvement, and then I had a couple of conversations with people who had come to me for coaching, and it seemed like it was easy to move through some issues.  I even gave a little affirmative prayer of feeling the resolution of the Government shutdown, and then I went to the news and saw that Trump has relented and approved a bill to reopen the government without any funding for his wall.  So even that seemingly intractable situation has resolved itself.

When I saw that, I figured I should check the aspects and write something in the blog.  Sure enough, in stark contrast to last weekend, there are very few transits and aspects developing this weekend.  Sure the Moon makes a couple relationships, but with it’s 29 day orbit, it has a lot of aspects right? Let’s think about this…if there are six aspects and eleven objects, that means the moon has at least 60 aspects every 29 days?  Something like that.  So anyway, we always have the Moon’s energy reflecting off of something.

But this upcoming weekend is pretty clear of planetary transits and aspects and retrogrades.  Actually everything looks pretty calm until Mercury squares Venus on February 1st when we have a few more interesting energies as we approach the Lunar New Year of the Pig on my Birthday February 5th.  (this will be my first birthday without Facebook by the way, since before I got Facebook back in 2007 or so.  I have no regrets from leaving that behind!)

So I guess I do not really have so much to report beyond a simple lack of news in the Astrology.

So I think this means you can relax and take it easy and simply get ready for your upcoming return home.  We are so looking forward to seeing you again here in Miami.  I pray for you to have a safe and easy journey and that everything you need to get in order before you leave falls easily into place. This is a prayer and affirmation for everyone.

May we all have a restful week and use it to pack ourselves up for the next phase in our spiritual evolution.

Really that’s what this is all about isn’t it Angelique?  Are we not looking toward the firmament to find the divine that lives inside each of us?  Within as without?

So walk with peace and love and with gratitude for the abundance we enjoy.  Put your ship in order now that there is a calm wind so that we can face the next tests with vigor and joy.  Sailing in a stiff breeze is a lot of fun when we are prepared.


Peace Love Forgiveness

One thought on “Easy weekend – Prepare for your journey

  1. So great to hear about your resolutions!

    And I’m so thankful that there is less planetary activity this weekend. How nice to have a chance to recover from the strong aspects we just passed!

    Looking forward to your birthday and the New Year of the Pig. This should give us some fun and exciting content for our blog.

    Thank for you the sweet well wishes for my arrival in Miami. I wish you and Stephanie a really sweet weekend, full of smiles and gratitude!

    Yes, I 100% agree our astrological studies are truly helping us to connect with our own inner Divinity and through this connecting with that which is greater than we can even fathom.

    Many Blessings and see you soon!! Stoked for the açaí the day of my arrival!



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