Start of a New Cycle and the Accumulation of Small Choices

Dear Angelique,

So after all of that waiting, my view of the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus was obscured by clouds in Austin, Texas yesterday.  The Llewellyn’s guide says “Oh Happy Day” for the Jupiter Venus conjunction, and it says “Oh Happy Day” again on November 24th when Venus laps Jupiter once again.

But Oh Happy Day was not what I was feeling yesterday.  Instead, it was more like lots of difficult energy and conflicting plans and desires.  I find myself being asked to make some relatively small choices, to take a little trip for instance, that seem pretty innocuous, but they are actually making me choose one set of priorities over another.

I am being asked to choose between staying in place and building strong structures at Home or to pull up some roots and flow in the direction that I am called.

When we come to a cross roads in our lives, the choices we are presented are pretty small.  We choose between option A and Option B, and they are not so far apart.  From point B we can still see point A, and we could even retrace our steps if we wanted to.  However, once we get to the point we choose, we are again presented another choice, and before long, we are well along the path we have chosen.

I am coming up upon the close of a big ten year cycle in my life, and being asked to make small choices that are really putting large structures and values into play.

For a completely hypothetical and made up example, suppose you are invited to your family’s traditional Thanksgiving and also invited to go to Greece to spend the long weekend with a new friend.  This may not seem like such a big decision.  Sure, Mom wants you to bring the Pecan Pie, and she’s going to have to find another dessert option, but in the long run, it really doesn’t make much difference right?

But what if you are at a point in your life where your structures are shifting?  What if you had spent years devoted to family and now with kids grown, opportunities for travel and adventure are arising.  Do you see what I mean?

You have some similar events on your horizon my dear friend. You will be coming back to Miami soon, and then what you do next after that is really going to be plotting a course.

I went into my Llewellyn’s and saw that Mercury is Square Uranus today.  I went to astro butterfly , another blog that I have been really enjoying, to see what they have to say.  They did not say much about Mercury square Uranus today, but they did mention that the recent Lunar Eclipse was square of Uranus and in Opposition to Mercury.  This is really interesting to me.

I had focused on the benign conjunction of Jupiter and Venus and ignored that the powerful eclipse was interacting with the square of Mercury and Uranus.  This means communication and change and the end of a cycle of eclipses in Leo.

I find myself being forced through the mere passage of time to make choices, A or B.  They seem small, but they are indicators of larger priorities and big shifts underway.

Our outcome will be the sum of our small steps.

So the key, I am feeling here, is to go ahead and walk the path without fear.  We have to go one day at a time from the beginning of this incarnation to the end.  There is no waiting.  There is no hoping for someone else to choose for us.  A or B, right or left, this way or that.  These forks in the road are opening and we have to choose.  The sum of these choices will create the history of our lives.

Look ahead a bit right now.  We are being asked to make small choices that will result in big differences in the long run.

Tread lightly and remember to have fun.


Peace, Love, Forgiveness

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