Full Moon Total Solar Eclipse: Stepping into a New Life

full moon total lunar eclipse

Dear Spencer, 

The following words I write are going to be less about the actual planets, how one is square with the other, or conjunct, etc.  And more about how it has all been affecting me.  For I feel like I have been inundated by all of this planetary action and quite literally the life I knew before is over.  A huge part of me has died and I’m stepping into unknown territory. As dramatic as this may sound, I feel from the very core of my being that this is absolute truth.. 

Through my studies, I learned that the two week time frame between the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse and this weeks Full Moon Total Solar Eclipse would be a rather tumultuous time. Dark, hidden aspects we would rather not look at in our lives were going to surface.  The planets aligned for the eclipses to occur in the beginning of the year, so that we would really be able to begin this new year from a fresh, clean slate.

I was feeling the tumultuous tides over the past two weeks, yet I can identify the process of my ‘re-birth’ culminating about 5 days ago. The day you blogged about, the then, upcoming Full Moon Total Solar Eclipse.  Different areas of my life were beginning to shake at this time and the eclipse energy brought many things to the surface. Aspects of my life that were hidden and in need of being revealed were brought to light.  

For one, I discovered our precious horse Sininho had a really bad eye infection, where we weren’t sure if she would see again or not. This tore me apart inside and I’ve cried almost every day since then.  Another area was in my work relationships, deep wounds resurfacing, in need of being faced. And the last major area for me were my personal boundaries. How to set limits with those I love most.  Life has been making it very clear that I can no longer simply go with the flow of everyone else.  I must honor my emotions rather than pushing them aside to ensure everyone’s needs are met.  (Something that honestly has not come naturally to me.)

So, I truly gave my best effort to follow the advice you gave on how to best harness the Full Moon energy by being positive and finding the silver lining in everything. And boy was I tested! The plans I made literally did not work out, haha! Yet, I was given something more precious than I could have asked for.  A deep acceptance of what was and a realization that no matter the outer circumstances, nothing can take away my inner joy and the innate love I carry within.

Fast forward to the days of the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse..

About two hours before the moon eclipsed I began my actual moon cycle.  I awoke the next day feeling horrible.  And cried more on the 21st and 22nd than I had in ages.  I felt like the tears were from a place very deep, that I had been praying to access for years. And in these days, through the powerful force of the moon, my long-awaited prayers had been answered.

With the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse being in the astrological sign of Leo, it carried with it a  promise of a new life. Of stepping into our power and encouraging us to be the leader of our lives.  To harness the energy of all that was eclipsing out of our lives, and preparing to open us up to new horizons, new possibilities.  The ability to literally actualize our dreams. 

The positive effects I have personally noticed due to this huge planetary upgrade we are collectively experiencing: 

*During these past five days, my psychic abilities with the horses has really begun to open up.  I am learning how to communicate with them, understand their fears and why they are acting up when they do.  I am learning a deep calm and patience with them. How to gain their trust, realizing as I gain their trust, they are gaining mine. 

*I literally feel like I am home here in Bahía.  A sensation that both surprises me and one which is rather foreign. I typically love the different places I am in but can’t say that any have quite felt like home.  

*I am learning how to not hold anything back.  That guidance very often comes in whispers and our thoughts must be quiet enough for us to hear them.  I am learning to not fear the reactions of others, for its better to be frank, honest and clear from the get go.  Holding on creates much unnecessary suffering. 

*Today I had a conversation with a dear sister, that literally lifted a huge stone off of my chest. I am on the verge of shaking from this new sensation.  I feel deeply happy, constantly on the verge of tears.  I am seeing, feeling and experiencing my life in a way that I never have before. I am blown away by the force of the astral.  

Through our study of astrology, I am able to navigate the emotions swirling within me and direct them in a way that I can heal and grow stronger.  Thank you Spencer for being my fried. For your encouragement, love and support.  For your genuine interest in astrology. For not only following through on your idea to begin this blog with me, but also maintaining this connection through your posts.  

sini and meAll in all, my heart has been broken open through all of these changes. And for this there are no words to express my gratitude enough. I leave Bahia in just five days.  I tear up at thought of leaving Sininho, the rest of the horses, and all of my dear friends here.  At the same time, I am anxious to see you and all of our family in Miami. We have SO much to be thankful for. 

I reflect upon the time when I left Miami to come here.  And all that has come to pass in just a little over three months.  What a cycle, what a revolution! My words are falling short in an attempt to share my deep reverence for the different experiences and immense transformation which occurred. For I couldn’t have predicted, even if I tried, where I would be within myself right now.  

Oh 2019, what do you have in store for us?? (Time will tell! ❤ )

In honor and deep reverence for this gift of life, 

Angelique Marie 

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