Jewels of the Dawn Sky, the Sun in Aquarius, the Wolf Moon Eclipse and the year of the Pig.

Dear Angelique,

Thanks so much for sharing your letter to 2019.  I have also enjoyed this freedom and inspiration to write that this seldom-read-but-often-loved blog of ours has created in our lives.  I also especially like the inspiration it has given me to keep my eyes on the firmament–the universal treasure.

What a mouthful of a title for this post!  So much is happening right now, but this time, it’s all really good!

First I want to start with the Astronomy and the spectacular opportunities to look at the night sky.  The picture I included above I found on Universe Today website, and it was credited to Stellarium. I went to check out Stellarium, and found that it is a free open source Planetarium website.  You can go there and look up all kinds of Astronomical information.  The picture shows the Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus that will be visible in the pre-dawn sky on Tuesday January 22nd, 2019.

So you know that this Jupiter Venus conjunction has been on my mind for quite some time.  I will be traveling this weekend to Austin, TX.  The weather there promises to be clear and cold, so I’m going to wake up early on Tuesday to observe this beautiful and very favorable conjunction.  (I will say more about this later, but I want to mention it now–look for combinations of favorable events that give rise to amazing gifts.)

This conjunction occurs very soon after the much-publicized eclipse of the Wolf Moon that will occur across the evening of January 20-21.  We have quite a stellar show in store for us this weekend!  I am often struck by how, in the media, so much is written to make a spectacular event such as an eclipse seem to be even more spectacular.  I do not even want to quote what they are calling this event, but it is interesting to note that the WOLF moon is being Eclipsed to make way for the YEAR of the PIG.  To me this means that the Big Bad Wolf will be kept at bay while we enjoy some abundance and celebration.

Everything I have read about this upcoming conjunction between Jupiter and Venus is positive.  These planets are the most beautiful jewels in the firmament, and they represent the bride and the groom in Indian Astrology.  I also feel this full moon with the eclipse to be dazzling and very ordinary display of celestial beauty.  At the SAME time, the Sun will so quietly slip from Capricorn into my birth sign Aquarius.

So all this this strikes me thusly–I feel that the media around the Astrology this weekend is hype, and my own inner feeling is restful and beautiful and ordinary.  And so I am feeling very called to focus on my interior experience to understand the Astrology behind these events–and when I do this—what I feel is easy joy, abundance, humor, happiness, and relief.

As I sit here and meditate on the energy, what I feel is a sense of relief and rest.  Do you remember the intense and disruptive feeling of Mercury conjunct Saturn, and the fire of accomplishment we felt with all those planets and the sun in Capricorn?  All this came on the heals of the intense retrogrades of late 2018.  This last month was all about resolution, getting things done, and starting the year right.  We kept our noses to the grindstone over the last weeks as we processed all the things that the retrogrades stirred up late last year.

Now we are now moving into the a little pause where we get to enjoy the rewards of our work.

And so now the Lunar Eclipse gives us a spectacular marker for the end of this Capricorn period and a feeling of relief as we slip into Aquarius and approach the Chinese New Year of the PIG on February 5th (my birthday is on the New Year this year!).  And the beginning of the Aquarius Sun of 2019 is marked by the beautiful conjunction of Venus and Jupiter.

I feel removed from the fray of conflicts involving others, I feel relaxed and satisfied, and I feel that all the products of the work we did in January has been safely stored on the shelf.  The kitchen is closed, the work for the day is done, and now it’s time to have a rest and enjoy ourselves.

I also feel that we are going to be receiving blessings in the form of the confluence of events.  Maybe an old beloved dog dies when you hear that your best friend just came into a litter of puppies.  Maybe someone cancels long held plans right when you get a call from an old friend who is unexpectedly in town.  Maybe you find a $20 in your pocket when a friend asks you to go to lunch.  I feel this beautiful conjunction of Jupiter and Venus is asking us to look for combinations of events that work out favorably for us.  The key is to KEEP our EYES open.

So over the next two weeks as the moon wanes from January 20th to February 5th, I feel we have time to take for ourselves and enjoy the abundance of the coming year of the PIG.  This is a great opportunity to take a spontaneous trip, to go do something fun, and to purchase something just for yourself.  This is a good time to not be on a diet, to not worry about going to bed early, to not beat ourselves up if we slip a little on a New Years resolution.  This is a time to read a book for fun instead of education, to do what we want to do on a whim instead of what we “should do.”  Sometimes Astrological forecasts are easy, simple and good.  No Drama, just Joy.  This is such a forecast, and I feel we really deserve it.

We all need some time to enjoy this beautiful experience of being Human.  This is a time to ignore the news, read the funny papers, and take ourselves a little less seriously.  Also be very very careful not to get involved in problems or drama of other people.  There will be plenty of opportunities to miss this opportunity to enjoy ourselves, and there will be traps in the form of distractions and dramas.  Please my dear Angelique…don’t get caught up in DRAMA from others.  This is a time for US to enjoy ourselves.  This favorable period will zip right by, and if you spend it caught up in the Drama of others, how sad it would be to miss the fun!

I have already seen some fun shifts.  There were plans for February that had seemed a little to intense with many visitors coming and too many events, and they have miraculously cancelled and disappeared from the radar.  And now, there is an opportunity for a spontaneous birthday trip on my horizon.  These two events are like the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus.

You see, a heavy obligation went away and an opportunity for a romantic getaway with my lovely wife came in.  This is like a  conjunction no?  These are two very good events that happened together to create an even more powerful result.  I saw your picture that you sent about our poor dear little baby horse Siné with the spot on her eye.  This looks like a bit of bad news, but could there be a little silver lining here?

Look for favorable conjunctions in your own life too.  If you find yourself with a sudden gift of free time or money, coupled with an opportunity to do something fun, well JUMP on it because it is a gift from the Universe.  Maybe you got a little cash from returning an unneeded item you received for Christmas just as a friend called to say they had an extra ticket to a concert.  Maybe your boss cancelled plans for dinner on Saturday and a sexy friend pops into town.  If it seems to good to be true, it isn’t to good to be true.  It’s actually just really good.  Enjoy it.  Sometimes an ice cream is a delicious treat instead of a diet wrecking temptation.

Now is that kind of time.  Skip your homework and eat your ice cream.  If you see a little gift of abundance coupled with an opportunity for FUN–this is the gift of this conjunction and the dessert we all deserve for completing this period of intense productivity.

So Angelique my dear friend–Enjoy this beautiful weekend, keep your eyes on the stars, and don’t be afraid to ride that horse to the waterfall this weekend.

Remember–the good part of reducing our self importance is that it gives us freedom to go and enjoy ourselves because everyone else is going to be JUST FINE.

With much love and abundant blessing for you


Peace Love Forgiveness

One thought on “Jewels of the Dawn Sky, the Sun in Aquarius, the Wolf Moon Eclipse and the year of the Pig.

  1. How cool your birthday is on the exact date of the Chinese New Year!

    I loved everything about this post. Thank you for the permission to simply relax and just be. To allow spontaneity to run wild and free. I will start looking for the silver linings in everything and expect the most amazing unexpected! Looking forward to sharing with you exactly what I discover! ✨🍃🌸


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