Soaking in the Astrological Rays


Dear Spencer,

ange pesando
A time of contemplation & deep introspection.                                                          🌎 💛 🌍

I was going to reply to your last post as a comment, but then I realized I had much more to share.  Your post really touched me as I woke up that same day feeling off kilter. It hadn’t even crossed my mind to consider that my answers could be found through astrology.  Thank you for sharing the insights you received in your life and for tying it all together in a way that I was able to naturally see what I am working on within myself.

On this day I was feeling the effects of my grippe, innately tired (connected to the eclipse season we are currently in).  Preparing for the departure of Grandmother Rita and many other people as well.  Organizing my time with our friends, Jordão and Kene, balancing a baby with our work. Kene, Jordão and I have been putting a lot of effort into working together as a team. Helping one another to organize our tasks, communicate our needs and find a way to support one another in our processes.  Last week we created our to-do lists and dove right in, working our best to keep our heads down and focus on the tasks no matter what was going on with everyone here.

Through the surprise conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn I had the following realizations: Our blog and astrology is teaching me how to share and express myself when my natural instinct is to hide or push aside what is really going on for me.  Writing has me dig deep and face my truth, myself.  It’s teaching me how to prioritize my time and give value to my tasks.  As I so easily help others before ensuring my basic needs are met by avoiding that which I most want to do.  At times my inner voice is almost screaming at me to pay attention and I subtly ignore her or push her aside for another time (procrastination).   I realize most of my life, its been most natural for me to squelch my true feelings because I haven’t known how to express them.  In this process of growth, it’s easier for me to revert to service of all those around me, to stifle my true feelings and harbor resentments against myself.  I realize, again and again, I create my own suffering.

This is the honest, more unconscious levels I am currently working with.  The deep layers with-in me that the planetary conjunctions are illuminating and bringing to light.  Showing me what is outdated and what is being asked for transformation.  Also as you mentioned last Sunday, we are currently preparing for the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on January 22nd.  And the day before, there will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the astrological sign of Leo.

According to, eclipses are like cosmic curveballs that can throw our whole life upside down.  The lunar eclipse in particular reveals our collective shadow. During eclipses we can expect the unexpected, truths are revealed, radical changes in our lives are experienced, time speeds up (as what we’ve dreamed about for years can happen in mere seconds!), true characters are revealed and our life receives a huge reset (whatever is not working comes to a close in order for the new to commence).  It’s normal for us to experience sadness and fear as this is a natural side effect of letting things go as well as facing the unknown as new horizons are created.

Through my research and inner intuition, I feel we are going to feel emotional ups and downs this week as we prepare for the Full Moon and Venus/Jupiter conjunction.  And this is completely normal, a part of our collective process.  I believe our work is to create our to-do lists, eat healthy, exercise, work hard, and find time to play.  Now is not a time to hold things in, or wait for the perfect moment.  Rather choose to act upon our ideas, our thoughts, on what arises.  Keep our hearts open and trust in that which is greater than us.                                                                                                                                               Heres to clear skies and honoring the magic that lies within.

In gratitude and encouragement,                                                                                          Angelique Marie

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