Surprise Conjunction – Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn

Dear Angelique,

I woke up this morning feeling a lot of energy moving through me.  I felt like I used to feel walking into a law school final exam.  I stayed in bed for a couple hours until it passed.  Then I went into the kitchen to hang my handy dandy Llewellyn’s Astrological Wall Calendar in the kitchen, and took a look to see what was going on that might explain this feeling I woke up with.  Down at the bottom of 1-13-2019, in the little section of planetary aspects, I saw that Mercury entered conjunction with Saturn at 8:31 am eastern time.

I’ve had my calendar marked for the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, which will be visible in the pre-dawn sky on January 22nd.  I have been watching Venus catching up with Jupiter with my coffee every morning as I get ready to take our daughter to school (why does school start before the sun comes up??).  I was not even aware that Mercury and Saturn would have a conjunction today, in Capricorn.

I did a little research on Mercury and Saturn conjunction and found this great article on Astrology King … Here is a useful excerpt:

“The key to dealing with the heaviness of this transit is positive thinking and applying your brain to important tasks or even routine duties. Keeping yourself busy will counteract the tendency toward melancholy and meanness.

This is a good time for things requiring sustained concentration, patience and sound judgement. Business dealings and paperwork are favored. A common sense approach, attention to detail and long-term outlook make this an ideal time for setting long-term plans. Serious discussions about the hardships in life can lead to useful outcomes. “

When I reflect on this, I can see this energy developing throughout the week.  I have been working, in writing, on writing a business plan for the second phase of a major joint venture we are involved in, and I have cleaned up a lot of paperwork that was hanging on from 2018.  I also have had some friction in personal relationships from my own impatience and a little bit of a gruff mood.  Stephanie has pointed out to me that it was a good week because I got a lot done, but I was sometimes a bit difficult and impatient.

I did some more research on conjunctions, and found a few resources, that unsurprisingly, explain that when two planets are in conjunction, their energies combine.  Today they Mercury and Saturn combine in Capricorn, which is also presently inhabited by the Sun and Pluto.  Lots of energy from Capricorn is hitting us today.

Capricorn we know is about efficiency and getting things done.  Mercury rules communication and Saturn is about our structures in life, and our limitations and boundaries.  Saturn is also the ruler of Capricorn, which is where this conjunction occurred this morning.

From my personal experience this is right on point.  I have been writing a memo to business partners about the structure of a joint venture that is very important to me.   It amazes me that the wisdom of astrology so accurately reflects what I have been experiencing in my life.

This feels like a good moment to take stock of our actions in our close relationships.  It’s good time to check in with ourselves to make sure we are remembering kindness and patience, and at the same time, it’s a good opportunity to keep our heads down and get things done to set up the year for success.  There may be some friction as these shifts are initiated by our actions in this time.  It feels to me like this will continue until the Sun enters Aquarius and then we have the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus to contend with next.

Angelique, have you experienced any similar feelings or energies?  I’d be interested to hear stories.


Peace Love Forgiveness


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