Dearest 2019 ✨

Hi Spencie, 

Wow, what a wonderful gratitude letter for 2019.  Thank you for writing from your heart and receiving such beautiful messages.  You’ve inspired me to share my gratitude letter for this coming year.  Here’s to open paths, following our hearts, trusting in something greater than us as well as giving thanks for everything that we pass along the way. 

Blessings, Angelique

3 amigos

Dearest 2019, 

I’d first like to thank you for bestowing my dear pen pal and friend Spencer Stewart with a great armor of protection.  For giving him even more clarity in his mission and for all of his truest, most pure heart wishes coming true; for making this year his most epic yet! 

I thank you for the deepening of our friendship and for the success in our current horse project, Coração de Ouro. I also thank you for the success of our blog and the tremendous growth in our knowledge of astrology.  For fine tuning our ability to express what we are learning and for helping to brighten the minds of all those who take the time to read what we have to say. 

Oh sweet 2019, thank you for one of my most magical years yet. For all of the love that I both shared and experienced with all who crossed my path. For the beautiful opportunities which opened up before me and for all of the blessings those dear to my heart received as well.

I am blown away at how perfectly this year aligned in a way that was beyond my wildest dreams.  

The year started off in a truly beautiful way.  I received a cleansing from the solar eclipse by having a strong case of the grippe, with a soar throat, runny nose, and tired body.  Yet, you gave me the gift of realizing the spiritual significance in it all and how to truly heal the the deep, old patterned ways of being that were ready to be updated.  I felt my angels present, guiding me on just how to dive deep, understand what was going on and through it all was able to maintain my happiness, deep gratitude and ultimate surrender. 

I thank you for my safe arrival in Miami, good times shared with my friends/family there and for the true alignment for all that is good and right.   I also thank you for the ease in my preparations for my move to Bahia, Brasil. ( What a big moment in my life that was!)  Thank you for giving me the courage and strength to prepare all of my things and for the bittersweet goodbye to both my community in Miami and my family in Louisiana.  Thank you for the gift of true presence I was bestowed with to make the most of each moment I shared with those very close to my heart. 

Thank you for blowing good wind in my sails as I arrived back in Bahia and for helping me to begin planting down my roots.  I thank you for the success in all of the projects going on there.  For positive forward movements in Guananshe, in the Agrofloresta project Earth Garden, in our horse project Coração de Ouro, and for all of the other projects that were developed there.  I thank you for the harmony we experienced and the collective healing of those involved in any way, shape or form. 

I thank you for all of the ideas you blessed me with and for the positive forward movement in the actualization of these projects.  I am ecstatic to share how surprised I am at how well the horse therapy training has gone. How much the horses took to it, and the internal transformation I received from the whole experience.  As well as the lives that were touched through their interactions with the horses. 

Thank you for bringing my true love into my life.  Thank you for teaching me how to work well with others, for being able to express my truth and truly find my voice.  Thank you for teaching me how to share my gifts with the world and realize that I no longer have to hide behind shyness.  For showing me how good it is to open and encourage others to do the same. 

Thank you for helping me to learn more about conserving the Earth, natural organic ways of planting food, building in eco-friendly ways and for the expansion of consciousness in which this brought.   Thank you for the successful trips to the jungle and for all of the insights that came through this. 

I thank you for the growth that the entire world experienced.  For the expansion of our consciousness and for the advancement in our inner-relating.   I thank you for the protection of our planet and for the success in projects that are supporting our Mother Earth.  I thank you for collectively opening our hearts and for more good things occurring than negative. 

I also thank you for everyones maturity in 2019.  For realizing that peace and harmony are of utmost importance.  For helping us to truly have an open ear to understand where others are coming from.  And that with firmness in our true knowledge, we were able to meet each other where they were and grow together from this place. 

Thank you for this giant web of life, for the inter-connectedness in every single being, and for the positive growth of the entire world.  I am in awe at how determination, focus and a pure heart truly goes along way. 

Thank you for this New Time we are living in.  Thank you 2019 for showing us that this new time has truly arrived.  For proving to us that our dreams can truly come true.  For showing us the exact steps to take.  And for giving everyone exactly what they needed in order to grow into their full potential.  

2019 thank you for your gentleness, for your magic, for your love, and ultimate grace! For helping people to put aside their differences and realizing that life is too short to hold grudges, to keep quiet, to let things just pass by.  Thank you for your fierceness and your sass!  Thank you for the true clarity you bestowed upon us and for wrapping our world in a big gentle hug. 

Thank you for setting us up to step into 2020 in a truly elevated way. Our global world is now out of its teens and entering into its 20’s.  Wow, wow, wow! 

With love and gratitude beyond words, 

Angelique Marie 

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