Capricorn Energy Abounds

Dear Spencer, 

sunriseThank you so much for your patience in my response! As you know, my trip in the jungle was life changing and a great adventure.  Our days were filled with exploring different projects going on in the forest and I didn’t have the time, nor a very good internet connection to write back.  Thank you for holding the torch and posting while I was there! I love your insights and realizations!

So, 2019 is officially in full swing.  As today is the first Monday in this new calendar year, I sat down with our dear friends Jordão and Kenewma to asses our to-do lists. We created a schedule of how best to organize our lives and kick this new year off in a new, upgraded rhythm. And, of course, this planning is exactly coordinated with the Capricorn energy that is currently at play in astrology!  

Just two days ago we experienced a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn.  This solar eclipse was the first of three solar eclipses in 2019. (The effects of solar eclipses can be felt for up to 6 months after the have passed.)  And surprisingly enough, each solar eclipse this year will be in Capricorn. The Sun is also in the sign of Capricorn until the 20th of this month. 

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and brings our outer lives into sharp focus.  This includes our public life, career, reputation, achievements and accountability. A good time to review our current responsibilities by looking over our past decisions. Cap also values integrity, loyalty, quality and leadership that holds a group of people together. 

The new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn brought an opportunity to contemplate all aspects of our lives and note which areas we have not fully processed from 2018.  Anything in our lives that still tugs at our emotions or clouds or thoughts. With the passing of the new moon we may have noticed a few cracks, and this is a good thing! Cap gives us the energy of determination to set everything straight and begin anew in the best of ways. The new moon solar eclipse gave us a HUGE NEW beginning right in perfect timing with the New Year on our hands.

Cap invites us to study how we organize our time, relationships, work and find a way to shift our responsibilities so that it feels expansive rather than restrictive..  The foundational key to building our dreams.  And as the new moon coincided with the solar eclipse, whatever we work on now will support us over the next 6 months.  Also, as Cap is the sign of long-term commitments, wherever we choose to focus our energies on now, will have more of a chance of lasting for the long-haul. 

This is a year we must work diligently to achieve our goals but we are blessed with open paths.The past two years were a bit of a struggle and it was hard to see our dreams come to fruition with many obstacles along the way.  This New Year carries with it an energy of possibility.  That which we put our attention to and work towards can be realized.  Yet, our success is dependent upon how much work we actually put forth. 

We are also currently in a 2-month period with out any planets going into retrograde.  So we have from now until March 6th (when Mercury goes retrograde) where it is full speed ahead!  Let’s use this momentum to fuel our next steps in a way that fills our lives with positive energy and forward movement. 

While we are still feeling the effects of the new moon solar eclipse and at the same time taking our first steps in the new year I have a few suggested recommendations on how to best utilize this timely opportunity! 

  1. Assess 2018, month by month. Write an overview of what you both experienced and achieved. Note where you met with struggles and were faced with challenges. 
  2. Heal old wounds, clear up any necessary communications, set boundaries, contemplate goals, release past ones and create new ones. 
  3. What are your dreams? Organize your life and commit to working everyday to see your dreams manifest into reality. 
  4. Write a thank you letter for 2019.  As if the year has already passed and you are giving gratitude for your dreams, projects, work, relationships, etc coming together successfully. 

As we create our life with intention and tune into the vibrations of the planets, we can more easily take confident solid steps into manifesting the life of our dreams; each choice, each thought, each manifestation.  Lets join together, give this wild ride of life our best shot and see what magic is created from it all! 

Upward and onward! 

Angelique Marie

2 thoughts on “Capricorn Energy Abounds

  1. Beautifully written & great plan for 2019. I look forward to what the new year brings with excitement. May God bless you all year through!


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