Sunrise approaches Southern Extreme

Dear Angelique,

How are you dear heart? See this picture I shared?  This is the sunrise over Key Biscayne in Miami. If you look just to the right of the sun,  you will see the little itty bitty lighthouse near the end of the Key.  Every day from the summer solstice to the winter solstice the sun rises just a wee bit more to the right, and then every day from the winter solstice to the summer solstice, it moves a wee bit to the left.  I’ll try to take a picture on the winter solstice so you can see how much it moves.

On Sunday I was out until very early in the morning Monday–about 4:00 am.  I was driving back home from Homestead and so I was heading due east on SW 184th Street and I saw the most beautiful sight!  It was the waning crescent moon next to Venus, the morning star.  Remember how I spoke of the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus coming in January?  I was wondering how long it would be before I could see Venus in the morning sky, and there she was!  By the time January gets here, she will be well up in the sky by dawn, so the view of the Jupiter Venus conjunction should be spectacular.

Today is a busy day astrologically speaking.  Mercury stations direct today, and we have a new Moon in Sagittarius.  I had some real communications clearing in business today that really seems to dovetail the Mercury station.  I had one business opportunity fall through as a 5:00 deadline passed today, and then had two others receive some real improvements in communication.  I have felt a little out of sorts myself, a little too easy to annoy perhaps.  Nothing serious.  With Venus leaving her retrograde shadow soon, it will be nice to have everything back to normal.  Whatever that means!

I had the pleasure of listening to a spiritual broadcast over the weekend talking about the interior path that lies within all of us.  No one can take away your grace and that is the most valuable thing in this life.  We take our grace with us when we disincarnate and leave everything else behind, and nobody can take that from you, unless you let them.

May the light of grace fill your heart my dear sister.  Enjoy the beautiful stars in the sky of Brazil.

See you in 22 days!


Peace Love Foregiveness

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