Discovering Freedom within the Intensity

Dear Spencer, 

BahiaHow are you my dear friend? I really enjoyed your last post and am thankful for this opportunity, as always!  Things are going really well in Bahía, we’re having more sun than rain, which is really nice.  Andd our two new horses are arriving tomorrow!! I’m really looking forward to welcoming them to their new home! 

We have been in the midst of strong planetary alignments for quite a while, these times are full of deep transformation at its very core.   Since we began to study astrology in greater depths a few months back I feel like the stars have been quite active.  Yet, I wonder if its always like this (and I have a sense that it is so)..  different major planets moving through, helping us illuminate, transform and live our lives to their fullest.  I thank the Divine for this path, this encouragement, the challenges, ups and downs, knowledge, wisdom, understandings, blessings, gifts and beauty! 

I’m writing to you today about a generalization of all that I’ve learned and experienced from the recent astrological aspects and transits.  As you mentioned in your last blog post, Venus moved out of Retrograde and is now direct.  We are currently in the shadow of this huge transit until December 15th.  This is a time of re-calibration and the balancing of all that was uprooted, shook to its core and ultimately transformed.  

As we are studying the planets, astrology and how they affect our lives personally, I’ve realized yet another cool synchronicity of how the planets move in perfect order.  The day after Venus stationed direct, Mercury moved into retrograde.  Mercury  goes direct on the 6th of December. And then the New Moon is the following day, December 7th.  So after each major astrological conjunction transitions, a new one moves through. Not before, not during, but right after.  

The planets in retrograde are a time of going backwards and really studying our patterns.  Difficulties in communication may arise, not necessarily the best time to begin new projects, a time to really look into our lives, all that we are doing and fortify our steps.  Every Retrograde period brings with it an energy of slowing down, looking within and contemplating our very way of being. 

Mercury is currently Retrograde in Sagittarius, moving into Scorpio Dec. 1st (tomorrow).  Mercury in Sagittarius changes the way we think and communicate, how we share our deepest desire with those closest to us. The energy is free and expansive, all about the bigger picture. 

With Mercury in Scorpio the energy intensifies and brings our internal study to its depths.  A time of expanded purification, an opportunity for a rebirth of the self, and witnessing that which holds us back. 

Also, last week within the Mercury Retrograde we experienced a Full Moon in Gemini. During this time we were asked to fully dream our dreams, encouraged to work towards our future vision while taking care of the details of our daily lives.  In conjunction with this, the Gemini energy shook up our mental realm: our mind, perceptions, how we think and communicate, share and understand and also why we believe what we believe. 

So what do we do now, as we are riding the waves of Mercury Retrograde, in the Shadow of Venus Retrograde, preparing for Mercury to station direct and the emergence of the New Moon on December 7th? 

My thoughts, contemplations & musings ✨:  We’ve been through a huge period of transformation over the past few months. Things are beginning to calm down for the time being. Yet, this current time is also a recalibration.  A settling into this new way of life that is emerging before us.  Old patterns and ways of being will continue to resurface; and it is up to us to identify when they arise, acknowledge and intelligently choose a new, higher way of relating. 

We can truly live our dreams, see them manifest into reality. Now is a time of working on what is already in front of us. Not necessarily creating something new. 

Live the life you dream and desire. Do the work you came here to do. Follow your intuition. Witness patterns transforming before you. Be in peace, let go and surrender to the waves of the sea.  

I feel like the past few months have been a great squeeze, and the intense aspects continue to roll through, but I am finally feeling the transformational effects of all of this intensity.  I am witnessing a deep internal sense of calm, focus and direction moving within me.  I am understanding the deep inner work that we’ve all done and now it is beginning to pay off.  

Yes, there is still more work (para sempre!).  Every day I must face the patterns and challenges that emerge. But I feel a greater sense of wisdom and ability to handle what comes my way.  A deep commitment to this path, a bit of surrender and letting go.

I realize that all of the answers lie within me.  Its just about unraveling the layers to see what is unfolded from this.  Open my heart and allow this unfoldment to naturally occur.  My voice is arriving and I say this with confidence. All of my dreams are coming true.  I hold the magic in my hands, and carry the purity in my heart.  I am protected by the Queen of the Sea.  I connect to my magical roots and bask in this beauty.  Deep breathing is what sets me free.

I am learning how important it is to truly focus our brains on the task at hand.  To study and to move forward in this way.  So, here is my food for thought this week!  Leaving you with a few questions to contemplate through out your day! 

~ What words are we speaking and writing?  In what ways can we more authentically express ourselves?   How can we tap into the innate beauty we hold within us?  Acknowledge and love ourselves unconditionally? ~

Thanks for reading and I truly look forward to reading what you have to say next! 

Many blessings to you my friend, 

Angelique Marie

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