Planetary Conjunctions

Dear Angelique,

I’ve been doing a little Astronomy research over the last couple of days that I wanted to share with you and anyone else who happens upon our correspondence.  I was inspired in my last writing about Venus stationing direct and mercury going into retrograde.  I expected that as Venus transited from evening star to morning star as Mercury entered retrograde that the two planets might cross paths.  Then Stephanie told me yesterday that Jupiter transited the Sun last night, and so that got me thinking about the astronomy of conjunctions and transits.

From what I have learned, a Transit is when a planet crosses the face of the Sun relative to our perspective from earth.  Mercury and Venus can transit the sun either on the same side of the sun as earth, or on the opposite side of the earth.  Jupiter, Mars and the other planets that are farther from the Sun only transit, from our perspective, when they are on the opposite side of the sun from us.  For the far outer planets, this happens almost exactly once a year, because the Earth revolves so much faster than the outer planets.

For the inner planets, these transits appear to happen all the time as they zip around.  Interestingly, Earth will appear to transit the Sun, from the perspective of Mars or Jupiter, in the same geometry that Venus and Mercury appear to us.  That is to say, that viewed from the surface of Mars, Earth sometimes crosses in front of the sun, and sometimes behind the Sun.  When Earth passes directly between one of the outer planets and the Sun, from the perspective of Earth, the outer planet would be at zenith at celestial midnight, is that correct?  If anyone who reads this has answers to any of these questions, I’d really like to know.

Conjunctions are when two planets, or other objects, appear close to each other in the sky.  I was not exactly sure what this meant, so I looked it up, and the conjunction actually occurs when the two objects have the same Celestial longitude.  And of course, I did not know precisely what this means either, so I looked it up too.  Celestial Longitude is basically the angle of an object above the horizon in the ecliptic.  The ecliptic is the band within which the planets and the moon appear to go around the sky.  They are not perfectly in line, so when two planets are at the same longitude, ie degree of elevation from the horizon in the ecliptic, they do not precisely overlap.  I suppose the closest point of approach is when they have the same celestial longitude, but maybe this is not exactly right.  Does anyone know?

At any rate, here is a List of Conjunctions on Wikipedia, which shows all of the times when planets come into conjunction. It turns out that there was a little dance of Venus and Mercury, and this occurred on October 14th.  There are a couple more conjunctions coming in December, but the really really interesting one, I think, will be Venus and Jupiter on January 22, 2019.  Both of these planets shine so brightly that it will be beautiful to observe.  Jupiter is in Sagitarius, it’s home sign, for the next year, and so this conjunction will happen while the sun is in Capricorn, which means we are going to have to get up in the wee hours of the morning before sunrise and look for this event above the eastern horizon before dawn.  Let’s have a photo date and post pictures of when this occurs! What do you think of that idea?

I think that the next time Jupiter transits the Sun, it will happen in Capricorn.  This is because Jupiter crosses about one zodiac sign per year, so by the time the sun catches up again, it will have moved into Capricorn.  Let’s see if that’s true.

On the Astrology side of things, Jupiter is in it’s home sign of Sagittarius, where we will have lots of good Jupiter energy.  I feel this as success coming easily and things flowing naturally.  This point of the transit with the Sun feels like a kick off of the year of Jupiter, and so lets expect a great year full of abundance and good flow.  Let’s be careful to let go of what is not serving us so we do not plug up this year of opportunity.

I still have some cobwebs in my cranium from all the dramas we have passed since August.  I really want to take the end of this year to clean this out so 2019 can be about enjoying this abundance of Jupiter in Sagitarius.

I’m so looking forward to riding horses with you over the new year!

Much love and please write soon.


Peace Love Forgiveness

PS – I completely forgot Mercury is in Retrograde.  Maybe that’s why some of the items that were not resolved during the Venus Retrograde are popping up still.

2 thoughts on “Planetary Conjunctions

  1. “Let’s have a photo date and post pictures of when this occurs! What do you think of that idea?”
    Yes! I am so down for this.
    Thank you for this post and the updates, I feel excited to think about an expansive, open and beautiful year ahead in 2019.


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