Venus goes direct, Mercury goes retrograde, and my alarm clock goes off in the kitchen

Dear Angelique,

One of the things I love about having the Llewellyn’s Pocket Planner that you ordered for me is that I can go back and look up what happened in the stars and planets AFTER I feel an effect.  This happened to me at the end of last week, and I am excited to share!

I went back to visit your old stomping grounds, Austin, Texas, for a quick self-care trip last week.  I left early on the morning of the 15th, spent one night with close friends, and returned the next afternoon.  The time in between was packed, and culminated in a late late night talk over soup in the kitchen which was interrupted by my 5:00 am wake up alarm.  I had intense acupuncture sessions with our favorite esoteric acupuncture artist both days too.

This was a super intense 48 hour passage that began in the wee hours of the morning of the 15th and ended late at night on the 16th.  I came into this feeling tense and frustrated with lots of thoughts about seemingly intractable difficulties in multiple relationships, with large long term projects in question.  I was facing fundamental changes in some structure that form the foundation of my daily life here in Miami, and I was intentionally going to my “find myself” home of Austin to find answers.

By the time I got on the plane to come home, it felt like everything had shifted.  I was able to hear advice from our friends and see a new and easy path to resolving conflicts either through peacefully working together or peacefully going separate ways.  Stephanie had already given me much of the same advice in the last couple weeks, but I was not yet ready to understand it.

The acupuncture really hit me too.  I had been suffering from asthma, which I do not ordinarily experience, and I had strange sort of arthritic pains in the joints at the very base of each thumb, and I felt like a cold was coming on.  Well the acupuncture manifested the symptoms as a very fast moving cold that went right down to the bottom of my chest.  I felt it very strong all weekend as I received my CURA.  It definitely started during the session on the 15th.

So when I got home on the 16th, I literally crawled into bed as soon as I got home from the airport.  By the time Stephanie got home from dinner with friends, I was sound asleep.  I woke up groggy on Saturday with a big day planned in the garden, still sick, but feeling on the mend.  I had no idea what was going on in the sky, but I felt like I had been put through the wringer.

And so now I look in my trusty Llewellyn’s and find that three things happened during this time!  Mars went into Pisces, Venus Stationed Direct in Libra, and Mercury stationed retrograde in Sagittarius.  (I bet that means that Venus and Mercury are about to have a little dance on the astronomy side of the blog!).

I was surprised to be surprised by Venus’s return to direct motion.  We have been following it’s retrograde and talking so much about its miraculous harmonic resonance with the earth.  I would have thought that I would have known when the retrograde would end, but that date simply did not take up residence in my, somewhat grey, grey matter.

Venus in retrograde was really stirring up some deep issues in my core relationships, and it stationed direct in the middle of a powerful conversation in the kitchen in the wee hours of the morning. I had felt this conflict that I have been experiencing as a charging bull coming at me, and I had my head down and was bracing for a collision, and I was shown how to pivot at the last minute to let the charging bull pass my side.  Olé!

So strong was this feeling that I worried it might be a false epiphany, but when I told Stephanie about it, she pointed out that I had received the same advice from her and from other friends.  It was not a new solution arriving, it was a change in me that let me see another way of looking at things.

So for me the key to Venus going direct is that the strong stirring we have had in personal relationships is moving toward resolution.

Mercury retrograde has always been one of my favorite Astrology topics, but this time it snuck up on me as well.  I did not even realize Mercury retrograde was coming until I saw it this morning in Llewellyn’s.  Maybe this Mercury retrograde will simply give a little push to helping find resolutions to the issues that were stirred up by the Venus retrograde.

And Mars in Pisces?  Hot fire in deep water? To me this feels like some spiritual wisdom acting as a salve for the logical and fiery anger that I was feeling with Mars in Aquarius.

So there is my astrological forecast.  I feel we have moved out of a period of intense examination and shaking as Mars in Aquarius and Venus in retrograde stirred up some deep relationship issues and brought them to our minds for examination.  Now we have the spiritual salve of Pisces and a period of reflection through Christmas as Mercury moves into conjunction with Venus.

Lots going on! Lots of love.  Hope you are well and see you soon!


Peace, Love, Forgiveness

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