Times of Transformation 🍃

Dear Spencer, 

Thank you for all that you shared in your last blog post and for your explanation of the astronomy of the planets.  As you know, this particular study is not something that comes naturally to me. I had to re-read what you wrote a few times to picture how the planets move and align in the sky! 

A few nights ago as I was gazing at the stars, I tried to name the planets which were visible.  I believe I had a few good educated guesses but wasn’t confident in my assumptions. I thought about you and wished you were here to affirm what I was thinking. I look forward to when we are together for New Years, for I would love for you to point out which planets are which! (And finally eat açaí together in Bahía!) 

I have so much to share with you, that I’m almost not sure where to begin.  As you know, the planetary alignments have been rather strong lately, for this time is somewhat like a re-birth of ourselves. We’ve been forced to dig deep and face unconscious aspects of ourselves and our relationships, so that we may step into a new life, a new way of being. 

I’d first like to mention the recent transition of Venus Retrograde from Scorpio to Libra. I’m so thankful for this and can feel the harmonizing energy of Libra though it’s still retrograde. We are feeling a more balancing effect.  And are currently experiencing the outcome/resolution of Venus Retrograde, as energies are calming down and this is helping us to find meaning in our passions.  

I personally experienced a deep transformation. Have been asked to truly step into my power, make decisions, speak my truth, know where I stand and give all of my best energies towards maintaining this.  I’m thankful for the more calming Libra energy which is present now.  Though there is still much work to be done, I feel a sigh of relief, as if I can relax a little more and trust that all is unraveling in its due time. 

And secondly, I’d like to mention that just two days ago we experienced a New Moon in Scorpio. The New Moon is a time of reflection, organizing and preparing ourselves for our next steps.  Scorpio’s intense energies of pulling out our deep, unconscious aspects from the depths was definitely present!  A time for us to re-visit the intensity we felt in October with Venus Retrograde in Scorpio.  To study and act on different insights we received over the past 3 weeks that our hearts are guiding us to from our deepest core truths. 

The key to dealing with the intensity of Scorpio was to allow the healing, nurturing energy of the Mother to embrace us.  To remember that with calmness and one step at a time, every aspect of our lives is aligning in its perfection. Being honest with our hearts desires, speaking our truth and forgiving the experiences that have arisen over the past few weeks.  For in humbling ourselves to this we were able to melt any rigidity we still hold onto with-in ourselves.

The New Moon in Scorpio highlighted the darkest aspects of our psyches.  We were asked to simply feel them in their entirety and accept them.  In this acceptance and acknowledgment is where true transformation could occur.  For something huge is ending, and preparing us for a new beginning.  A new life, new time is on the horizon.. 

I personally feel that a huge weight has been lifted from my chest.  I feel a sense of fire and passion to see things to fruition.  I know that I can not know all of the details of my life, how everything will play out but that something big is in the making. It’s in giving the best of myself each day, opening my heart and sharing my love with those closest to me.  Keeping an open mind, and speaking my truth. Trusting in the intuitions which arise and not keeping things to myself. Now is a time of sharing, of working with others in harmony and with the best of intentions. 

The world we live in is intense and this intensity continues to grow with each day that passes.  Each moment we have a choice in how we both react to and handle the different situations which appear before us.  It all starts with the relationship we have with ourselves and this then extends to all of our relations. We must affirm ourselves in our truth, in the light and accept that which is before us.

I wish peace in your heart, a true love for life, a thirst for the truth and good energy to continue shining your light! 

With all my love,


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